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The story behind Vivek Tiwari’s Startup: Audix – An Organization Helping Enterprises Deliver Secure Digital Applications

Let's uncover the story behind Vivek Tiwari's Startup Audix - An organization helping enterprises deliver secure digital appl
Let’s uncover the story behind Vivek Tiwari’s Startup Audix – An organization helping enterprises deliver secure digital applications.

The Man behind Audix

Audix Founder - Vivek Tiwari
Audix Founder – Vivek Tiwari

Vivek Tiwari, the founder of Audix is an alumnus of Mumbai University. Vivek completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, and soon after completing studies, Vivek got the chance of working with Merchant Navy as Navigation Officer, but due to family reasons, Vivek had to break the bond and started working in the IT Sector.

What is Audix?

Audix is an organization that helps enterprises deliver secured digital applications with smooth Functionality and ensuring the best customer experience.

Check the website for Audix here.

Idea and Inspiration

Audix - The Team
Audix – The Team

Vivek understood that Big Four foreign Auditor companies were dominating and controlling the Indian Audit and Assurance market from a long time back and are continuing to do so and thereby a massive amount of Fund flowing out of the country.

This is where Vivek got the idea of starting an Indian Company to emerge and challenge the big Four Auditor companies.

Challenges faced in the outset of Audix

Vivek believes that challenges make the entrepreneur’s journey more happening and increases hunger to succeed.

The first six months of commencement of Audix were very tough as there was Zero Business initially, and on it, the whole sales team from the founding team left and became competitors.

The problems for Vivek didn’t stop here, a potential investor with a promised investment withdrew his proposal leaving Vivek back to the point where he started.

Still, after so many breakdowns, Vivek had his family and industry experienced friends by his side to guide and support him and helped him make a strong comeback.

Hitting the first Milestone

The first Milestone of the company was when Audix was invited and honored by the Nepal Banking Association for delivering a Paper on ‘Preventing Cyber Financial Fraud’ for the Nepal Banking Industry and sharing the stage with one of the BIG Four audit and assurance global company.

After this, there was no looking back, and in the next four months, the company won the award of ‘One of the Most Innovative Startup’ by DCB Bank and received ‘CIO Choice Award 2020’ for Information security and featuring one of the solutions in the Banking Frontier magazine for Technoviti 2020.

Current Growth and Vision of Audix

Audix Vision

The company has grown in no time, grabbing many niche projects, mainly from the Fortune 500 Global Company. The company visions to make Audix as one of the globally recognized Audit assurance company using Tech innovations and collaborations.