How these Indian Women have beaten all odds to achieve success

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  1. Sunita Dhairyam
  2. Shalini Saraswathi
  3. Lieutenant Commander Shougrakpam Vijaya
  4. V Gayathri
  5. Neharika Vohra
  6. D Annalakshmi


1. Sunita Dhairyam

Indian Women - Sunita Dhairyam
Sunita Dhairyam

This Wildlife Conservationist returned to India in the year 1998 from the United States and committed herself to local and wildlife tribes of Mangala Village in Bandipur Area of Karnataka, where she worked as a wildlife artist to paint the murals for the Forest Department of Karnataka. During the time, she lived in a mud house nearby Bandipur National Park without even the minor electricity or any means to contact people. 

During her childhood, she spent most of the time in Zambia and other African areas, which led to her earliest stint in wildlife conservation in Kabini River Lodge in 1984 as a Manager in Incharge. 

Due to her efforts, fifteen villages in the area today, get free clinic services from Dr. A R Pai. 

She also has an organization called Mariamma Charitable Trust through which she tackles social issues like poverty, education, and employment for children. 

Her artistic skills are commendable, and she uses them to craft and sells products that portray her love for wildlife like shawls, jackets, caps, etc. Through this, she takes full care of her trust. 


2. Shalini Saraswathi

Indian Women - Shalini Saraswathi
Shalini Saraswathi

She is a Blade Marathon Runner and an Adventure Enthusiast alongside being a blogger. This shows her determined will to work and strive in whatever she does. 

She lost her baby and four limbs due to a rare bacterial infection in 2012, and her life came as a shock to her. But she did not lose the faith and defied the physical illness and coma to find the best way for herself. She never lost her will or hope to live, and this made her look more on the side of fitness. Hard Work, Focus, and Perseverance became a pole of strength. She soon completed a 10k marathon with an outstanding record of 1 hour and 35 minutes. 

She is an example of a modern woman, balancing her corporate job, blogging, and fitness. Multinational companies like Walmart, TESCO, Deloitte, etc. have called her to share her empowering journey. 

She has been awarded several times with the ‘Iconic Woman Award’ by the ‘Wing of the IMC Chamber of Commerce,’ Rashtriya Swayam Siddha Samman by the JSPL Group, and so on. 


3. Lieutenant Commander Shougrakpam Vijaya

Indian Women - Lieutenant Commander Shougrakpam Vijaya
Lieutenant Commander Shougrakpam Vijaya

She has been a recipient of Nari Shakti Puraskar and made history in the year 2015 by circumnavigating around the globe as the North-East’s First Woman sailor. She has been a part of 6 member crew, which included all the women who sailed across the world. 

During this, the team battled high tides for straight 15 hours with freezing temperatures. 

She has received a gold medal and a VCN Commendation in the Indian Navy Sailing Championship- INSC during the years 2015 and 2016 in the laser radial category. 

She was born in the hills of Manipur and grew up there in a family of five. The father served in the Manipur Rifles, and his mother was a teacher. As she was the only daughter, her parents had many thoughts while sending her out of studies. But this girl showed courage and made everyone proud. After completing her Masters in English Literature from the University of Delhi, she joined the Indian Navy in the year 2012.


4. V Gayathri

V Gayathri
V Gayathri

She is the founder of Gayathri’s Nutrisolutions that aims to deal with stress, weight loss or weight gain, appetite issues, summarizing the concept of healthy living. This is a platform for people to learn about healthy eating habits and nutrition in the form of a non-profit organization giving free classes and counseling sessions regarding diet plans for its users. 

Gayathri’s experience and knowledge often become a road to her speaking programs in many renowned universities as a public speaker. Her company also has an international base of clients from around the globe. She has also done her M.Phil in Food and Nutrition and has won the National Quality Achievers Award in the year 2015 and is today known as a successful entrepreneur by HEF Souvenier in Kerala.


5. Neharika Vohra

Indian Women - Neharika Vohra
Neharika Vohra

Neharika Vohra is a Professor at IIM Ahmedabad in the field of Organizational Behavior. She is a Ph.D. holder in the area of Social Psychology and has published around 50 research papers in the national and international journals and has three books authored under her name. 

She works actively in competence building in various sectors in many countries. Her works range around many areas like entrepreneurship, education, change management, and women leadership. 

Currently, she is the head of the Centre of Innovation and Incubation in Entrepreneurship at the IIM Ahmedabad.


6. D Annalakshmi

D Annalakshmi
D Annalakshmi

Born with a congenital disability, she is a para-athlete. She picked up swimming as a part of therapy and managed everything, including her studies and swimming. Initially, she was interested in badminton and swimming both but chose swimming as her career. 

The family has been a constant support for her alongside empowering everything. She has won many gold medals in National Para-swimming competitions, and in 2017, she won a silver medal in the 100-meter breaststroke at the Asian Youth Para Games. 

Women have broken the glass-ceiling and shattered all the boundaries with their determination and courage. These Indian women have inspired since centuries and are setting up many examples for the future. 

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