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How Rashmi Daga’s Startup: FreshMenu has established its brand name with thoughtful ideas


What makes FreshMenu different?

Online food delivery services have brought about more relaxation and excitement in our daily lives. You no longer have the trouble of leaving your home to satisfy your taste buds. Thanks to technology, food comes straight to you. These websites and apps offer a plethora of restaurants to search through, all with generous menus and quick deliveries. Most of us are regular users of such platforms, thus fulfilling our cravings easily and instantly.

However, one thing that these food delivery apps cannot guarantee is quality. To begin with, they do not own any diners of their own. All they do is connect restaurants to the consumers, so we have to choose where to buy food from. It helps if you already know which the good ones are. But how about a situation where you find a sumptuous menu, but you’re not sure about the eatery? The solution is a food delivery business that prepares the meal in their own kitchen, thus ensuring an authentic quality, and that is strictly what Freshmenu is all about!

FreshMenu is an online food delivery business that manages all steps of their production cycle including the creation of the menu, collecting ingredients, cooking, packaging, and delivery. Sounds like a lot? Well, they have been doing it effectively for the last six years. They believe in the power of good food in creating good memories. All their ingredients are carefully selected for the best quality dishes. FreshMenu only hires highly authorized and experienced chefs who can create magic with their hands. They also have a regularly changing menu with different cuisines so that their consumers get to try all kinds of delicious food.

The birth of a glorious idea

FreshMenu Founder - Rashmi Daga
FreshMenu Founder – Rashmi Daga

The founder and CEO of FreshMenu, Rashmi Daga, is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate who worked as a salesperson for most of her professional life. She started as a business manager at IBM in 2003. Her first startup was, an online store for curated designs from artisans and craftsmen. But it did not work out according to her hopes, so she soon shut down the procedures. Rashmi went on to work for Bluestone and Ola cab in their sales sector. The urge to establish a startup rose again, and this time, she decided to give a chance to her passion for cooking. Thus FreshMenu was launched as a food-tech business in Sarjapur, Bangalore.

It began as a functional kitchen that would sell freshly made gourmet meals in a box. Rashmi found inspiration from the western markets and decided to try out new recipes every day. She was also determined to own the entire process of food processing in order to maintain genuineness. This determination came with a lot of hurdles as they had to find sources for fresh ingredients as well as qualified chefs who would cook for FreshMenu. After many struggles, they found the right vendors for the supply and were able to encourage a few chefs to join in on the idea behind this enterprise.

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Rashmi believes people recognize a brand through their authenticity, and this can only be achieved through guaranteeing integrity through every step of the way. After the best ingredients and the most talented chefs were acquired, they had to figure out how to build a perfect strategy for packaging and delivery. They also had to set up functional kitchens to complete this dream of a food venture.

How does FreshMenu work?


FreshMenu promises freshly cooked food of different cuisines delivered to your home within 45 minutes. This fast delivery is assured no matter where you order from. You might be wondering how they make it happen? The secret is that FreshMenu has several kitchens spread all across the place. These locations are decided by their team based on various surveys and research. Then they set up a functional kitchen there, and advertising is done particularly in that area.


When you order from your home, your food is prepared at the nearest kitchen so that it can reach you within the shortest time. Moreover, the chefs aim to take less than seven minutes to prepare every order. The various kitchen locations of FreshMenu in Bangalore include Sarjapur, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Bellandur, Richmond Town, Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Hennur, BTM Layout, etc. By the year 2017, FreshMenu had kitchens across various areas in Delhi and Mumbai.

Check out the food delivery platform here.

Quality before anything else


FreshMenu works to give its users the best service, and they never jeopardize their standards. Therefore the customer reviews are monitored regularly, and the necessary modifications are made as required. New recipes and experiments are tried out repeatedly in their “Innovative Kitchen”. The new menu is then tasted and tested before reaching the homes of various customers across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The chefs come up with, on average, 60 new main course dishes every month. The unique and exciting menus keep the customers coming back for more. It almost feels like you are going to a new restaurant every day. This is a significant component that makes consumers frequently order from FreshMenu. They crave for food that is different from their ordinary diet and is inspired by multinational cuisines. It also keeps the chefs interested as they are continually making new food, mastering new tricks, and learning new recipes.

They also maintain a small inventory so that only fresh ingredients go into their meals. Staples such as rice, pasta, and noodles are delivered once every two weeks. Vegetables and meat aren’t kept for more than two days. They refer to the upcoming menus before ordering unique ingredients such as seafood so as to minimize the wastage. FreshMenu also tries to include many exotic and imported ingredients to taste buds of their customers on a different road.

FreshMenu has adequately thought out their packaging strategies. They acknowledge that different kinds of food require different packaging. So they do not depend on a single vendor for all their packing necessities. Either the food is optimized for it, or they come up with an inventive strategy to carry meals without compromising on freshness and quality. The company has also encouraged many eco-friendly packaging methods.