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Startup India News Amid Coronavirus Lockdown – 2nd April 2020

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we bring out to you the latest news for today i.e. 2nd April 2020, straight from the Startup India community.

Online Grocery Delivery Platforms like BigBasket and Flipkart in Talk with Ola and Uber to Deliver Essential

big basket

Amid the coronavirus breakdown, the online grocery delivery platforms are overburden with orders. They are also facing a shortage of delivery partners. Hence, online grocers like BigBasket and Flipkart are in talks with ride-hailing platforms like Ola and Uber. They are aiming to resolve the crunch to deliver essential products on time with this move.

Currently, Flipkart is aiming to deliver the essentials via Uber in 10 cities. The drivers of Uber could pick up orders from Flipkart warehouses and deliver them to customers. This way, the drivers will also get a chance to make some money who had lost income amid the lockdown.

These companies have also offered their taxis to various government agencies and healthcare organizations to provide support. Ola has submitted 500 cars to the Karnataka government for any work related to the coronavirus pandemic. The company is also offering its cabs for healthcare staffers, transportation of medicine, and other essential services for emergencies.

Launch of hyperlocal grocery delivery service across Punjab, Delhi, Kerala: Zomato

Due to coronavirus lockdown, there is a surge in demand for essential service delivery. The hyperlocal grocery delivery service of Zomato is focusing on doorstep delivery of groceries in Punjab, Delhi, and Kerala. Zomato has launched these services to help with the supplying of essentials. However, this food tech unicorn may continue to so even after things return to normalcy.

A partnership between PhonePe and Bajaj Allianz for a hospitalization insurance policy; called it “Corona Care”


PhonePe launched a coronavirus hospitalization insurance policy in partnership with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance (1). This policy comes with a price at 156 INR with an insurance cover of 50,000 INR for an individual aged under 55 years. This cover is applicable in any hospital that provides coronavirus treatment. This policy also covers 30 days of expenses along with pre- and post-hospitalization costs and medical treatment.