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Top 10 Places to visit in the GreatAndhra

Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh has some best holiday spots for people to visit in their vacations.

Every place or every part of the world has its uniqueness and specialty. With different cultures and ways of living, one always gets mesmerized to visit any new city. Because of customs, heritage, and rich history, no country can compete on these terms with India. Tagged with the name as Incredible India, the ways of living, ideologies, heritage, culture, etc. always differ from one state to another in India. Even though these differences persisting as one moves from one country to another in India, yet people manage to live with unity and always have respect for each other beliefs. One can surely visit any part of India if they want to have a fantastic vacation with a spread of culture.

But, talking about some prominent states of India, one can not neglect the GreatAndhra and the cities of Andhra Pradesh. With a fantastic blend of culture and history, numerous places can be visited by people who can leave them spellbound. From rich forests to the views from hills, one can get it all in the GreatAndhra and its cities. Hence, some of the best cities that one cannot afford to miss while the trip GreatAndhra is mentioned below.

1. Visakhapatnam

Commonly known as the name ‘Vizag,’ Visakhapatnam is the coastal town of Andhra Pradesh and is also the industrial center of the GreatAndhra. It is considered to be one of the best cities to visit in Andhra Pradesh and has many tourist spots. Ramakrishna Beach is the most famous and the cleanest coast of Andhra Pradesh. One can not miss the chance of seeing INS Kursura, one of the Indian Submarines. It is ideal for people who want to have an overall experience of Indian coastal food, beaches, and the opulent Varaha Lakshmi Temple.

2. Tirupati

One must have heard about the famous temple of Tirupati if they love visiting India. The Tirupati temple is the place to seek lord Venkateshwara blessings and is the most visited city of the GreatAndhra. With millions of visitors every year in Tirupati, it is ideal for people who love visiting Indian Temples. One can also visit the National Park of Tirupati, the home of wild animals like Lions. Some of the prominent cottages and the views of nature around Tirupati give the best vacation experience in Andhra Pradesh.

3. Amravati

Amravati is the capital city of the GreatAndhra(1) and has many cultural hotspots for both young and elderly tourists. One who is always keen to know about the history and historical figures and scriptures should not miss the chance of visiting the city of Amravati. With some landmark scriptures and inscriptions of the Vijayanagar Empire and historic Amravati Temple along with Amaravati Archeological Museum and Kondaveedu Fort can amaze people with rich Indian History of Andhra Pradesh.

4. Lepakshi

One of the most famous and a must to visit the tourist place of Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi, has much footfall of tourists throughout the year. Going back to history, the town of Lepakshi was built in the 15th century by the Vijayanagar Kings. Mainly famous for the Veerabhadra Temple of Lepakshi due to some unusual structural designs and eccentric paintings that can blow people’s minds, one cannot miss visiting the city of Lepakshi if they are keen to see historic temples and some unique designs of Ancient India.

5. Araku Valley

Araku Valley, the most prominent valley of the Andhra Pradesh located in the Eastern Ghats, is the most famous tourist spot for the people who love the scenes of nature and sightseeing. With the government taking precise measures to protect the valleys of such places that are home to India’s unique tribe communities, one cannot miss visiting the Araku Valley. It is the part of the GreatAndhra, which can be considered a paradise and has a famous garden known as Padmapuram Garden atop with a toy train and is the best spot for families and kids. Araku Valley indeed leads to the development of the GreatAndhra.

6. Kurnool

Kurnool is also known as the ‘Gateway to Rayalaseema’ and is the most important historic city for Andhra Pradesh. One can visit the Konda Reddy Fort, located in the heart of the town of Kurnool. It is a tourist spot for people who are always keen to visit forts and temples of Andhra Pradesh. One can enjoy visiting the temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple and Dakshin Sai Baba temple with some spicy food all around town to fulfill one’s cravings.

7. Vijaywada

One who loves visiting the cities with a blend of historic and modernity can visit the city of Vijaywada in the GreatAndhra. The Undavalli caves in Vijayawada are one of the most visited tourist spots. One can also visit the Prakasam Barrage of the city; mainly a long bridge stretched over the river Krishna.

8. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

The visit to any state of India cannot be completed if one misses the trip to a wildlife Sanctuary. Talking about the wildlife Sanctuary in the GreatAndhra, the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 120 indigenous species of Birds. People who love seeing different species of birds can surely visit this wildlife sanctuary and spot the white-backed vulture and log-billed-vulture. This sanctuary is also the second-largest mangrove forest of the world.

9. Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills is surrounded in the Eastern Ghats and is ideal for people looking up for hill stations in the GreatAndhra. Surrounded by some fantastic ancient caves, temples, and forts can surely fulfill the dream of your perfect vacation. One can also visit the Ananthagiri Hills if they love exploring things while trekking on the same hand. The scenes all around the Hills can take away your breath with amazement and leave you with some of the best memories of the place.

10. Mantralayam

If one is searching for a holy place with positive and robust energies surrounded all over the place, one cannot miss visiting Mantralayam in the GreatAndhra. 250-km away from Hyderabad, the city is known as the reincarnation of Prahlada as Sri Guru Raghavendra Swami. It is famous for the temples that are said to carry the deity by the temple elephants and chariots across every part of the temples. One should surely visit the place of Mantralayam when visiting Andhra Pradesh.


Every part of India has come best and prominent features; similarly, we know that Andhra Pradesh must have mesmerized you by know. Then what are you waiting for? Please book your tickets and pack your bags to have some phenomenal experience of the GreatAndhra and its cities.