TCS iBegin – Eligibility, Registration Steps and Interview

Here is all the information regarding TCS iBegin, a platform by the Tata Consultancy Services for hiring Engineers and Science graduates who are worthy of the job and can achieve laurels with working in their company.



  1. Introduction
  2. About TCS iBegin & Portal Details
  3. What are the skills required for TCS iBegin
  4. Eligibility Criteria for TCS iBegin
  5. What is the registration process of TCS iBegin
  6. Some important points before login
  7. Interview of TCS iBegin
  8. Conclusion


About TCS iBegin

TCS iBegin is a portal by a well know information technology consulting company, Tata Consultancy Service. At some point, we all think of having a prestigious job in a company with complete fame and exposure. And one such company in India is Tata Consultancy Services or TCS

This is a golden opportunity for people who are ambitious and want to work for their dreams can get a job through the TCS iBegin portal. The portal was specially launched for candidates belonging to the science and engineering fields, although the eligibility criteria vary accordingly. There are some conditions that a candidate has to accept before they apply, or else they won’t be able to apply for the posts.

TCS is providing opportunities in several fields like Finance, IT Infrastructure Services, Marketing, etc. and this article will help you know it all! There are several perks of working with TCS, which will make your future bright like:

  • No extra burden of work
  • Incentives with some insurances
  • several internal recreational activities to put off the load and enjoy freely. 

To further know more about the TCS iBegin and know all its processes continue reading the article below, which will make you realize how lucky you will be to go through the TCS iBegin process.


Skills required for TCS iBegin

There are always some skills required for the jobs in Science and Engineering field, which a candidate has to adhere to and fulfill accordingly.

The skills required in an overview of the TCS iBegin program are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Aptitude Solving Skills
  • Technical skills
  • Language Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Knowledge of Special Language skills like C, C++, JAVA, SERVELET, etc. 

These are some mandatory skills which are always required in any job of a big firm. Moreover, people with technical background ever need these skills at a big stage. 


The Eligibility Criteria for Candidates choosing TCS iBegin

This portal is specially created for people graduating in Science and Engineering, and hence this poses some barriers regarding the jobs.

  • Anyone who is a graduate of BE,, ME and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and Telecommunications, EEE, ECE, IT, Instrumentation Engineering, Instrument Engineering, Network or Electrical Engineering are eligible for these jobs.
  • People having MCA with B.Sc, BCA, B.Com, or BA can apply for the jobs, but they must have a background of Statics or Maths.
  • People with IT or Computer Science can apply, but only if they have an M.Sc degree.
  • One should have almost 60% marks in class 10th and 12th and also in UG & PG.
  • Experience is relevant here; a person having an experience of almost three years is considered for the job. 

These are some mandatory criteria to which a candidate has to follow or else he/she won’t be able to apply for further process.


Registration Process for the TCS iBegin process

If you are eligible and find yourself worthy of applying in the TCS iBegin program, then you can read the list below for further registration process.

For the candidates to know about this for the first time, please go to the site of and select the registration page for moving further and follow the steps below.

  • Find the registration form and fill the application by providing correct information to prohibit any future problem as it will act as a permanent record for the company.
  • Upload your resume with a file size not more than 2MB.
  • You can also upload your video resume, also describing your works and trying to pursue them.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions regarding the job and hit the submit button, and before you know, your application will be sent. 

This is the simple, straightforward process through which a candidate can apply and that too, without any hassle. 


Some Important Points to Consider

There are some simple important guidelines that a candidate has to follow regarding their registration and further processes. This will ensure that there are no issues shortly regarding your applications.

  • Candidates who had already applied before and got rejected cannot apply before a period or gap of 6 months. 
  • Please be careful while providing your credentials as they will be considered for your job and won’t be changed throughout the process. 
  • If you face any problem during the process, one can mail on [email protected] and get their issues sorted.
  • These applications are considered for the IT and IT-IS or the BPS operation of the TCS community concerning your interests and education.


The TCS iBegin Interview Process

Any candidate who is selected and fulfills their criteria is notified through their registered email that they have been recorded in the TCS iBegin Portal and will be informed about the interview processes.

The TCS iBegin selection process has two parts:

  • Profile Screening
  • Walk-in-interview

Who-so-ever is selected during the profile screening are the only ones called for the live interview, and as a proof, an offer letter is also mailed to the candidate. The live interview has a written test, technical interview, and the HR round. People who pass these rounds are hired immediately.



One may get different opportunities in their life, but something as golden as working in the TCS group serves as once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have all the required qualifications, then what are you waiting for? Rush towards the portal and own a chance to get your dream job.

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Ananya Dubey
Ananya Dubey
I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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