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Santanu Paul, MD and CEO of Santanu Paul

As per a report on the Global Talent Risk of a World Economic Forum, there is a considerable gap between the industry’s skills and education system. Santanu Paul, J A Chowdary, and Madhumurty Ronak founded TalentSprint (1) in 2009 to fill the gap. The company was running physical coding bootcamps in its initial days.

However, since 2018, it has also started to offer a digital or hybrid learning model. The startup provides courses in Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and others.

In two years, TalentSprint has observed tremendous progress with training over three lakh learners. Over 7000 companies have recruited the pool of students, claims the Hyderabad-based edtech startup.

TalentSprint is Working on Its Vision to Produce World-class Indian Techies

Santanu Paul stated that the other two co-founders are no longer with the company. Regardless, he and his team of more than 100 people are Working on its Vision to Produce World-class Techies from India.

Notably, the startup has three revenue streams, student training fees, partnering an institute or company, its latest PaaS, Platform as a Service offering.

As per the TalentSprint team, they have observed a sudden spike in demand over the last six months from institutes to reopen their campuses online as the world is moving towards digital learning.

Santanu added that the company closed the fiscal year 2020 with 50 crore INR revenue. The firm is now expecting double-digit growth for the upcoming year. The team is on its path to create an annual income of 100 crore INR.

The company has modified its strategies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It has moved from a hybrid model to a purely online delivery mode while also focusing on its PaaS capabilities in a revenue area. For the post-pandemic world, TalentSprint is also widening its learning catalog with suitable products.

TalentSprint is riding to become the most trusted edtech firm in deep-tech education. It will collaborate with global big tech firms and premium institutes to offer an exclusive learning experience to its students.