Startup India News Amid Coronavirus Lockdown – 7th April 2020

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A partnership between Britania and Dunzo to home deliver foodstuffs

startup india news

Britannia took the initiative to provide all its products to the customer’s home via a connection with on-demand ecommerce platform Dunzo. People can now enjoy their favorite Britannia nibbles via Dunzo app just within an hour through its “Britannia Essentials” store.

These products include biscuits, cakes, rusk, wafers, dairy, for secure delivery. The company will ensure delivery across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai, as per their statement.


Amazon Retail Gets 284 Crore Rupees from Amazon 

startup india news

Amazon, which is a US-based company, gives 284 Crore rupees to its Amazon Retail India that handles the delivery of groceries across the country. Amazon Retail has got its latest fundings of 281.6 crore rupees from Amazon Corporate Holdings Private limited. Further, it received an additional 2.84 crore rupees from Inc. as per the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs Filings). It will use the funds to increase its operations to provide timely and secure delivery of groceries amid lockdown. Furthermore, the platform has stopped processing orders of non-essential products.


Google Map Took the Initiative to Help Stranded Citizens of India: Will Show Food and Night Shelters on its platform

startup india news

Google Map will show Food and Night shelters across 30 cities of India. Users can access this service through Google Assistant and Google Search on its platform. The tech major is also planning on adding its support in additional languages of India. 

This move will help the people of India who are a long way from home amid the coronavirus lockdown. Through the list, stranded individuals can locate the food and place to spend the might via Google Maps. Google launched this feature with the partnership of central and state governments.


TikTok, Facebook: Told to Curb Endangering Fake News on Coronavirus

startup india news

There was a rapid spread of some videos on TikTok that asked Muslim citizens to give up social distancing and spread the disease. It raised another challenge for the government who is already on a battle with COVID-19. Tackling such misinformation and fake news is essential before they become mainstream and harm the citizens. 

Hence, the state governments are working with all the stakeholders and social media platforms to stop such rumors and misleading news. The government has now written to various social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook to remove such fake news, especially the one that provokes the Muslim community. It is due to the new light of the Tablighi Jammat meet, a recent controversy that leads a cluster of Coronavirus infections all across the country.


New Measurements by Whatsapp: Aim is to Stop Viral Fake News in Lockdown Amid Coronavirus

startup india news

Whatsapp has renewed measures to stop the viral spread and put a limit on total messages spread by an individual. Furthermore, this Facebook-owned messaging platform is also allowing its users to find out more regarding the background of such messages. To measures such constraints, it has put a limit on forwards during the pandemic of Coronavirus. 

The company says that it will allow any forwarded message to one chat at a time only. This feature will become active once any message gets sent by users for five times or more. Further, the platform is also displaying an icon of a magnifying glass to a text that is frequently forwarded. It will allow the users to do a web search on that text to find other sources of information. However, this feature is currently under tests as per the statement released by the instant messaging platform. 

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