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Top 11 Famous Instagram Profiles (2020 Update)

Let us check the Top 10 Famous Instagram Profiles, which are not just fashionable but are also active on social media most of the time.


Gone were the days when Facebook used to be the original social media site for socializing or connecting with the people around you. A new social media site has made strong enough waves in this sector, which is none other than Instagram. Instagram is quite different from Facebook, though both work on the same feature, which is posts and likes. Instagram is predominantly a multi-media site where people can share their videos or images.

You cannot type in your feelings to tell you are with five other people at a movie that can get done quickly on Facebook. Living this feature aside, Instagram is a better option to connect with your favorite stars or celebrities as most of them are always on Instagram. It is because of the high entertainment quotient present on Instagram it has been the most popular social media site over the days.

Though Facebook has a higher number of users on its website, Instagram has the highest number of active users nowadays. This fact clearly shows that Instagram has become the heartthrob of the youth now. But above, we mentioned the fact that people can easily connect with their favorite stars or celebrities on Instagram.

Yes, that is true, as most stars today are active on this renowned social media site. So, below let us check the Top 10 Famous Instagram Profiles, which are not just fashionable but are also active on social media most of the time and interact with their fans now and then.

Top 11 Instagram Profiles:

1. Kylie Jenner Instagram Profile:

With a fan following of more than 153 million followers, Kylie Jenner is the top entrant of your list. American Model. Kylie Jenner is also the Youngest Billionaire below the age of 21. She was a participant on the prominent reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ She is a real heartthrob among the youth, which is also the prime reason behind her immense popularity. Also, a noteworthy point to mention here is that at such an early age, she has her brand or company called the ‘Kylie Cosmetics.’

She uses her Instagram profiles mostly to market the various products and designer wear of her company and continually updates about her social life through this social media website. Most of her posts on Instagram include cosmetics, and the product ranges available in her company. Though she is primarily using her Instagram page for marketing, fans do not get disappointed as they enjoy her posts and pictures wholeheartedly.

Note: Kylie is one of those self-made billionaires who used this social media site to market their products. It is due to her aggressive marketing on Instagram she has been able to attain such a higher status in society.

Most of the people today are following the footsteps of Kylie on how to market n social media websites and to increase their fan following and popularity. She was the first woman to use this type of marketing technique. Her marketing technique always gets hailed as one of the best creative and innovative strategies for marketing.

Following are the bullet points why Kylie Jenner is on the top of our list:

1.1 Her posts make fans drive crazy, and everyone drools over her beauty.

1.2 She understands the taste of her fans and posts accordingly to their needs.

1.3 She does not repeatedly post unlike other celebrities but posts in such a manner that every post of her becomes popular.

1.4 Though she uses her Instagram page for marketing, her posts also contain images of her baby and husband, which shows how caring and loving she is towards her loved ones.

1.5 She foes not post all the products housed in her brand, but displays only the essential items which can attract or lure the fans towards buying them.

1.6 She is beautiful, cute, lovely, and sexy. What more does a fan want? And the prime fact is that she knows how to keep her fans always.

1.7 She is a strong woman and has a company of her own, because of which she gets liked by everyone around the world.

2. Cardi B Instagram Profile:

One of the hottest rapper singers around the world, Cardi B has a fan following of more than 56 million followers on Instagram. Cardi B posts everything right from her professional as well as personal life in the form of posts on the social media site. She connects very well with her fans and loves them very much.

Before she became a successful dancer, Cardi B had a struggling life as she was working as an exotic dancer when she was 18. She is the mother of a baby girl and continuously updates her fans about her upcoming albums, live tours, and visits through posts. Her net worth gets estimated at around 8 Billion dollars as of 2019.

Note: Cardi B does not have her account on Snapchat though she has her account on Twitter and Facebook. But Cardi B rarely uses both of them and is highly active on Instagram.

3. Drake Instagram Profile

Housing the full name of Aubrey Drake Graham, famous rapper and singer Drake, has a high following rate n Instagram with around 63 million followers. He has a high following amongst the youth due to his top inspirational lyrics, which get found in his songs. Drake is one of those celebrities for whom students staged a protest so that he can appear in their university.

This protest got happened at Drake University later got ended when Drake appeared before the students in 2008. Though he posts lately compared to the people featured in the list, Drake is vigilantly active on this platform and meets the needs of his fans. More than his posts, his inspirational captions motivate every fan who follows him — no wonder why the youth loves his raps so much.

Note: In August 2019, Drake rudely exposed a teenager who was mocking Drake using an account by the name ‘The Drake Wedding Guy.’ Though it was prank made by the teenager in a fun way, the fun got uncalled for.

4. Dwayne Johnson Instagram Profile

With an immense fan following of more than 162 million followers on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson is undoubtedly the most followed Hollywood celebrity on the popular social media website. Also referred to as the ‘Rock’ from the Wrestlemania or WWE series, Dwayne Johnson was previously a featured wrestler on the WWE series.

He is also an eminent prouder and author and has written his biography by the name ‘The Rock Says.’ It has got sold a million copies worldwide. He has lots of fans on Instagram as many youths just droll over his body and wants to learn how to trains himself to get such a sculpted body.

Other than sharing posts about his professional and personal life, Dwayne Johnson also shares many posts on how teenagers have to train their bodies to get it into shape.

Note: He has two world records under his name, one for earning the highest amount of money for his debut money, which was 5.5 million dollars at that time, and the second one for clicking the maximum number of selfies in just 3 minutes. The photos he clicked was of the number 105.

5. Umar Johnson Instagram Profile

A certified school psychologist, Dr.Umar Johnson, has an Instagram fan following more than 460K followers. He is also the president of FDMG Academy and is the author of many important books. Some of his books are titled Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.

He is a certified school psychologist and is a doctor in the field of clinical psychology. He works mainly with mentally depressed males but gets widely regarded as a child specialist. Apart from his occupation, he is also a motivational speaker and gets listed as one of the best and demanded speakers around the world.

He is not as famous as the celebrities on this list, but will surely be one day as his works are getting noticed by the public nowadays. His posts always get filled with information about health and other disorders.

Note: Umar Johnson is the first American-African to write about, how to fight back against special education and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

6. Stella Maxwell Instagram Profile

A Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell boasts of a fan following of around 5 million followers on Instagram. An Irish model, Stella is highly active on the platform and has joined the platform later than all the celebrities mentioned in the list.

She has joined the platform recently but still has made enough waves on the platform due to her stint as the Victoria Secret Model. Beauty with a brain, she is also the brand model of the prominent cosmetics brand Max Factor.

She is bilingual and knows both French and English. She interacts very much with her fans and also uses her Instagram profile for marketing the brands she endorses, such as Versace and Max Factor.

Note: She was voted the No.1 in the Maxim’s ‘Hot 100 List’ of 2016.

7. Mckayla Maroney Instagram Profile

An Olympic Gymnast, McKayla Maroney has an Instagram profile which comprises of more than 1.5 million fan followers. She was the silver medallist at the 2012 London Olympics. She is also the first women gymnast to defend the World Championship vault title in 2013, the same title which she had previously won in 2012.

She announced retirement in 2016 as she suffered from adrenal fatigue and had undergone several surgeries on her knee. Post her retirement Maroney has taken the carrier of a singer and is going to sing in a single called ‘Ghost.’

She is also an eminent TV actor and has starred in many CW series. Though she is not highly active on the platform, citing her busy schedule, she entertains her fans by posting her cute pictures often.

Note: The reason for her immense popularity is her unimpressed look after winning the silver at the London Olympics, which became a popular Internet Meme increasing her demand.

8. Ariana Grande Instagram Profile

With her unusual voice and tone, Ariana Grande has not just made waves on Instagram but has also made a strong impression for herself around the world. Such is her popularity that she is the second most followed celebrity on Instagram with a staggering number of around 167 million followers.

Many analysts opine that no one has ever aced the conquest of winning the hearts of fabs as efficiently as Ariana Grande. She started her career as a theatre artist, but today is one of the most popular singers as well as actresses around the world. She always gets loved by her fans for her doll-like appearance.

Note: Though she is an eminent singer and is famous all around the world, even today, Ariana Grande loves playing with her theatre group and does theatre acts now and then when she is free.

9. Selena Gomez Instagram Profile

With Instagram followers of around 161 million, Selena Gomez is another popular featuring in our list. Selena Gomez is just like an all-in-one feature DVD as she is a singer, actress, composer, painter, and actor of all her musical works. At an early age of 24, Selena Gomez had successfully established herself in all these fields.

She has a crazy fan following among the youth, and all her posts signify how one must embrace their difficulties and smile and face them bravely. In 2014, due to a crazy work rhythm, she got lupus a terrible disease. The way she frighted herself back and got rid of the disease added more high numbers to her popularity. Today, she is the 3rd most followed celebrity, and each of her posts crosses the 10 million likes easily every day.

Note: In 2002, UNICEF awarded her the title of ‘Goodwill Ambassador.’

10. Nicki Minaj Instagram Profile

Nicki Minaj, always referred to as the fire looking barbie doll has more than 108 million followers on her Instagram profile. She is running and is one of the most popular singers around the world. All her raps have made her inherit the name as the ‘Goddess of Rappers’.

She has driven much youth by her works. Many teens drool over her tracks just by listening once to it. Such is the aura her voice possesses. She has made a name for herself in this rap industry, which is not going to go down for a longer time in the future. Her dressing sense and her working nature have resulted in her inheriting more number of fans every day.

Note: Other than these features, she is also immensely popular amongst her fans for her humanitarian work. She is also the world’s most-followed rapper on Instagram.

11. 50 Cent Instagram Profile

Curtis James Jackson II, popularly knows as 50 cent is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, investor, entrepreneur, and television actor. Currently, he has more than 25 million followers on Instagram. He has a famous rapper and has many songs listed in Billboard’s Top 100 tracks.

He has more than 30 million albums that get sold worldwide. His collections always get featured as one of the bums in the decade or the best album of the year frequently on many top artist label brands.

Note: 50 Cent was the rapper who got guided by Eminem first and was later governed again by Dr.Dre.