The story behind Sterling Media Labs – A startup that is creating reliable and sustainable solutions for enterprises

Let's uncover the story of Sterling Media Labs, a startup by Shantanu Jain that is creating reliable and sustainable solutions helping small and medium-sized enterprises.

Shantanu Jain

Shantanu Jain - Sterling Media Labs
Shantanu Jain

Shantanu Jain, the co-founder at Sterling Media Labs hails from Vidisha, a small town near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The young entrepreneur is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in computer science from the BMS Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Shantanu spent two years developing his skills in Programming and IT services, and currently, he is the Co-founder of Sterling Media Labs.


About Sterling Media Labs

Sterling Media Labs - Website Screenshot
Sterling Media Labs – Website Screenshot

Sterling Media Labs provides end to end technical solutions that are customized by the company to fit into consumers’ needs. The startup believes in empowering the world through technology by creating reliable and sustainable solutions to different sectors of the industry. Currently, the company provides solutions in eight different segments to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Check out the official website of Sterling Media Labs here.


The idea behind Sterling Media Labs

Shantanu got the inspiration of starting Sterling Media Labs by realizing the gap in IT service with poor customer experience, Trust and quality issues, and unsatisfactory long term service support, for which the enterprises pay hefty prices.

Considering all the factors, Shantanu started Sterling Media Labs to empower small and medium scaled enterprises in their growth journey to spread their presence over the internet.

Check out the official website of Sterling Media Labs here.


Challenges faced by Sterling Media Labs

“Challenge and adversity are meant to unlock true strength.”

In the beginning, Shantanu faced a lot of challenges as being a young enthusiast, Shantanu lacked the skills related to IT skills. Shantanu had a passion for learning and creating while managing both college studies, and startup became a tough task. Shantanu showed efficiency in managing time and worked for around 14-18 hours per day to manage both studies and the startup.


Recent collaborations and experiences

Sterling Media Labs recently worked with some brands and enterprises. Working with enterprises helped Shantanu and his team gain profound experience and learn insights into different segments of technology.


Hitting the first milestone and current growth of the startup

The first milestone for Sterling Media Labs was when it started getting its clients and started working with some of the enterprises like step care, know this data science, and many more.

The company started with a team of two people, and in no time, it grew to 9 people strong company and is growing daily. The company has maintained an optimal revenue and is growing in the market in all verticals.


Sterling Media Labs – The Vision

The vision of the company is to design, develop, and deploy indigenous, robust software services to small and medium scale enterprises.

Shortly the company would be launching eduvoke to schools and colleges, which will help the company to increase its efficiency in the segment.

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