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Punjab Government brings local vendors online with COVA delivery app

COVA Delivery APP - The Government of Punjab has taken the initiative to start home deliveries of groceries and other essenti
The Government of Punjab has taken the initiative to start home deliveries of groceries and other essentials with the COVA delivery app.

As the country is in a total lockdown to stop the spreading of COVID-19, people are facing some difficulties in procuring essential groceries. To make it easier, the Government of Punjab recently launched the COVA delivery app, through which the local vendors can deliver the necessary and daily needs to the customers.

COVA Delivery App
COVA Delivery App Screenshots

In the beginning, it was only available through calls, and order had to be placed then and there, but the government launched an app, later on, to give the customers an online mode of ordering. Another intention behind this was to procure more customers also. Initially, when this service began, many people complained that the server was busy all the time, and even the vendors were facing difficulties to deliver such a massive amount of order.
But, this problem was solved when the app was released as the vendors could list themselves, and the customers can choose a specific vendor.

Aside from accepting and delivering groceries and food, the app also contains vital information like the statistics of COVID-19, medical advice from the doctors, and other essential information. The development and maintenance of the COVA delivery app are taken care of by Uengage Services, who are currently working with the Punjab Government digital team.

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Meanwhile, in the states of UP and Kerala, this facility is still in the planning stages, and the government has to launch this facility soon. By delivering essential groceries and food, the people will abide and respect the Lockdown, and they need not come out of their houses. The UP government has already assigned approximately 10K vehicles to start the deliveries.