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The story behind Boxnbiz – A Startup Changing the Trends of the Shipping Industry

Let's Uncover the story of Biplob Barik and Ricky Goyal's Startup Boxnbiz, A company that is helping change the trends of the
Let’s Uncover the story of Biplob Barik and Ricky Goyal’s Startup Boxnbiz, A company that is helping change the trends of the Shipping Industry.

The container shipping industry is almost 60 years old now. However, processes are still manual. It takes more than three days to find a quote and more than about 75 odd documents are required to move a single consignment end to end, shippers losses $7bn + annually just because of wrong decision and delays. Boxnbiz is such a startup that is trying to tackle such issues in the shipping industry.

The Founders

Boxnbiz Founders - Ricky Goyal (Left), Biplob Barik (Center) and Product Lead - Sunil Gauswami (Right)
Boxnbiz Founders – Ricky Goyal (Left), Biplob Barik (Center) and Product Lead – Sunil Gauswami (Right)

Biplob Barik completed his MBA from Sri Balaji Society, Pune. Biplob started his corporate journey working with big companies like Allcargo, Kansai Nerolac Paints, and Hindustan Cargo, Biplob holds 5+ years of experience in the logistics and shipping industry.

Ricky Goyal hails from Gujarat, Ricky did his bachelors degree in electrical engineering and further pursued his MBA. Soon after completing his studies, Ricky started working with companies like Oracle finance services and H&R blocks.

What is Boxnbiz?

Boxnbiz - The Team
Boxnbiz – The Team

Boxnbiz is a digital freight forwarding company that engages in logistics expertise and has specialized knowledge in supply chain management using the Company’s own unique logistics management system, specially designed for importers and exporters.

Boxnbiz provides services like like air-freight, ocean freight, road freight, customs brokerage along with technological solutions for BCO’s and SME’s.

Boxnbiz - The Team (2)
Boxnbiz – The Team (2)

Founded in 2016, the Company has a mission to fix the broken user experience in the global shipping industry by combining infrastructure and technology to deliver world-class shipping experience by taking care right from freight quote discovery,

booking, communication, reporting to payments and many more. The Company is based in Bangalore and has another office in Singapore.

Check out the company’s website here.

Idea and Inspiration behind starting Boxnbiz

Biplob and Ricky met each other during their graduation and became good friends while preparing for their post-graduate exams; they joined the master’s program in business administration in Pune.

The idea of Boxnbiz was born during Biplob’s service in Allcargo.

Biplob found that the shipping industry is still manual and opaque, where the whole supply chain in the International market is handled by multiple agents and continues to be operated over emails, fax, and paper, which makes the information system complex.

Boxnbiz was initially formed with an investment of 7 lakh.

Initially, for three months, the duo operated the business without any human resources. Soon the Company got a senior manager from ACL to join them and added six more people in their team to work on the project, and this is how the Boxnbiz was born.

Check out the company’s website here.

Boxnbiz Stepping Stones with Collaborations!

The Company recently got the opportunity to represent India in a global shipping and maritime accelerator program based in Singapore. The event helped the Company to do some pilot projects in SG & India; also, this program helped the Company to get connected with top shipping professionals.

Hitting the first Milestone!

The startup got its first Milestone breakthrough by getting a business of 20 containers from a well-known refrigerator manufacturer in November 2016. Soon the Company started with a marketplace model where shippers can globally search quotes, manage bookings, and track shipments online.

Boxnbiz: Innovation and the Company

The duo believes that innovation comes from within; it’s a way to see problems differently and building a new solution to the problem.

Innovation is one of the core pillars of the company culture.

Boxnbiz has managed to build an operating system layered with freight services to manage the complexity of trade.

The Company has designed the process & workflow in a way that every information received or sent has a definite effect on other actions, which automatically makes actions dependent on each other and enables users to get better visibility.

Challenges in the outset of Boxnbiz

The Company faced the challenge of getting scaled faster because of not having a smooth logistics solution hence had to spend a lot of time managing the entire international logistics.

The problem of transparency and agility was solved through technology.

Boxnbiz’s current Growth Rate

Boxnbiz has flourished so well in no time. Presently the Company claims to be observing a 5X Year-over-Year growth. The Company is currently operating in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Singapore.

The Company soon plans to launch a software solution for the freight agents to digitize their internal operations leading to a 5-10% reduction in operating cost.