The Startup Story Behind Walkity – An Assistive Aid Improving the Independent Functioning of the Visually Impaired Community

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The Team

Walkity Founders
Walkity Founders

Walkity has a diverse team of four Founders – Avyay Sah, Nilesh Matai, Anith Sandeepbhai Patel, and Nitya Baskar.

The founders hail from different parts of the country and have expertise in diverse domains, currently pursuing their final year of an undergraduate degree in Engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur.


What is Walkity?

Walkity is the flagship product of VisIoT Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is an assistive aid that aims to improve the independent functioning of the visually impaired community through intuitive navigational prompts.

Check out the official website for VisIOT here.


A Footwear Attachment that tells you where to go


Walkity is two-piece footwear attachable that helps to navigate. It can be clipped onto footwear and pairs with the phone and uses vibrational motors to generate haptic feedback. The feedback generated is used to notify the user of upcoming turns and arrivals. The company wanted its method of feedback to be intuitive and not hamper other senses critical to wayfinding for a visually impaired individual.


The idea behind Walkity

“Everything begins with an Idea.”

While talking to TimesNext, Nitya told us that the team came across programs and opportunities to encourage independence in visually impaired individuals.

However, most of the innovation in assistive technology was limited to solutions for obstacle detection, and there were very slim pickings in the space of navigation.

The team realized that there is a need for a solution that could work with existing products they owned and helped direct them towards the programs. This is how the idea of Walkity was born.


Challenges faced in the Outset


“Challenge your perceptions, then visualize your options.”

Nitya told us that the team faced quite a few challenges in the journey.

From their experience with the visually impaired community, the team inferred that most of the community is seeking independence and observed that they feel hesitant towards trying out new technological products. Hence adaptability with tech-based solutions and penetration of a new product into their lives was the hurdle that the team had to overcome.


Recent collaborations and the first milestone for the company

The company has been incubated by NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and has access to mentors who provide them with the necessary business insights. 

The company got its first milestone breakthrough by winning the India innovation challenge and being chosen as one of the top ten teams from over twenty-six thousand applications across the country, this validated the team’s vision and strengthened their belief in the true potential of Walkity.


WalKity on growth and vision of the company


The company has flourished so well in no time. Currently, the company is forming MoUs with organizations across Bangalore and is looking to equip clients of vocational rehabilitation programs with WalKity.

The company visions to be able to impact the lives of visually impaired individuals, looking for independence, far and beyond this city, and to be able to provide them with that necessary nudge to push them toward achieving their dreams.

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