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How Soumya Baniwal is challenging the stereotypes with her essential life skills training and 3D learning

Soumya Baniwal is changing lives with her startup Benevo, an organization for Essential Life Skills & General Awareness training founded by her.

Soumya Baniwal, a Pantnagar University alumni, launched Benevo Management Private Limited in the valley of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Benevo is an organization for Essential Life Skills & General Awareness with a real-time team of qualified, professional and expert trainers, passionate & dedicated with a commitment to deliver real business benefits.

Her passion for communications and desire to learn created her entry into designing content and training. She’s an avid believer in innovative teaching methodology, teamwork, and quality output.

Three Dimensional Learning

Baniwal says,

“To me, learning is three dimensional – connecting our heart, head, and hand. The crux lies in what we learn and how we interpret it. For the past nine years in learning, I’ve rubbed shoulders with junior, mid and senior-level employees, coached them to enhance their already amazing personalities with blended programs to suit their industries and functions”.

Baniwal has over ten years of experience in counseling and training various individuals and corporates, both private and government. While imparting one such training, it was suggested to her that instead of individually teaching people, she should rather incorporate a training house and empanel various trainers under one roof so that an organization can benefit from the integrated training. Hence, the idea of Benevo Management Pvt Ltd. was born, and subsequently, the corporation was formed and registered in May 2017.

According to Baniwal,

“Training is an art which is improvised on a daily basis.”

Her journey as a founder

Soumya was tired of hearing the sexist remarks like women talk much but talk senseless by the people around her. Soon enough, she realized the potential-many women hold as natural talkers and communicators and aimed at developing them as professionals. Breaking the shackles of the gender stereotype, she launched her business and also made additional social work & teaching pieces of training to assist women in earning in their day to day lives.

Soumya Baniwal with her team
Soumya Baniwal with her team

She faced various challenges while setting up her business like the myth of training being an unproductive field, safety issues for women while traveling for business, and various ethical dilemmas. Despite all the hindrances, she stood up and came out stronger than ever, overcoming her fear of failure.

Benevo, derived from the word benevolence, has collaborated and worked with nutritionists, ex-bankers, doctors, social workers, life skills trainers, and many more. The company is presently developing its business by adding new services to its portal. They strive to go PAN India from Uttarakhand while generating employment in Uttarakhand.

The firm provides individuals and organizations with a complete and comprehensive suite of training, advisory services (financial, management, HR & legal), and modalities.