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How Sai K Arni’s edu-tech startup – LevelApp is helping children across the globe

Born in Hyderabad, Sai K Arni launched the LevelApp to help children learn logical and straightforward concepts. Let's uncove
Born in Hyderabad, Sai K Arni launched the LevelApp to help children learn logical and straightforward concepts. Let’s uncover his startup story,

Education is an essential aspect of a person’s life as it provides them the right knowledge they need to succeed in their life. From a young age, we are taught the importance of education, and we come across different types of subjects in our life where we learn different things and values that shape our brains to become the person we wish to be.

However, some things get missed out during this process as the teachers have their way of teaching, which they have been following from the past so many years. Even various online portals who focused on the education industry got distracted by providing the best interface and faculty for teaching. One thing that everybody missed out is that every student has a different nature and has a unique way of learning things. Sometimes they miss understanding logical and straightforward concepts that have a more significant impact on their career.

Understanding this big problem, Sai K Arni decided to take matters in his own hands as he decided to launch an online education platform with the idea to cover gaps by connecting the best trainers and providing a personalized one-one learning experience to academic students, graduates, and professionals. This is the time when Level Innovations Pvt. Ltd. was born, and it released its first product, LevelApp.

The beginning of the journey

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Sai K Arni completed his graduation in B.Com, and he started his corporate life with CommonWealth Bank, Melbourne, Australia. He worked as a CSR in the Foreign Exchange Department, and later, he moved back to India and worked with HSBC Bank, Hyderabad as a Fraud Analyst for Security and Fraud Risk Team. In 2017, with his partners, he decided to take the path to the world of entrepreneurs, and that’s when they started Level Innovations Private Limited and launched their first product, LevelApp.

What is LevelApp?

Courses Offered by LevelApp

LevelApp is launched as a new teaching product with the vision of providing quality education to kids and provide it with personalized teaching. The model of the product is to provide a learning platform that would help them learn with expert teachers from across the globe. It offers independent learning to the learners and is entirely online and includes learning services that give the app the freedom to collaborate and create a global knowledge-sharing platform.

Challenges faced in the initial stage

The Level App Team (1)
The Level App Team (1)

In conversation with TimesNext about the difficulties faced by Sai and his product, he mentions a quote which the whole team believes in:

“Every day is a Learning and Challenges are a part of it; you’ll be successful only once you par them.”
The Level App Team (2)

As a startup, they faced many challenges during the development of LevelApp. The current problem faced by them is taking care of the trainers and the students and managing them. People who are working with Level are Academic Consultant and ensure to provide the best service in terms of scheduling classes, feedback sessions, security, and many other things in a day.

Collaboration by LevelApp to level-up their services

The startup had the opportunity to collaborate with schools from Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra in expanding their services, and this gave them the exposure to enter the world of B2B offerings. They are also working with the Telangana government to provide services in social welfare schools and other government schools. LevelApp has also collaborated with other edu-tech startups like StoryMirror, Newzling, Myplaydate, etc.

The first step towards the flight

In the initial stage of the idea in 2018, they got incubated and mentorship from the Indian School of Business, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. They got to meet professors and had a discussion about the idea and got insights from them, and some even volunteered to teach students on our platforms. The same year they incubated with We-Hub, an initiative by Telangana Govt. to support Women Entrepreneurs. They met the breakeven point in August for the product and considered this as a motivation for their future success.

The company’s current growth and it’s future

In the beginning, the company had only three partners- Ashwitha Reddy, Suchitra Reddy, and Srikanth Sammeta, and the first opportunity they had was getting into Academic Training. They built the base, and this allowed them to explore other categories like Creative Writing, Vedic Maths, IT-tools, Foreign Language Training, Competitive Exam Training, etc.

The quality of trainers for the project and they are running close to 50 sessions daily while serving students in India as well as in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

They have set specific goals for their startup where they wish to achieve three aspects for the company, and these are:

  • Learning Methodology
  • Analysis Driven Education
  • Tailored Performance Feedback Sessions