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Ever since the initial launch of the popular game PUBG was introduced in India, the game has garnered over a million players
Ever since the initial launch of the popular game PUBG was introduced in India, the game has garnered over a million players in the last 5 years.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (1) or commonly referred to as PUBG is a multiplayer/single-player online game that was introduced to the world on December 20, 2017. The game is said to have been an inspiration of the Japanese Movie, Battle Royale. The game is controlled by PUBG Corporation and is a subsidiary of Bluehole Games, A Korean Corporation. Helmed by Game directors, Brendan Greene, Jang Tae-Seok, the game was first introduced on the Windows Platform and later on the XBOX, PS4 as it grew fame and recognition worldwide. The game has a worldwide base of over 50 million players and has given careers it many such ambitious players.

The game was inspired by the Japanese movie, Battle Royale and thus it developed a world of 100 players into a city where each player could play alone or as a team to win the ultimate prize; being No.1. The game had won several awards at the WGA AWARDS and also the British Game Awards Academy. The game involves shooting down enemies by obtaining weapons and other ammunition that can give the player an extra edge in beating the enemy. The players travel into the zone trying to prevent themselves from dying by the Safe Zone, the game’s biggest threat than the enemies. Only a few can be better at the end and the one with the skill and bravery can win the “Chicken Dinner”.

The Game is famous in Asian Countries like China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Oceanic Countries, and even with a huge base in America, Europe, and Latin America. But, the biggest profitable base for PUBG comes from India, a Standalone country that has been the center of the market for many such markets all over the world. The game has a base of millions of players here, with all being skilled and talented at the game. PUBG Corporation has had the major stake at the game in all the countries having total control rather than achieve global versus regional control. Seeing the popularity of the game and its success, games like Call of Duty Mobile, a similar game owned by Activision for the Global server, and Garena for the Asian server in October 2019. The game recently celebrated its First Anniversary. Free Fire is another such game helmed totally by Garena across the globe with a good meta player base.

The Day PUBG died

On September 4th, Prime Minister Modi and his ministry had issued a statement for banning 50 more apps from the previous set of apps that he had issued to be banned. All these apps were of Chinese origin and the official premise for the ban was the unsafe usage of the app and the data safety that India wanted to maintain after the Facebook incident that had a huge population’s data stolen. The same was with PUBG as well, even though they had nothing to do with the Data leak. But. The probable reason was to the ban was the Indo-China heat that was brewing and affected Soldier lives and thus, the Government was against the atrocities by banning any Chinese event like apps, games, products, and so on.

The PUBG ban affected the emotions of many Indian Players. The Tiktok ban first affected those who were actually promoting their skill and career as actors online. The Tiktok base in India was very huge. More than 20% of the total population were uploading content every day as their hobby. It brought a lot of careers as well. PUBG players shared their grief over the uncalled situation and wanted the government to withdraw the ban. Crying, and calling for protests, these players had made a career out of it and now without the game, they search for games that could appeal to the interests of their audience who watch these players on streaming sites like Twitch, Trovo, YouTube, Mixer and so on.

The game has been a part of many player controversies. News of You g kids take the game seriously and killing an old man for advising them to not play the game had brought the ban even closer. The overspending on the game by a kid in Punjab by utilizing his Grandfather’s savings spread like fire, calling for the game to make changes over the way kids were being pulled to their enticing features. The ban has been a sentimental factor for many and a milestone for many who saw a popular game banned over a political controversy.

The Return of PUBG…?

Last week, a Twitter account had shared a pic from LinkedIn with an executive job offer from The PUBG corporation calling for an experienced gaming executive for settling in India.

The Image gave much hope over the return of the Game. The game had recently canceled its relations with TENCENT, a Chinese based gaming conglomerate. Activision did the same, earlier and thus prevented the ban from happening in India. The offer shows, Krafton Corporation who might be the one who would take over the India Division dealings.

This might prove the return of the popular game into the country and pass all systemic laws and even the government’s data security laws. Only time can say as too long it would take for the return of the game.