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A Recap of Season 1 & 2 of Dark: Insane Netflix Series

The release date of the final series is related to the show itself: 27 June 2020. Here is everything to know about Dark and i
The release date of the final series is related to the show itself: 27 June 2020. Here is everything to know about Dark and its day of the apocalypse.


It is perfect if we rewatch the whole season 1 and 2 of Dark because of its complicated plots and insane storyline. You have probably forgotten everything that has happened until now. Before you binge-watch Season 3 of Dark on Netflix, make sure you remember the characters, how they are related, and their timelines.

Before you get into the world of multi-dimension in Dark, here is a recap for clarifying the connection between each character.

Spoilers Ahead, Duh!

Both season 1 and 2 of Dark revolves around four families: the Neilsens, the Kahnwalds, the Tiedermanns, and the Dopplers. All these characters are linked with each other via different timeline: 1921, 1953-54, 1986-87, 2019-20, and 2052-53.

The Neilsen Family

Winden 1921

Two men are constructing a tunnel in the caves of Winden. One of the men is Hanno Tauber, who kills the other unnamed man.

Winden 1953

With the progress of Season 2, the show portrays that the Nielsen family goes way back in Winden. In 1953, Agnes Nielsen arrived in Winden with her son Tronte who is the father of Ulrich. She rented a room at Tiedemann’s house, and her husband not revealed yet. Agnes gets into an affair with Doris Tiedemann while Tronte befriends Claudia, daughter of Tiedemann’s.

Later, the series reveals that Agnes Neilsen is Noah’s sister, a mysterious time-traveling priest known as Hanno Tauber. Agnes is also a time traveler herself. Young Tronte spoke to Claudia that Agnes and Noah, both siblings hate each other.

Winden 1986

An affair between Claudia Tiedemann and Tronte Nielsen ignites while Tronte is married to Jana. He has two sons with Jana; Ulrich and Mads. However, Mads went missing in October 1986. Ulrich is dating Katharina at school. The series didn’t explore the family of both Jana and Katharina.

Winden 2019

The series begins with Nielsen’s family in 2019 with Ulrich and Kathrina and their three offsprings; Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel. Even though Martha is dating Bartosz, she has a romantic interest in Jonas Kahnwald.

Mikkel also goes missing like Mads, which opens old wounds in Ulrich. He becomes relentless in searching for Mikkel. Mikkel unknowingly went back in 1986, where he finds his parents still teenagers and later becomes Michael Kahnwald.

Ulrich finds the caves of Winden to look for Mikkel but ends up in 1953. There he gets arrested by Egon Tiedemann and stays in an asylum for 34 years. In 1986, he managed to find Mikkel and try to escape through the tunnel, but they were caught before they could reach the tunnel.

The Kahnwald Family

Winden 1953

Daniel Kahnwald is the chief of police in Winden and has a daughter named Ines.

Winden 1986

Ines Kahnwalkd is a nurse who took Mikkel under her care. Mikkel Neilsen became Michael Kahnwald after travelling back in time from 2019.

Winden 2019

Michael is married to Hannah Kruger and has a son with her named Jonas Kahnwald. Michael committed suicide at the beginning of the series to make sure that Jonas is born, as later revealed in the series. The first episode of season 1 also suggests that Hannah has been having an affair with Ulrich. However, it has not been clear from how long it has been going on. There could be chances that Jonas could be Ulrich’s son and not Michael or Mikkel’s. Then, Jonas would be less special since one of the show’s central enigmas is that if Mikkel didn’t time travel to 1986, the Jonas would never exist.

Another center of the story is the relationship between Jonas and Martha. Jonas has romantic interests towards Martha even after knowing that she is his aunt.

1921 but Future Winden

In 1921, Adam, living in some kind of fancy bunker with older Magnus and Franziska, told Jonas that he is an older version of him.

The Tiedemann Family

Winden 1953

Egon and Doris Tiedemann are married and have a daughter Claudia with Agnes Nielsen living in their house on rent. Egon Tiedemann is in Winden police and arrested Ulrich Nielsen, who traveled back in 1953 from 2019.

Winden 1986

Claudia is the director of the Nuclear Power Plant in Winden and has a daughter named Regina, whose father is not revealed. Since Claudia and Tronte Nielsen were having an affair, he could be the father of Regina.

Regina was tied to a tree as a prank by teenage Ulrich and Katharina. Hannah Khanwald accuses Ulrich of raping Katharina out of jealousy. Egon Tiedemann arrests teenage Ulrich second time for this. Later, Hannah tells Katharina that it was Regina who made the statement. Both Ulrich and Katharina later attacks Regina; however, a mysterious teenage boy who called himself Aleksander Kohler saved her.

Claudia becomes a time traveler and becomes the primary opponent of the Sic Mundus, a secret society. She has two different colored eyes and finds out the date of his father’s day. She tried to prevent it, but it turns out that she was the cause of his demise.

Winden 2019

Regina, who has cancer, is married to Aleksander and has a son named Bartosz. Aleksander took Regina’s last name and now is the director of Winden’s Nuclear Power Plant. Noah approaches Bartoasz for time traveling for him, but his work is still unclear.

The Doppler Family

Winden 1953

Before Claudia took over, Bernd Doppler developed the Nuclear Power Plant and its director in Winden. He is married to Greta and has a son named Helge. Claudia Tiedemann tutors Helge in maths as children in 1953.

Ulrich Nielsen assaults little Helge, believing that he murders all the children who went missing in 1986 along with his son Mikkel in 2019. Helge meets Noah after the assaults who then manipulate Helge for years.

Winden 1985

Helge works as a cleaner for his father’s nuclear plant. He also has a son named Peter, whose mother is not said in the series. He also works for Noah and is indeed behind the kidnapping and murder of children while helping Noah in a bunker while experimenting with the time-traveling machine but had no success.

Winden 2019

Peter Doppler is married to Charlotte, who is the chief of Police in Winden. Their marriage seems to be loveless, and they have two daughters named Franziska and Elisabeth. Franziska is dating Magnus Nielsen, and Elisabeth meets the priest Noah in the forest. Elisabeth is deaf.

The parents of Charlette Doppler are a mystery. A clock master named H. G. Tannhaus raised her and is also the author of the book “A Journey Through Time” (Eine Reise durch die Zeit). By the end of season 2 of Dark, it is suggested that she might be the daughter of Noah and Elisabeth, her daughter. It would mean that Franziska is both sister and granddaughter of Elizabeth. Franziska and Magnus are also related because of Noah.

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Signing Off

We now know that the question is not about when but from what world now! After seeing the trailer for Dark Season 3, fans are now curious to know of the 3rd and final season of Dark will make sense and wrap it up.

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