Ts epass registration: How to apply for the epass and renewal process

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  1. Introduction
  2. About the Telangana scholarship scheme
  3. Eligibility criteria
  4. Eligible courses for the scholarship scheme
  5. Types of scholarships
  6. Documents required to apply
  7. How to apply for the scholarship scheme and check its status
  8. Ts epass scholarships status
  9. A Final Note



Ts epass is a web portal or platform mainly designed in favor of Telangana students. Ts epass web portal allows the students from Telangana to apply for different scholarships and schemes released by the government of Telangana. The application and registration for the award can be made through an online mode also. The government of Telangana mainly targeted this scheme toward students belonging to a backward class.


About the Telangana scholarship scheme

Telangana’s government releases the Ts epass scholarship scheme for all the students across the state. The registration process is entirely an online one. The program launched in 2019, and the students belonging to the year 2019-20 were eligible. The two types of Ts epass scholarship schemes are Pre-metric and Post-metric schemes. The students can visit the official website for further information.

The scheme is valid for students from the economically backward sections (S.C., S.T., and E.B.C.). The application portal for the year 2020 is now open, and students can register for the Post-matric scholarships.


TS epass Eligibility criteria

Students eligible for the Ts epass scholarships:

  • S.C. and S.T. students whose family income altogether is below two Lakhs. 
  • B.C., E.B.C., and Minority Welfare Students come from rural areas of Telangana, and the total family income is below one and a half Lakhs.
  • Disabled and challenged welfare students whose family income is below one lakh. 
  • E.B.C. students who are selected through the Corporate College Admission Scheme. 
  • B.C., E.B.C., and Minority Welfare Students who belong to the urban areas. The annual family income should not cross two Lakhs. 
  • Students whose attendance is or more significant than seventy-five percent by the end of each semester.


Students not eligible for the epass scholarship:

  • Students not belonging to minority classes like S.C., S.T., and E.B.C. 
  • S.C. and S.T. students whose annual family income is higher than two Lakhs. 
  • E.B.C. students and Minority rural students whose family income is higher than one and a half Lakhs. 
  • Disabled welfare students whose family income is higher than one lakh. 
  • All students currently enrolled in online and part-time courses.
  • Students enrolled under management quotas and sponsored seats. 
  • E.B.C. students who are currently studying intermediate courses. 


Eligible courses for the TS epass scholarship scheme

Let’s discuss the eligible courses for Ts epass scholarship scheme:

  • Group 1: Degree and P.G. Courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Management, Agriculture, Veterinary and Allied Sciences, Business Finance, Business administration, and Computer Applications/ Science, Commercial pilot License course.
  • Group 2: Rest of the professional courses like M.Phil, Ph.D., and other postdoctoral research courses. Diploma courses and all other certified courses also included. 
  • Group 3: Degree courses which are not mentioned in the first two groups. National Institute of Fashion Technology courses. 
  • Group 4: Intermediate courses and vocational courses at the intermediate level. 

Eligible courses under the Ts epass pre-matric scholarship:

  • Students under class 9 and 10 can apply for the Ts epass scholarship. 
  • Students who belong to minority families and family income below two lakhs. 
  • B.C. and other Minority Welfare Students whose family annual income is less than one and a half Lakhs. 
  • Disabled welfare students whose annual family income is less than one lakh. 


Courses not eligible for the Ts epass scholarships:

Many courses do not include the Ts epass scholarships. The list of the courses given below. 

  • Aircraft maintenance course 
  • Private pilot License courses 
  • Courses under the pre-examination training all over India. 


Types of scholarships:

The Ts epass scholarships divided into two types:

  • Pre-matric scholarships: The pre-matric awards include all the Minority-class high school(Class 9 and Class 10).
  • Post-matric scholarships: The Post-matric scholarship is available for students after class 10. That is pre-university and degree colleges. 


Documents required to apply for the Ts epass scholarship

To register for the Ts epass scholarship, the student must the following documents:

  • Income certificate (must be less than 2 lakh). 
  • Caste certificate
  • Study certificate
  • Seat allotment letter
  • 10th class mark lists
  • Aadhar card Xerox
  • Graduation proof
  • Bank book of the first page


How to apply for the Ts epass scholarship scheme and check its status

The step-by-step guide to applying for the Ts epass scholarship is given below:

  1. Visit the official website portal of Ts epass scholarship. 
  2. After you enter the website, different types of scholarships would be mentioned on the site. 
  3. Click on the type of scholarship you are searching for. 
  4. You will find a ‘Register’ button on the site, click on it to start the registration process. 
  5. The website will ask to fill in information like name, documents, address, etc. Fill in all the details with concentration and upload the scanned images of the papers too. 
  6. Go through the registration form once and correct it if you find any mistakes. 
  7. Click on the ‘Submit’ button. After the verification process, you will be given an application number for further reference. 


Ts epass scholarships status

After the registration process, the students can check the status of the Ts epass scholarship whenever they want. The status is updated regularly on the official website of Ts epass scholarships.

  • The students can go to the official website
  • Upon entering the website, you will find a ‘Know you Ts epass status’ link on the top of the page.
  • After clicking on the link, the website asks to fill out a few details like your application number, name, password, etc. 
  • Once this is completed, you can view the status of your Ts epass scholarship and can figure out when the pass will be delivered. 


A Final Note

The Ts epass scheme is an excellent initiative taken by the government of Telangana. This scheme allows all the students belonging to the minority class, breathe easily. The Ts epass provides financial aid to the students hailing from rural areas.

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