How are Startups coping up with COVID-19 crisis on the 14th day of lockdown

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Almost half of the world is under quarantine. Today is the 14th day of the nationwide Lockdown in India. The lockdown is supposed to end in the next seven days, but Coronavirus cases are still rising and have reached above 5000 in the country. Below are the latest updates on how Startup Companies are coping with this critical situation.


24*7 Emergency Medical Services by Ola and Uber 


The app-based Startups- Ola and Uber, suspended their services after the announcement of lockdown. But now, looking at the broader aspects of medical facilities, Karnataka healthcare Department has collaborated with both of these ride-hailing apps to provide 24*7 medical services to non- ambulatory patients.


This collaboration aims to serve Non-COVID patients

The government feels that other medical facilities should not be ignored due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the Ola and Uber are now providing 100 cabs for this purpose.


Booking of these Emergency Cabs

You can book these emergency Ola and Uber cabs by calling on 9154153917, 9154153918 or by simply logging in to their mobile apps. These cabs will help patients who need medical services but are not suffering from Coronavirus. They will help to shift patients from home to hospitals and vice versa. The government will be keeping a record of the details of drivers and also check on the daily cases. Cab Drivers will be given free masks to avoid any infection. These services will charge the minimum and are expected to run until April 15, 2020.


A Challenging situation for Healthcare Startups

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a brand new challenge for Healthcare Startups in India. More and more advanced Medical facilities are required to avoid Coronavirus from spreading. Healthcare startups are doing their best to tackle this situation.


Bengaluru based, Dozee is offering ICU at home


Looking at the seriousness of the situation, the team of Dozee has decided to help people for free. They are offering free resources to the quarantined people in Bangalore. 

Dozee is a respiration and heartbeat monitor. It can be attached to the patient’s bedsheet and will help doctors to track the patients while being away. Since COVID-19 has respiratory symptoms, this initiative turns out to be great. 


InnAccel launches’ SAANS.’


InnAccel has decided to help India breathe easily in this situation of Crisis. It has launched SAANS – the world’s first independent, portable, neonatal CPAP system. This device intends to offer breathing support to critically ill patients with respiratory issues. Also, it is effortless to use. It is expected to provide preliminary support and can replace ventilators for a while.


Paytm and KVN Foundation to offer free meals to migrants

Paytm and KVN Foundation

The nationwide lockdown has proved to be a significant step for the migrants and financially weaker people. They are not able to reach out to their families as all the transportation is at a halt. Neither they have any shelter and nor any credible source for food. So, the digital companies Paytm and KVN Foundation have announced that they will bee serving 75,000 meals per day to migrants and wage workers in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Noida. 


‘Feed My City’ Scheme

KVN Foundation launched a scheme named Feed My City in Bengaluru on March 27, 2020. Under this scheme, 500 meals are served each day to the people who lost their livelihoods during the lockdown. They are aiming to serve over 30 lakh meals in the coming weeks.

Companies all over India, irrespective of their sizes, have made their contributions to the damage control. The situation is under control in India in comparison to other countries, but the numbers are growing every day. As of now, there are 4643 positive cases in India, and 1149 people have died. Check the latest updates on the cases on the official government website. 

All the people out there are requested to practice social distancing and take all the necessary precautions. We are in this together. Let’s pray for the best.

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Alongside her graduation, she is pursuing her passion for content writing. She is young, raw, and continuously thriving for the best. Her hobbies include debates and travelling. Despite these nerdy things, she also likes to netflix and chill.

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Devanshi Singh
Devanshi Singh
Alongside her graduation, she is pursuing her passion for content writing. She is young, raw, and continuously thriving for the best. Her hobbies include debates and travelling. Despite these nerdy things, she also likes to netflix and chill.

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