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The startup story behind Walkify – An app turning health into habit

Walkify is one such startup app that focuses on health trends and ways to make them permanent plus interesting. Let's uncover
Walkify is one such startup app that focuses on health trends and ways to make them permanent plus interesting. Let’s uncover the story behind the startup.

About the Founder

Walkify founder - Mehul Nahar
Walkify founder – Mehul Nahar

Mehul Nahar, the founder of Walkify belongs to Indore and is an Alumni of Olemiss. He has worked in NASA to develop a program for 2 years than in London for a year. He later came back to India to pursue his dream of a startup.

About the Startup

Walkify is a health and wellness app where users are paid for their outdoor and indoor walking activity in the form of cash or gift. It has more than 50,000 plus downloads, 12,000 plus active users per day, and an average of 530 downloads per day in just about four months. The users can participate in their challenges, which happen weekly. They can give the opinions on some for the survey which the startup gives them. The rewards which are on the app range from iPhone to wrist bands. Depending on the number of coins one has, he or she can redeem it for free.

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Idea and Inspiration behind Walkify

The user has always been a fitness enthusiast, which he would continue for a week and then leave doing outdoor activities, which he believes goes with a lot of us. We do start very enthusiastically but then go slow or stop doing it because it is not a habit. So to turn it into a habit, he started to treat himself and a few of his friends saying, “if we all go for a jog or run, I will treat for a juice or breakfast. And to my surprise, we did not miss a walk almost for a month, and the reason was a free gift I gave to my friends.” In today’s fast pace environment, we don’t get enough motivation to do walking or jogging, which the user wanted to make it a habit for others, thinking if he can make a difference in a few lifestyles, he will be able to make a good contribution.

Challenges during the onset?

The startup faced way too many challenges from day one and had no budget or marketing. When they received around 10,000 downloads, the app got hacked, which pumped the team more since, in a short span of time, they grew a lot, and thus, we were not ready for it. So there were a few technical challenges. But in due course of time, everything is getting sorted.

The First Milestone for Walkify

Getting 50,000 downloads and two reviews from an Indian Army personnel, and the other from a pregnant lady saying Walkify is making her and her baby healthy.

Company’s current growth status

Team Walkify
Team Walkify

The team is looking forward to getting more users on board by adding many new features, which include gamification. They want people to use the app and change their lifestyle to a healthier one. Alongside, looking for the investors as well.

Walkify – The Vision

The founder’s vision for Walkify is to get into wearable, loyalty & gamification space in the next three years.