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Story behind Jagrit Surisetti’s Startup Apprison – A Mobile App Helping People Reduce Distractions Caused by Other Mobile Apps

The story behind Jagrit Surisetti's Startup Apprison - a mobile app empowering users to avoid distracting apps and helping th
The story behind Jagrit Surisetti’s Startup Apprison – a mobile app empowering users to avoid distracting apps and helping them enhance their productivity.

The Mobile app industry is growing faster than beanstalks and has been reshaping various businesses for years now. The revenue generated by the global mobile app industry has skyrocketed and is projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% from 2019 to 2026.

What is Apprison?

Apprison Website Screenshot
Apprison Website Screenshot

Apprison is a mobile application that aims to reduce the distractions caused by other mobile apps. In a world full of distractions, the company has designed the mobile application in such a way that it looks and feels like a prison for all other apps that distract us, a prison where the user is the judge, jury, and executioner.

The application provides a feature where the versatility of the punishments caters to the varying needs of the users allowing users to block an app from being used or associate a productivity app with its usage.

Apprison empowers the user to avoid distracting apps with its gamified progression system that gives an incentive to the users while helping them enhance their productivity.

Check out the website for Apprison here.

About the Founder!

Apprison Founder - Jagrit Surisetti
Apprison Founder – Jagrit Surisetti

While talking to TimesNext, The young entrepreneur, Jagrit Surisetti, told us that he had moved around a lot during his childhood and has been based out of Raipur, Chattisgarh, for the longest time now.

Jagrit Surisetti completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from BML Munjal University, after which Jagrit was selected for the Tech Leaders Fellowship in Plaksha University along with the University of California Berkeley and Purdue University.

Jagrit is an avid musician and loves both consuming and creating digital art.

The idea that inspired Jagrit

Based on the reports from Forbes and RescueTime, Jagrit understood that mobile app usage is one of the primary causes of decreasing productivity, which can cause a loss of more than 40% of an average professional’s work efficiency.

Jagrit analyzed that the problem was not in the willingness of users to change but was their inability to stick to their conviction.

Jagrit thought that one would need a solution that enables them to take control of the issue rather than taking control of the issue for them.

Challenges faced by Jagrit in the outset of Apprison

“One who conquers the sea today is ready to conquer the ocean tomorrow.”

Jagrit faced the challenge of developing the idea into a product with a solid and sustainable value proposition, especially at that time when the territory of digital wellbeing is highly uncharted.

Jagrit came up with the solution and conceptualized the product in a manner that it could solve the present and future problems of the present and future markets.

Recent Collaborations and Recognitions!

Though being in its nascent stages, the company was recently recognized by DPIIT.

The company has approached leading names in the industry for B2B collaborations.

Apprison – On Growth and Milestones..!

Miles to go, before I sleep…ˮ

– Robert Frost.

Jagrit says that the first milestone of the company was making the transition from the idea to the product stage while keeping the soul of the concept intact.

The company has flourished so well in no time. Currently, Apprison is live on Google Play Store in its beta stage and has clocked 300+ downloads organically. The company plans to go live with the iOS version by April 2020.

Vision of Apprison

Apprison -  The Team
Apprison – The Team

Apprison aims at spreading the “ABCD” of digital wellness globally.

Awareness regarding responsible smartphone usage

Behavior modification

Change in usage patterns

Digital footprint regulation

Jagrit visions Apprison as becoming the go-to solution for smartphone users who realizes that unregulated smartphone usage is a menace that needs to be curbed. The company aims to touch a user base of 1 million users in the next three years.