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The story of Edudictive- How a startup initiative aims to make learning ‘addictive’

Edudictive is an Entrepreneurship Inclined Training Platform that has specialized training programs for both school and colle
Edudictive is an Entrepreneurship Inclined Training Platform that has specialized training programs for both school and college students of all backgrounds.

The Founder

Edudictive Founder – Aahan Malhotra

Aahan Malhotra, the founder and product head of Edudictive, is a 21 years old entrepreneur from Delhi. He belongs to a middle-class family and is currently pursuing the last semester of Bachelor’s in Technology from Delhi Technological University.

What is Edudictive all about?

Edudictive - Website Screenshot
Edudictive – Website Screenshot

This program operates for an upcoming platform, which will make the learners addicted to learning. It aims to become a one-stop solution for all the queries related to the field of education, thereby making it entertaining at every level. Another aspect of this is to serve all the educational needs like assignments, homework, tests, questionnaires, and so on.

Check out the Edudictive platform here.

What does Edudictive include?


This startup plan includes numerous options for both college and school students. A brief list of them is given below:

1. For college students:

Edudictive includes 3 major programs specially curated for the college students:

a) Entrepreneurial symposium – This is an eight-week-long training program offering specialized training in seven disciplines that are crucial for any startup. This is followed by an interactive event where students and professionals with some ideas can form a team out of a group of trained students.

This then leads to a “6-month long virtual incubation program,” which offers proper mentorship regarding market research, product building, go-to-market strategy, leveraging in front of the investors, and getting funded.

Everything is taken care of by the mentors associated with the virtual incubation program.

b) Placement Training Program – This is oriented towards preparing students for internships and placements only in startups as startups offer more growth than an established MNC.

c) This also includes meetup and internship fairs every six months to share ideas and to apply for internships and jobs.

2. For school students:

Edudictive has curated two main programs for the school students:

a) Skillowl labs: This is a twenty-week program which comprises of four courses aiming to promote entrepreneurship among the students of class 6th-12th. It aims to help students in learning about their interests, which is the biggest prevailing issue in today’s education system.

b) Trion Summer camp: This is a four-week summer camp with a competitive strategy based business plan alongside some skill enhancement program. This also offers a trip to one startup office to make students aware of the work culture, which may help them gain some fruitful insights into the work culture.

3. Currently, Edudictive focuses on helping students to realize their potential and interests.

Soon, it plans to come up with a few more products in the domain as the startup’s primary vision is to solve all the prevailing problems in the education sector.

The roots of Edudictive’s existence?

Edudictive Team Members – Anmol and Vaishnavi at work

The team, during the interview with Timesnext, told us that they initially planned something different in the sector, but due to not getting the right team at the right time made the founder realize that this is the real problem in an early stage of startups. While an already running startup needs the right talent. Thus, they started with this eight months ago.

Edudictive Team Member - Abhay at work
Edudictive Team Member – Abhay at work

Getting feedback from the college students about how entrepreneurship should be promoted at the school level but doing surveys with students and teachers, the team found out that the students are not yet clear with what they have to do. Career counseling may help them only on the basis of theories. Thus, the team of Edudictive curated a program that practically lets students realize their interest as well as enlighten them about entrepreneurship.

Check out all the team members of Edudictive here.

Challenges faced by the founder

The most challenging thing for the founder while starting up was to form the right team at the right time. Finally, after six months of persistence and searching, he formed a team of eight core members and six interns or part-time members and 15+ campus Ambassadors in Delhi – NCR.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Edudictive has partnered with around six startups that hire through them in various disciplines. Out of an approx of 750 students enrolled in the programs, 22% of them have been offered internships.

Edudictive – Growth and Vision


In the last 6-8 months, Edudictive has performed fair enough and every single achievement- from getting the first student onboard to onboarding startups and schools, everything can be considered as a milestone as they started only a few months ago.

The team has been trying to onboard more startups as their hiring partners while also associating with schools and colleges of Delhi – NCR region.

Eductictive proudly says,

“Everyone program is supporting entrepreneurs with the mentorship, but we are making students skilled to be a college entrepreneur.”