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The Story Behind Tejashree Sanjeev’s startup: Petsearch – A Platform providing a PAWsome experience for all pet requirements

The story behind Tejashree Sanjeev’s startup Petsearch – A platform that is fulfilling all pet requirements right from adoption to food to grooming.

The Founder

Tejashree Sanjeev - Founder of Petsearch
Tejashree Sanjeev – Petsearch Founder

Tejashree Sanjeev, the founder of Petsearch, was born and brought up in Bangalore. Tejashree pursued her engineering in computer science from the RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

By the completion of her course, Tejashree became an amalgam of technical acumen and managerial temperament.

It was her inclination towards sports that Tejashree has represented her state in archery and pistol shooting.

What is Petsearch?

Petsearch Website Screenshot
Petsearch Website Screenshot

Petsearch is a unique platform that fulfills all of the pet requirements right from adoption to food to grooming.

The company aims to cater to all pet services. Petsearch makes it easy for users to keep track of their orders and bookings and can arrange things for their pets on the go.

Check out the Petsearch platform here.

Petsearch – A hassle-free experience

The company provides fresh pet food delivery, freshly baked dog treats, pet boarding service – home boarding, and kennels for both dogs and cats.

Petsearch has a pet food vertical, where the users can subscribe to meals and treats for their pets from the company’s kitchen and can get it delivered to their doorstep. The company believes that nutrition is very important for a pet’s short life. Currently, the company has two kitchens and plan to scale up to multiple kitchens all across Bangalore.

The company has an aggregator platform for pet boarding service where the pet owners can leave their pets in-home boarding centers or kennels whenever they go on a vacation. Working pet parents can also drop off their pooches in daycare centers and pick them up at their convenience.

The idea behind Petsearch

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawkened.”

While talking to TimesNext, Tejashree told us that pets have been an integral part of her life. Tejashree told us that researches show that the pet population in India is increasing at a robust pace, increasing the demand for pet food and services in urban cities.

Being a pet owner, Tejashree understood the pain areas of pet parents and realized that there isn’t any service available that catered to all these issues.

Looking at this, Tejashree started immediately and managed to build a small team that shared the same vision, and this is how the idea of Petsearch was born.

Challenges at the outset

Tejashree faced challenges at the start as it was tough to convince people to join her in the venture, even after a lot of convincing it was tough to find the right kind of people to work in the business as Tejashree required not only excellent skills but also someone who was motivated and shared the same vision.

Tejashree told us that the most profound challenge she faced was the nature of the market itself. Coming up with a new concept and being quite a niche at it, Tejashree faced resistance from both service providers and users.

Building Awareness!! Bringing Paws-itivity

“An animals’ eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

Tejashree says that not every pet owner is aware of the importance of fresh food, and hence they looked at them like any other pet product company. The company tried to build awareness about why fresh food is so essential through various offline meetups and social media campaigns.

Tejashree says that the pet service providers haven’t realized that this is a niche industry, and visibility to customers has to be high and also has to be made affordable.

The company has been part of pet events and conducted offline meetups to reach the audience directly, which made an impact and also built trust.

Petsearch – on growth and the first milestone

The company considers its first milestone when it had its first 100 customers. Tejashree says that it took them a while and a lot of work to get there the first milestone, but it was worth the Hustle!!

petsearch app

The company has flourished so well in no time and currently has 1000+ downloads in the google play store and app store.

The company is proliferating with about 15 new downloads every week, 50% of which are transacting customers for their food service.

The company has just launched its pet boarding vertical, which has received 300+ signups for the service.

Petsearch – The Vision

Team Petsearch

The company visions to make pet parenting a hassle-free experience and make nutritious pet food and healthy lifestyle affordable to all pet parents.