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How Rohit Verma’s startup is finding ways to help create employment

Saakrun Group has been an active participant in the government sector projects as well as they work with PMKVY/PSDM/ESDM/HSDM and DDU-GKY projects in India.

India is going through a massive technological shift as the government is promoting various schemes under the Digital India initiative, and almost all the official work has gone online. From an application for the passport to filing an F.I.R, every process is moving online, and this move by the government has given many businesses the support to run their business online.

This shift has also encouraged many startups to come forward and show the world their ideas and innovations. One such person who is supporting the Digital India initiative is Rohit Verma. With his startup Saakrun Group, Rohit is bringing a change in the world of business consultancy and recruitment services. Based in Hisar, Haryana, Saakrun Group is providing solutions for various businesses as a business consultant, and they deal in multiple sectors like recruitment, BPO outsourcing, service providers. They are participating in the education sector as well with various state and central government projects of India.

The beginning for Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma did his schooling from Sirsa, and he decided to go for a three years diploma course in Computers from Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi Lala Memorial College in Sirsa. After that, he decided to pursue engineering in Computer and Science, and then his education phase ended when he did Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Human Resources from Symbiosis. Rohit worked as a software developer in his initial years and then moved towards management and operations, where he handled TCS and Dutch Bank as his clients.

After making several switches and working on different positions, he finally decided to open up his firm and that how Saakrun Group was founded.

Everything you need to know about Saakrun Group

Rohit Verma (in green shirt) with his team
Rohit Verma (in green shirt) with his team

Saakrun Group is among the leading names of the industry, and it provides services like a one-on-one consulting session, business growth strategies, and the development of an individual into a professional. Along with this, they deal in several other sectors of the industry like recruitment, BPO, KPO, Skills, FMCG, Education, etc.

Saakrun Group has been an active participant in the government sector projects as well as they work with PMKVY/PSDM/ESDM/HSDM and DDU-GKY projects in India. With their association with the government, they are also working on projects that promote Clean and Green India for a better future. The firm is working with SCON India from the past five months, and in conversation with TimesNext, Rohit explained how idle stuff from your homes could be used by people to make money.

Challenges faced by Saakrun Group and partnerships

Like most of the startups, the major problem faced by Saakrun Group was funding. To run a smooth and efficient business, the startup has to get financing, and this process can take a while. On asking about any collaborations, Rohit agreed to this saying that they have collaborated with certain people, but these cannot be disclosed due to privacy concerns.

The first milestone for Saakrun Group

Saakrun Group has been working in different sectors, promoting an efficient working model and working with the idea of helping people in employment and a cleaner India for the future. Their first milestone was the first client they bagged.

The current growth of the company and plans for future

With Rs.50 in his pocket and petrol in his bike, Rohit moved around in the market to find out about new ideas, and they began the first step of recruiting students without taking any charges. This hard work paid off, and now they have more than 500+ companies with them.

The vision for their company is different as they wish to help people in creating employment and help the government with the initiative of clean and green India.