Tree? Not a Tree? Tree Tag campaign raises awareness about Importance of trees in Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Tree Tag Campaign is being conducted in the Lady Shri Ram College for Women to raise awareness about the important role of trees in our planet's well-being.

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Who’s behind ‘TREE TAG’ on Campus campaign?


Enactus, a global non-profit organization, envisions to create a better, more sustainable world. Through its several undertakings around the world, it creates community outreach projects to transform the lives of people in need and shape a better world, using the power of entrepreneurial action. With the latest Tree Tag campaign, Enactus is spreading awareness about environmental issues.


Make a Difference with Tree Tag Campaign 

Project Utthaan, an undertaking of Enactus Lady Shri Ram College for Women, conducted an environmental campaign named Tree Tag around the college campus to raise awareness about the important role of trees in our planet’s well-being. 


Make an IMPACT! Give back to nature and Save the Environment

Under the campaign, the project members tagged trees around campus with their prices, capturing the monetary value of trees based on the services rendered by them during their average life span of 50 years.

The monetary value is based on the scientific calculations of a report published by the scientist Dr. Tarak Mohan Das, the University of Calcutta in 1979. The report quotes the total cost of the tree as Rs. 15.7 Lakh but now, taking inflation into account, the monetary value of a tree has been revised to Rs. 3,55,13,000, which also includes the price of the oxygen produced by a tree. 


Embrace The Warmth Of Nature – By PLANTING, not by PLOUGHING!

Team Utthaan aims to educate violators through its campaign how cutting even a single tree can be a costly affair. The amount of damage we inflict upon trees by practicing deforestation not only affects our environment but in many ways our health too and the continuous procurement of land by unhealthy practices results in wildlife and humanity paying a great price. Every mark of the axe cuts an even deeper wound into our lungs and scars our life expectancy forever.


With Gra-tree-tude!


Utthaan has been working in the past to promote ways to protect Delhi’s existential greenery while at the same time supplementing the air purifying functions of trees, through its small but determined initiative, by installing vertical gardens in Delhi. In recognition of our concerted efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, the government has shown support by getting the vertical gardening installations on metro pillars, in municipal courts and government clinics. 


Take action, or it’s too late.

With carbon emissions on full scales, PM 2.5 on staggering above-average levels, it is time for us to stop lethal practices to the environment. Through its various environmental initiatives, Utthan has taken the first step, what about you?

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