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PSC Thulasi Portal – Registration and Benefits

In this article, we are going to cover all we need to know about the PSC Thulasi portal including registration, application a
In this article, we are going to cover all we need to know about the PSC Thulasi portal including registration, application and benefits.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Kerala PSC?
  3. All about PSC Thulasi
  4. How to register on the PSC Thulasi portal?
  5. How to apply on PSC Thulasi Portal?
  6. Benefits of PSC Thulasi


In the late 20th century applying for government jobs was a tedious task. At that time, to apply for a government job, the person has to look for vacancies in newspapers. All the communications were done through letters and posts. The reliability of the post method was hidden from none. The candidate could miss the job opportunity if the post did not reach on time. As technology has advanced, we have digitized every process. The same is applied to job applications. PSC Thulasi is one such real-life example. It is a web portal solely dedicated to applying for a job in the Public Service Commission of Kerala.

What is Kerala PSC?

Kerala PSC Thulasi

The Kerala Public Service Commission is a department that is dedicated to selecting candidates for Civil Service in Kerala. The selection is based on qualifications and laws regarding the reservation. The headquarters of KPSC is at Thiruvananthapuram. The Constitution of India created the body of the Kerala Public Service Commission.

At first, the Public Service Commissioner of Travancore selected candidates for recruitment in different government departments. On the other hand, in Cochin, there existed a Staff Selection Board established in 1936. Travancore and Cochin became a state in 1949, and thus, the public service commission of both nations was integrated.

Kerala was formed in 1956 after reorganizing its neighboring states. The Cochin-Travancore commission then became the Kerala Public Service Commission under the constitution of India, its duty being the recruitment of government posts.

All About PSC Thulasi

PSC Thulasi

The vacancies in Kerala Public Commission are posted on the PSC Thulasi portal. The portal is made for candidates to register themselves by providing necessary details such as date of birth, qualifications, etc. The registration is done only once, after registering you will be able to log in and apply for vacancies in the Public Service Commission. To register, you need a phone number, which will be used for communication. After registration, you will be provided with a User ID/Registration ID and a password. These two are used to login to the PSC Thulasi portal.

How to register on the PSC Thulasi portal?

To register for online PSC Thulasi portal, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Search PSC Thulasi in your browser and click on the first official link of the website shown in your web search.
  2. Open the PSC Thulasi my profile login page to register themselves.
  3. You will find a new registration option. Click on it, and another window will open.
  4. On this page, you will see fields regarding your details.
  5. You need to upload documents on the portal as well. The documents include a passport size photograph, your signature, your work experience certificate if applicable.
  6. After completing your profile, you need to press the register yourself option, and your profile will be created.

How to apply on the PSC Thulasi portal?

PSC Thulasi

Above, we have explained the procedure to create your profile, which will be used further when you apply for various posts in the Public Service Commission. To apply for any job, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Once you have registered and created your profile, you can log in using your User ID and Password.
  2. After you are logged in, you will see a notification tab that shows the existing applications. Candidates can check their eligibility and, if eligible, can apply by pressing the apply tab.
  3. After you are done with your application, the candidates have to confirm their interest. They receive a message on the registered phone number by Kerala Public Commission. You need to approve your interest in that message.
  4. Those who confirm their registration for the post-receive an admit card.
  5. The admit cards can be downloaded from the portal itself.
  6. In case a candidate forgets their password, they can use the forget password option. In case someone forgets their User ID, then they have to contact the Thulasi toll-free helpline number to regain their ID.
  7. PSC Help desk Contact Numbers – 0471 2444438 / 2555538
  8. To get personal details in your profile changed or corrected, you need to visit a PSC center near you physically. On the other hand, the qualification updates can be done using the online portal only, no need to visit the center.

Benefits of PSC Thulasi

PSC Thulasi

PSC Thulasi helps the youth of Kerala to get the perfect job for them. Following are the benefits of the portal:

  1. Transparency: The communication of the candidates with the respective department of interest is clear. The mails and messages all reach the candidates on time.
  2. Options: The portal gives tons of options to employers and applicants. The employers can select from the pool of thousands of applicants, while the applicants can apply for the job which suits their profile.
  3. Fast: The days of letter communication are gone, you can easily communicate with the interested party in seconds.
  4. Reliability: The whole process is reliable and easy to use.
  5. Flexibility: The candidates can search for the job and apply for the job with a click only.