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Projectvala Founder: Shwetank Soni
Projectvala Founder: Shwetank Soni

Being an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the Banking and Financial Services Industries, Shwetank Soni realized that people often have critical thinking skills. However, it is a pain point for them to put their thoughts and insights into a structure. Ultimately, it also affects their career and academics.

Shwetank always had a keen interest in business since his early years. His enthusiasm to help students writing exceptionally versed academic drafts turned his dream into realization.

In April 2020, he launched ProjectVala, with the aim to help students with the guidance they need in writing the finest academic drafts.

ProjectVala believes that successful academic writing hangs on a comprehensive structure of ideas, research, analysis, and a consistent criterion. And his team is sparing no effort in bringing their clients customized and finest academic drafts.

The founder claims that more than 85% of students have no idea about working on their academic writing. Since then, there was a curiosity to create ProjectVala.

Initially started as academic drafts, guidance for students now comes with different non-academic services as well.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the educational institutes were shut, and students’ online learning became a necessity, which helped ProjectVala take off skyrocket.

It claims to have more than 700 users within nine months with about 40.86% revenue growth and about 75% user growth, month on month.

The ProjectVala team is currently building some of the products, including a mobile app, Alexa Skill, downloadable reading materials, and India’s first plagiarism checking software.

The Founder

Projectvala founder Shwetank Soni
Projectvala Founder: Shwetank Soni

Shwetank completed his BA, LLB from Jindal Global School in 2018. After completing his graduation, the founder started working full-time in his father’s company as the marketing and sales director.

He is currently working on ProjectVala with his Officer of Operations, Abhishek Sharma, and Social Media Manager, Saloni Khandelwal.

Abhishek has completed his Integrated BBA-MBA from Jindal Global Business School in 2019. Before coming on board, he had worked as an intern at several firms, including EY, Pinnacle Connect, and Jaquar. At the same time, Saloni had completed her LLB from Mumbai University. Even though she is a lawyer by profession, she has also worked in several NGOs.

Shwetank looks after every department in ProjectVala, from customer support to marketing, finance, operations, technical, and others. It helps him find the problems the team is facing and the challenges that might occur in the short or long future. The team is aiming to create the finest experience for its customers with it.

“We focus on catering to all the elements needed in a write-up, highlighting the short communication and meeting deadlines. Our entire team has a sense of responsibility in compelling, which has kept us on toes for each delivery of academic drafts,”

explains Shwetank.

The founder believes that the idea and the timing of ProjectVala have played a huge role in its success.

Making the Right Decisions

For Shwetank, the company’s scalability and finding the right team with the right skill were a bit challenging.

He recalls,

“Even though it was tiresome, they have succeeded in growing together with the team. and all the efforts are paid off.”

At present, ProjectVala is focusing on international expansion with its recently started operation in London and soon planning to open another office in Australia.

ProjectVala is India’s first web application to provide academic drafts online, and no one else offers such a service symmetrically. Even on the global stage, only a handful of platforms from certain parts such as Bulgaria and London offer such guidance to students of their respective geographies.

However, the founder claimed that these platforms’ quality is not sufficient for students of elite universities.

“Challenges are a part of life and, more importantly, the entrepreneurial journey. If your boat is not hitting the waves, you are not making progress, and you are not pushing yourself harder. The difficulties of entrepreneurship are opportunities in disguise. They help us grow our business and ourselves.”

– Shwetank Soni, Founder, ProjectVala.

How ProjectVala Works

The team handles all academic drafts with an integrated process of comprehensive ideas, research, analysis, and consistent criterion. They are sparing no effort in bringing their clients customized and finest academic drafts.

Their drafts always go to more than one expert since an academic draft needs an integrated process with development and furbishing. The result is a finely written and plagiarism-free document.

Additionally, users can place an order with ProjectVala by signing up on their online portal and sharing the necessary details.

It also enables users to track and download their projects via their online platform. All their projects are plagiarism-free with ensured confidentiality.

While talking about future plans, the founder stated that they aim for 10,000 users by the end of 2021 and more than 1 lakh users by 2022. The team wants to create further processes, products, and services that would make university students’ lives wonderful.