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How this dynamic duo is shaping the future of the country with their startup – The Mother’s Blossoms International Pre-School

Vandana Nagar and Arun Joshi are making the learning experience full of joy with their startup - The Mother's Blossoms intern
Vandana Nagar and Arun Joshi are making the learning experience full of joy with their startup – The Mother’s Blossoms international pre-school.

You must have heard people say that children in early age are like clay and they should be molded according to their parent’s desire, but this is not true. Certain things can be noticed in the early developing years of a child, which tells us that every kid is unique, and they are born with unique personalities and possibilities. To understand these signs and make sure that the possibilities are appropriately explored is the responsibility of teachers and parents.

The early childhood period is a crucial time in every kid’s life, as this is the time when the foundation for lifelong learning can be laid. Children go through tremendous physical, emotional, cognitive, and language development, and this can only be done with proper guidance and the right support. This dynamic duo has taken the initiative to fulfill their long-cherished dream of driving educational changes in the Indian landscape through their startup. Vandana Nagar and Arun Joshi are the co-founders, and they always had a strong inclination towards the school ecosystem, which they believed to be the nurturing ground for bright young individuals.

Their experience in the field has taught them that change is needed, and they decided to evaluate what could be an effective way to help them build a more conscious, confident, and righteous society. This was when they decided to launch their educational venture, The Mother’s Blossoms International Pre-School. With their startup, they wish to be an effective and sustainable way for the parents and help them nurture the children rightly.

Early life of the co-founders

Arun Joshi and Vandana Nagar

Vandana Nagar

Born and brought up in Ujjain, Vandana did Chemical Engineering from Ujjain Engineering College and decided to move to Melbourne for her masters. She did her Masters in Teaching (M.Teach) from the University of Melbourne, Australia in Early Childhood and Primary education. Vandana has diverse experience in the fields of chemical engineering, management, and Early Childhood and Primary Teaching.

Arun Joshi

Arun’s hometown is Indore, and he completed his B.Tech in Computer Engineering from NIT Surat, and then he completed his Graduate Certificate Research Coursework in Education from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He worked as a senior IT Consultant in Australia and has a work experience of over 12 years in the IT domain.

After spending eight years in Australia, they recently moved back to Indore. They took the first step into the educational initiative as they started The Mother’s Blossoms International Pre-School in Indore.

The Aim of the startup

Aimed at building an evolving system of school education and learning culture through their center of educational excellence and research, Vandana Nagar and Arun Joshi wish to make the learning experience full of joy and curious discoveries for children. The curriculum of the school is designed in such a way that it focuses on nurturing all aspects of human personality using the approach of Integral Education. With their first pre-school, they have started their journey, and they provide development programs for children up to the age of 6 years.

They are further planning to expand their reach to primary classes with the help of their in-house research wing. The research wing is taking shape with the help of their research, and these are used for internal improvements and progress.

The initial challenges and collaborations by the duo

The two main problems that were faced by them was:

  1. Finding teachers who are ready to learn and to prepare them for a new way of teaching
  2. Communicating the idea of children’s development and convincing parents the merits of this method over the traditional notions of education

In conversation with TimesNext, Arun talks about their collaborations where they are in the final stage of establishing a reciprocal working program with an early learning center in Melbourne, Australia, to enrich and broaden learning possibilities and the global outreach.

The first milestone

The first milestone for them was when, after shifting base from Australia to India, they were late for the admission cycle. Still, they managed to end their infrastructure set up and started working on the pre-school with eight children enrolling before the first day of the school.

Since then, they’ve had multiple milestones in the form of development in the children as a drastic change was seen in their behavior. Happiness index increased, and their willingness to come to school, and the developmental trajectory also increased. Some of the students were withdrawn from nearby pre-schools because of their unwillingness to go there after weeks of effort by the parents. However, things changed when these students decided to join their school, and the children are growing beautifully.

Some parents were concerned about the significant lag in their children’s language development, but the individual adult interaction ensured by their pre-school has helped these children and their parents. The children started forming full sentences within 2-3 months of joining the school. It has been a challenge and a blessing for them to have children with different levels of development needs during their initial months. Every developmental milestone in every child’s journey is a significant milestone for our school.

The current development of their pre-school

They were happy to tell TimesNext that within the first quarter, they have doubled the number of students for the first academic year. Extensive international knowledge in the education domain, stable faculty, rich curriculum, and precise approach to childhood education, they are ready to open another pre-school in a different location within Indore.

They believe that giving a franchise of the school will cause a loss of the school culture; thus, the centers are directly managed by one of their core team member’s direct involvement.

Vision for the pre-school

With the idea of building a center of education and development, research and teacher’s training, and continuously work on finding new and evolving ways for children’s development needs and be in sync with the latest global research. They hope to provide a happy, secure, nurtured foundation with new educational practices and a holistic approach to education and development, making the children curious and confident learners for the rest of their lives.

They intend to combine the essence of intuitive insights from Indian thinkers and the learnings from proven scientific research in the educational domain to form a complete system of education.