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Top 11 Organizations in India that Help in Cases of Molestation, Sexual Abuse & Violence [in 2022]

Does a woman’s right to walk safely in her own country come at this price while living in 2022? Reach out for help today and attain justice in a country that stands for equality and the protection of women.

Photo by Sylvester DSouza / Unsplash

The 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case shook the nation’s grounds with the tragedy. However, rape in India has been on a constant rise despite several protests held by women across the country. In India, rape is the most common crime against women, according to reports. (1)

A report issued by India Today (2) stated that India’s rape cases doubled in the last 17 years despite increasing awareness regarding crimes against women. Does a woman’s right to walk safely in her own country come at this price while living in 2022?

What is Rape?

The non-consensual forceful penetration of sexual organs into a person’s vagina, anus, or mouth is called rape; rape is a horrendous crime and a sexual offense that cannot be overlooked by anyone for any reason and must report to the police as soon as possible. It can stain one’s life forever, leading to psychological and physical illnesses in the future. Rape's meaning revolves around one fact- it’s a crime that deserves the strictest punishment.

For instance, if the girlfriend declines the offer of sex but the boyfriend nevertheless forcibly enters her genitalia and engages in intercourse with her, it is regarded as girlfriend rape and a sexual offense because the girlfriend was unwilling to consent to the act, and it was done with force. Whether she is your wife or your girlfriend, it is a firm no if she says no. The same applies to a woman who tries to rape men.

What is adult rape?

A juvenile who rapes an adult is considered to have committed adult rape, making the person liable for the offense for the same offense for which the victim has been the adult. In this sense, the crime of statutory rape and other rape statutes prohibit being the victim of rape, being the perpetrator of rape, and failing to stop a child from resisting being raped. Neither statutory rape-specific defenses nor defenses of universal applicability exist.

Can women rape men?

Yes, women can rape males by forcing them to penetrate. In such an attack, the perpetrator's mouth, anus, or vagina is forced through the victim's penis without his consent.

What is digital raping?

It may sound like a sexual offense carried out digitally or virtually. Still, "digital rape" refers to the uninvited act of foreskin penetration with the fingers or toes. The word "digit" in "digital rape" designates a finger, thumb, or toe, designating the act as "digital rape" and the victim as "digital rape victims."

What is Sexual Abuse?

The term "sexual abuse" in English means any sexual behavior or act forced upon a woman, man, or kid without that person's consent. This includes abuse of a man, woman, or child by another man, woman, or child. Violence committed by an aggressor against a victim who is less strong than them is known as sexual abuse. Skin-to-skin contact sexual assault with force and without the other person's intent is to be punished.

What is Sexual Violence meaning?

When someone coerces or tries to persuade somebody into having an unwelcome sexual encounter without their consent, that is sexual violence. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, including young people, adults, and even the elderly. The perpetrators of sexual abuse can be members of the same household, friends, strangers, or even trusted individuals.

What is Sexual Molestation meaning?

To arouse, appeal to, or satisfy the lust, passions, or sexual desires of the perpetrator or the victim, sexual molestation means any willful, lewd, or lascivious act other than one that constitutes the crime of sexual assault upon or with the body over any part or member of there of a child under the age of 14. When in such encounter, call the police and report the molestation case. If found guilty, the molester will be sentenced to imprisonment or a description for a duration that must not be less than one year or may extend.

What is Rape Drug or Date Rape Drugs?

The horrendous crime of rape can occur in any setting. As women, we need to be careful at every step and situation in our life. Many women have sadly fallen victim to the rape drug or date rape drug, often used by assaulters to make rape or sexual assault easier.

Some of the most common types of rape drugs or date rape drugs include:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Antidepressants
  • Tranquilizers
  • Sleeping aids
  • Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)
  • Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB)
  • Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL)
  • Ketamine

Take necessary precautions like never accepting drinks from a stranger, making your drinks, always surrounding yourself with your trusted friends, etc., to protect yourself from such a situation. However, criminals are everywhere, and as women, it is becoming tougher to trust any person in today’s time.

What is a Rape crisis center?

Rape crisis centers were created by grassroots movements to support rape survivors and raise rape as a political issue. A rape crisis center RCC serves sexual assault victims with the primary goal of assisting the survivors of sexual offenses. RCCs were established to educate survivors about their options while recognizing that every victim is unique and that there is a better course of action for every individual. By dialing the RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline or entering their zip code on their website, anyone can find their local RCC (1).

Top 11 Organizations in India for Reporting Cases of Molestation, Rape, and Sexual Abuse in 2020

Some organizations and NGOs in India have taken the issue into their hands. They offer a helping hand to women victims of molestation, rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. If you are the victim or are aware or know someone who needs help, don’t think twice before reaching out to any of these rape hotlines' online addresses or numbers.

1. National Commission for Women

National Commission for Women

The National Commission for Women was set up in January 1992 as a statutory body to review the Constitutional & Legal safeguards for women while recommending remedial legislative measures and facilitating redressal of women's grievances.

A woman can reach out to complain against child sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault, and child rape at the cell.

Contact: +91-11-26944880, +91-11-26944883


Visit National Commission for Women’s website here.

2. Guria India

Guria India

Guria India is a 36-member NGO that works towards fighting the sexual exploitation of women and children, chiefly dealing with forced prostitution and sex trafficking, which has become severe and complicated due to sex tourism and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The organization is on a mission to eradicate the forced prostitution racket while rescuing the unfortunate victims of the event. Forced prostitution often leads to forced sex labor, which signifies unheard cases of child sexual abuse, child rape, sexual assault, molestation, and rape.

Contact:    91-542-2504253


Visit Guria India’s site here.

3. Women Helpline (All India)- Women in India

The women's helpline number has been created to deal with inquiries and complaints regarding cases concerning and causing distress to any women in India. You can report and register cases of rape, sexual assault, harassment, child sexual abuse, etc., at their rape hotline online.

Contact: 1091

4. The Pranjya Trust

Established in 2008, The Pranjya Trust is a community comprising mainly volunteers helping women victims of gender-based or sex-based violence. The organization also conducts workshops, facilitates discussions, and provides legal advice to women who encounter cases of sexual abuse or sexual violence.

Pranjya aims to end the victims' silence and sensitize service providers who might encounter cases of sexual abuse & violence at work.

The Pranjya Trust works around two initiatives:

  • Politics, Security, and Women
  • Education for Peace

Contact: +914424811255


Visit Pranjya’s website here.

5. ActionAid India

ActionAid India

The Johannesburg-headquartered NGO, ActionAid, is an NGO that works towards the primary aims of removing poverty and injustice worldwide. The federation has over 45 offices across countries that operate 24×7 and caters to the needs of sexual abuse victims of all age groups.

The organization provides counseling and the required legal help, mental help, shelter home, and social rehabilitation services. Call on ActionAid India's hotline today if you’re a victim of sexual violence or sexual abuse. Everyone deserves justice, you too!

Contact: +91 80 25586293 (9 AM – 6 PM)

Address:  ActionAid India Head Office (Country Office) R 7, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi 110016

Visit ActionAid’s website here.

6. Snehalaya


Snehalaya, started by Girish in 1989, provides support to women, children, and LGBT communities and protects them against being victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, child rape, trafficking, and more.

The organization based in Ahmedabad was started with Girish’s first-hand experiences as an observer of the red light area. That’s another story of how he got inspired to start his organization to help empower women, children, and LGBTQ members worldwide.

Contact: +91 0241 2778353


Visit Snehalaya’s website here.

7. Majlis


Majlis is a registered Society and Public Trust that has been functioning since 1991 that aims at providing socio-legal support to the victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

The ‘majlis’ or ‘association’ headed by Advocate Flavia Anes comprises 25 women lawyers and social workers that help the victims of sexual abuse and molestation with the process and procedure involved in a court case.

Majlis Legal Centre is a women’s rights discourse and legal initiatives forum. The team at Majlis is committed to informing, educating, and empowering women on their legal rights through legal services, legal awareness training, public campaigns, public interest litigation, and more so that women can access justice.

Contact: 91-22-26662394 / 26661252


You can visit the Majlis’ website here.

8. Azad Foundation

Azad Foundation

Azad Foundation, based in New Delhi, aims to remove domestic violence and sexual abuse from women's abusive relationships due to financial dependence. Not only does the organization helps women in distress, but it also provides them with six months of training to prepare them for the tough world.

Contact: +91 11 4060 1878


Visit Azad Foundation’s website here.

9. International Center for Research on Women

International Center for Research on Women

Washington headquartered non-profit organization works to promote gender equality development within the field of international development. Not only does the organization works towards empowering women, but it is also on a mission to fight poverty in the developing world.

What they’ll assist you with:

  • Sexual abuse issues
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Sexual harassment issues

International Center for Research on Women has its regional offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. ICRW strongly believes that equal opportunities for women help form an altogether progressive society. Earning helps a woman break the shackles of financial dependence that often result in domestic violence, child marriages, sexual abuse, and more.

Contact: 011 4664 3333


You can visit the International Center for Research on Women’s website here.

10. Aasra


The Mumbai-based NGO, Aasra, works toward helping distressed and suicidal individuals. The organization has a 24×7 helpline that has been created to help emotionally drained individuals, notwithstanding the hour they call. The organization assigns professionally trained individuals who answer the hotline while maintaining 100% confidentiality.

Being a victim of childhood trauma that includes child sexual abuse, child rape, and physical violence against a child can often lead to more significant mental health issues later in life. At Aasra, you can pour your heart out about your experience while maintaining 100% confidentiality between the caller and the volunteer.

Contact: +91-9820466726


Visit Laura's website here.

11. Sneha


SNEHA is a non-profit organization that assists and works with women, children, and the public health and safety system. The organization offers a crisis helpline that offers free counseling and assistance over call and email.

Contact: +91 91675 35765


Visit SNEHA’s website here.

Often, people tend to shame the victim in our orthodoxical society, where influential people like politicians have made absurd statements regarding a woman’s clothing and independence, leading to crimes like rape and sexual assault. However, one thing that you need to remember is that it's not your fault. Reach out for help today and attain justice in a country that stands for equality and the protection of women.