Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula Tricity (2020 Updated)

About 20 years ago, in 1999, 42 west 24 established itself in New York City, which aimed to provide desk spaces to people without a professional office to work with the same intensity but in a more collaborative work environment.

The prediction states that by the year 2020, over 6 million users would be seen taking up about 10.3 million seats in the coworking spaces. Freelancers and SME’s are said to have a significant share in these seats and the startups taking up 100,000 seats. 

Coworking spaces in the Tricity area:

Cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula have also seen the coworking culture rise; therefore, we bring you the top 10 coworking spaces.

Let us begin:

#1: BiggBang:  

Biggbang endeavors to help budding startups by providing a flexible and engaging workspace by keeping chaos and disorder at bay. Just as Big bang kickstarted the universe, BiggBang will help you kickstart your venture, and that too in a smooth way.

Features and pricing:

The elements of a BiggBang include everything you would probably need to make your startup excel just as it would do in a professional office. With Biggbang, you get:

i) Hot desk:

  • You can fix up a spot on a monthly or an annual basis; the next thing you have to do is keep working in that particular space till you achieve your goal. 
  • The hot desks can be availed for 1000 INR per month and 7000 INR per year. You can choose whichever plan you feel would be the best pick for you. 

ii) Exclusive desk:

  • Just like any other coworking space, BiggBang also offers you dedicated desks, but these are the best ones in town. Any dedicated desk can be booked for a price of 4500 INR per month.

iii) Meeting rooms:

  • The BiggBang meeting rooms will help you create the right impression amongst your staff or a client. The meeting rooms can be availed for 2000 INR per hour and come pre-installed with all the amenities like cables, cabinets, proper lighting, a projector, and a whiteboard.

iv) Private offices:

  • We all do not belong to that group of people who want to be open about their work. Some of us need a cabin or a private room with all the experiences that come with a coworking space. 
  • BiggBang private offices will help you work under your watch but, at the same time, won’t let you be deprived of the work culture of a coworking space. 
  • The pricing of a private office begins at 5000 INR per month, and the prices go high according to the personalization you would want for your office.

v) Event spaces: 

  • The event spaces at Biggbang can be booked at a minimal amount of 10000 INR per event. In this package, the cost of chairs, tables, internet services, and kitchenette is included.
  • You can, however, move up on the price scale based upon the type of event you are planning– motivation speaks, press conferences or the casual staff gathering anything you wish for


#2: Qowork:

Qowork is a coworking community located in Chandigarh, which serves as a workspace center for freelancers, startups, enterprises, and MSME’s. It is mostly suitable for small to medium enterprises to grow and flourish their business. 

Features and pricing:

The features of qowork are quite decent at a nominal rate but fail to impress people who do not own an office in the coworking space. The permanent office can only access the other parts of the coworking space.

i) Workspaces: 

  • Workspaces at qowork include a hot desk, exclusive desks, open office desking, and virtual offices. These workspaces can be availed as per your choice, and the pricing ranges accordingly.


ii) Meeting rooms:

  • The meeting rooms provided by qowork are tremendous and can be used to host presentations, conferences. The meeting or the conference rooms can hold up a gathering of up to 12 people, which may be considered as the value on the low scale.
  • The conference rooms are well designed and enriched with all the amenities required in a meeting room.
  • There are two fully furnished meeting rooms for your convenience.

coworking spaces

iii) Cafeteria:

  • There is a provision for free coffee, tea, and other beverages and a separate cafe for food and snacks, accounting for all the necessities of proper meals.
  • The cafeteria is comfortable with ample space to hold up a small group of people at a time.

iv) Packages:

There is no provision to take up a particular workspace for an event, but you would have to take an entire package, ranging from a daily pass to the yearly package. The details are as follows:

  • One day pass: 399 per day
  • Weekly pass: 2499 per week
  • Monthly pass: 7999 per month
  • Annual pass: 89999 per year


Know what people say about this workplace:


#3: Pouncethat coworking space:

Pounce that aims at providing all the features of a workplace at affordable prices. The workspace s built mainly for people who prefer to work alone along with comparatively smaller groups than any other coworking space. Pouncethat offers a coworking experience that cannot be achieved in a single room or a coffee shop. 

pounce coworking

Features and pricing:

The collaborative work environment at pouncethat is supported by great features and amenities such as high-speed internet, 

conference room, power backup, and an ample parking space.

i) Conference rooms: 

  • The conference rooms at pouncethat are splendid with comfortable seating and projectors to explain your viewpoint. 
  • The conference rooms are accessible to anybody who has them included in their price package and can be accessed at 400 per hour.

ii) Private cabins:

  • For the people who like to work in solidarity, pouncethat has a range of private offices and is also easily affordable. The private cabins can hold up to two people, but a slight hiccup for them is they are not much spacious.
  • However, the motivating setting of the cabin helps you work harder and achieve your goals.

iii) Napping area: 

  • This is something that is not offered by coworking spaces but is an absolute need. The napping area can be accessed on an hourly basis and has to be pre-booked. 
  • The napping area is fitted with one bed to relax if you are tired of the office’s workload.

iv) Game zone: 

  • To help its members with a little refreshment pouncethat, the working space has a game zone that everyone can again use but has to be pre-booked.
  • The game zone pricing depends on the hours you use it, and each member can get only a certain amount of hours associated with the game zone.


Pricing and packages:

  • One day pass: 400 INR per day
  • Monthly pass: 3500 INR per month
  • Half-year plan:19000 INR per month
  • Yearly package: 32000 INR per month

Know what people have to say about this place:

Read the full review about this coworking space at 


#4: SpaceJam coworking:

SpaceJam is a coworking space located in the middle of Chandigarh, where you can find the cost of transport reduced by 20 percent. The coworking space is architecturally appealing and is designed to help people love their work more than ever.

spacejam cowokring spaces

Features and pricing:

With various features that include fixed and flexible desks, a meeting room, private cabins, and courier services, it is one of Chandigarh’s best coworking spaces.

i) Fixed desk:

  • An individual can avail of the fixed desk for 7999 for one person for a week. The fixed desk should be pre-booked before visiting. 
  • In the package for this price, you are also entitled to courier services, front desk, unlimited beverages, and usage of meeting rooms up to 2 hours per week.

spacejam coworking spaces

ii) Flexible desk: 

  • The flexible desks have the same pricing for 7999 per person for a week, but in this option, you can choose whichever desk or space you feel like working for. 
  • The amenities included in the package are similar to the ones associated with the fixed desk. Some of them have fully furnished space, printing and scanning demand, and access to exclusive events. 

iii) Private cabins:

SpaceJam offers a variety of private cabins widely broadcasted under the per-person requirement and have their prices set accordingly, which are given below:

  • Cabin for 2: 18000 INR
  • Cabin for 4: 34000 INR
  • Cabin for 5: 40000 INR
  • Daily pass: 799 INR


Know what people have to say about this place:

Read all about customer reviews at


#5: Regal Hive: :

Regal Hive is a coworking space in Mohali and one of the best ones in town. It aims to impact the people who work there by a healthy environment and collaborative design. Regal Hive seeks to help entrepreneurs to create a perfect office to help them succeed.

Regal Hive Coworking Spaces

Features and pricing:

the features of this coworking space include a variety, some of them being high-speed internet, free and unlimited beverages, access to a play area, and many more

i) Open design:

  • This coworking space’s open architectural design is inspired by nature and gives you ample space to feel good about yourself.
  • The open area is accessible to all of the people in the coworking space free of cost.

Regal Hive Coworking Spaces 2

ii) Conference rooms: 

  • The conference rooms are designed to help you collaborate with people from your clients to staff. The conference room is an in house 12 seater conference room.
  • The room is equipped with high-speed internet, a whiteboard for a team meeting, and comfortable seating.

iii) Stationery requirements:

  • This workspace helps you with all of your stationery and printing requirements. 
  • In need of a pen, paper, or A-4 sheets, hop onto the nearest stationery station in the workspace and get your work done.

iv) Workspaces:

  • You can choose any workspace according to your liking. Dedicated seats, shared desks, private cabins are some of the workspaces that could be under consideration if you are thinking about this coworking space.


The price plans vary accordingly, and have access to the entire workspace with each plan you choose for yourself. Some of them are given below.

  • Single seat: 6000 INR
  • 4 seater cabin: 25,000 INR
  • 6 seater cabin: 35,000 INR
  • 10 seater cabin: 55,000 INR

Know what people have to say about this place:

Read all google reviews for this place at


#6: The Groove: 

The Groove is a coworking space that looks more like an office but has a community’s soul. This coworking space is located in Mohali and has top-notch features that a good workspace should have. The Groove helps startups and enterprises set up their dream offices affordable and be the office aid for lone wolves. 

The Groove Coworking Space

Features and pricing:

There are never-ending features in this workspace, and all of these features are at an affordable price but feel a little expensive for some. We will tell you in-depth all about the characteristics of The Groove.

i) Workspaces: 

  • There is a wide variety of workspaces, from hot desks to shared cabins. You can opt-in for private cabins as well or a fully-furnished private office. 
  • The Groove also features virtual offices and dedicated desks for those people who like to keep things as private as they can.

ii) Online member network:

  • You can use this feature of the Groove to get in touch with one of the community members and find the right skills to promote your service and business.
  • This feature helps the entrepreneurs to find the perfect fit for what they want to do ahead with their venture.

iii) Meeting rooms: 

  • The Groove’s meeting rooms are of appreciable size and are loaded with equipment such as a whiteboard, projector, and high-speed internet.
  • Everyone can access them on an hourly basis.

iv) In-house cafe:

  • The place has an inbuilt restaurant that is filled with unlimited snacks, treats, and beverages. 
  • You get every snackable item under one roof, be it sandwiches, burgers, or all-time favorite maggi.



The workspace prices vary from option to option according to the one you choose for yourself. Monthly packages are as follows:

  • Dedicated desk: 5000 INR
  • Virtual office: 2000 INR 
  • 5 seater cabin: 30000 INR 
  • 6 seater cabin: 35000 INR 


know what other people think about this place: 

read more google reviews at


#7: Next 57 coworking space: 

Next, 57 is a coworking space that is made, especially for entrepreneurs and is affordable. The coworking spaces under this name are present in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Kochi. The next 57 workspaces can be customized according to the person’s needs for larger teams and accordingly.

Next57 Coworking Space

Features and pricing:

This place’s attributes are over the top and one of the best that the Tricity offers. The shared workspaces are flexible and can be availed by anyone with all the amenities available for everyone.

i) Meeting rooms: 

  • The meeting rooms provided by the next 57 are soundproof and can hold up a meeting of up to 6 people at a time. The services available inside the meeting room consist of a TV, coffee maker, and other benefits that can be available. 
  • The meeting room can be booked hourly, starting from a price of 400 INR.×682.jpeg 

ii) Dedicated desk: 

  • If you are an individual or a freelancer who does not occupy much space and need a desk for his work, then dedicated desks are for you.
  • The desks can be availed for 5000 INR per month. The ambiance of a dedicated desk is short and motivating. Moreover, you can also access the meeting room in this plan.

iii) Custom managed office:

  • Next 57 offers an altogether end to end customized office, which can hold more than ten people at a time.


Here is what people say about this place: 

To read the full review, visit 


#8: Plugin offices: 

This coworking space is situated in Panchkula and offers the work atmosphere of a professional office. Plugin offices tend to help people meet each other and help them through their journey for success. This workspace allows you to decorate your workspace according to your wish.

Plugin offices Coworking Space

Features and pricing:

Plugin offices work as a family more than an official workspace. This coworking space has features like a virtual office, dedicated workspace, private cabins, and many more at many affordable prices.

i)Virtual office: 

  • The virtual office provided works as a remote office but with all the facilities of a business work location.
  • You can send and receive packages and even conduct meetings in the conference room upon booking and request.
  • The virtual offices are available for 3000 INR per month.

ii) Dedicated desk:

A desk for permanent use is available at this coworking space. The dedicated desk can be accessed from Sunday to Monday.

This plan costs 6000 INR per month, and the conference room can be accessed on prior booking.

iii) Flexible desk:

  • If you do not like sticking to one place, then plugin offices present you the adjustable desks, which can be availed at the cost of 5000 INR per month. 
  • Monday to Saturday access along with the conference room.

iv) Private offices:

  • You can even have your office and scheduled meetings at any time of the day.
  • The private offices can be availed at 12000 INR per month.


Know what people think about this place:

Read more about this coworking space at


#9: Corporate Business Centre: 

CBC offers excellent corporate coworking space in Sector 17, Chandigarh, from where you can mostly fetch all of Tricity’s colossal and happening places in just a few minutes. Sitting in here, you can work on a gigantic bunch of ideas and tasks of great importance to you in a professional coworking environment fully fitted with all the professional administrative services.

Corporate Business Centre Coworking Space

Features and pricing:

CBC provides you with all up to date needs which a human would desire to its best to be in a coworking space.

i) High-Speed Internet

ii) Whole Air Conditioning Floor Support

iii) The kind of furniture you see in modern movies and advertisements

iv) Power backup so that you don’t have to suffer from any power cut

v) Dedicated telephone extension

vi)Amenities like Kitchen, Free Drinking Water, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, and a Lift



The pricing plan for this place varies according to the method you choose. You have to sign up on the website, and the personalized plans would be emailed to you.


Read what people have to say here: 


#10: Starthub nation: 

Starthub nation is a coworking space that is present in Panchkula as well as Mohali. This coworking space offers a great environment, especially for startups and entrepreneurs, to work hard towards their goal.

Starthub nation Coworking Space

Features and pricing:

The features and amenities offered by this workspace are perfect for someone who needs a professional workspace without having to worry about the cost of living over there,

Dedicated desks:

  • You can fix up a desk and use it on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis.
  • The work environment is calm, and one surely remembers working here.

Starthub nation Coworking Space

Flexible desks:

  • If you like to change your atmosphere from time to time, then the flexible desks are the best thing for you. You can have access to adjustable desks in this workspace according to your need.

Private cabins:

  • The private cabins can be availed of and will be limited only to you. The price of a cabin can vary according to the number of seats you want to put in them.



The pricing details can only be shared with you after you have visited the place and finalized it. There is no option for online booking.


Take a look at people’s reviews:

These were our top picks for the ten best coworking spaces in Tricity. While taking a coworking place, always look for the amenities and options they offer before putting your hand into something you may regret later.

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