Smart India Hackathon 2020 – Everything you need to know

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  1. Introduction
  2. Smart India Hackathon – What about it?
  3. Why should you join Smart India Hackathon 2020? 
  4. Want to Know More about Problem Statements?
  5. Smart India Hackathon – Where?
  6. When will the Smart India Hackathon be conducted?
  7. How to apply for Smart India Hackathon?
  8. Conclusion



This article is about Smart India Hackathon to provide students a general idea of what Hackathon India is and how to be successful at it. There have been various structural and program-specific changes from Smart India Hackathon 2019. Hence, we advise you to keep checking on the official website for Smart India Hackathon 2020.


Smart India Hackathon – What about it?

Smart India Hackathon 2020 is an all India initiative to provide students a platform to solve various problems people face in their daily lives. The aim is to teach a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving.

Hackathon India or Smart India Hackathon (SIH) is a national level 26 hours long competition. Students from all over India build solutions for problem statements that different ministries of India provide. Many industries all participate in giving various problem statements. Such problem statements are usually are of utmost importance to the Industry or department and also have a tremendous social impact.

The main motive of the hackathon in India is to motivate students, increase the importance of technology, and to build a digital India.


Why should you join Smart India Hackathon 2020? 

These are some of the reasons why you should join Smart India Hackathon 2020:

  • It is one of the biggest Open Innovation Model in India!
  • National recognition
  • Great experience
  • Excellent mentoring and networking opportunity!
  • The winner may get follow-up calls from Industry/Ministry to work on your solution and make an active phase out of your prototype! 
  • Great food, energy drinks, entertainment, and many other exciting activities

For further motivation, remember you can always brag about your participation in your network once Smart India Hackathon it’s over. There are various other reasons why you should join Smart India Hackathon. If you ask us, we think it is a fun activity and a great learning environment.

Your organization will get an innovative solution to your problems in cost-effective ways. See it as an opportunity to be a part of nation-building to brand your company.


Want to Know More about Problem Statements?

Such problem statements can range from socially impacting projects to a technical requirement of an industry. All these statements contain real-time problems that people are facing in their daily life and need a digital solution for it. 

As a student and a participant, you are free to provide any solution best fit for the problem statement. You can view the Smart India Hackathon 2019 topics and problem statements at their official website. 

Check out their official website here.


Smart India Hackathon – Where?

Hackathon in India is a national level event with lakhs of students participating in it from across the country. The possibility of getting one single place where one can conduct the hackathon in India with smooth execution is very slight. Hence, there are nodal centers. A total of 30 teams accommodate in these centers. Participants may have to travel out-station to be at the venue. 

The Smart India Hackathon organizers take care of accommodation and other basic needs. And if you are female and worrying about your safety, then don’t worry, it is safe for you! They provide accommodation that is very hygienic and great for three nights. 


When will the Smart India Hackathon be conducted?

Hackathon in India for 2020 will be in two phases:  

  • Software edition
  • Hardware edition

The tentative date for software edition is 4th-5th April 2020. The hardware edition will most likely place on 6th-10th July. The organizers keep the exam schedule of students into consideration while deciding the time for this event. We advise to keep an eye out for any changes in the dates on their official website.


How to apply for Smart India Hackathon?

You can find complete information regarding the whole application process on their official website – Remember to visit their website and thoroughly understand all the information available. 



If you participate in Smart India Hackathon, you will get an opportunity to work on challenges faced within various ministries, departments, industries, PSUs, NGOs. You will get a chance to create world-class solutions for some of the top organizations. Smart India Hackathon is a proven and excellent medium to generate ideas for new tech products and services.

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