The draft decisions are completed:- The Irish Data Protection Commission!

Recently, on May 22, The Irish Data Protection Commission finalized a draft decision (1) associated with a data breach on Twitter. It also asked its companions across the EU(European Union) for their sign-off.

Even the regulator confirmed that they had completed a draft decision associated with WhatsApp transparency around data sharing.

Also, the Facebook service will be required to answer anything that is asked about the proposed sanctions before the European Union counterparts weigh in.

The Irish Aautority’s probes are piling up since 2018!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was in effect in 2018.

Since after that, the probes of the Irish Authority have been piling up. Despite the inquiries, there is no final decision on this matter to date.

GDPR empowered regulators and their penalties!

The regulator is known to be the lead data protection authority for some big USA tech giants/companies. These companies also include Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.

The regulators empowered by General Dat. a Protection Regulation will impose significant penalties. For the most severe violation, the levied penalties can be as much a 4% of the company’s total revenue in a year.

You might not know this, but the most significant fines to date was was of $54.5 million. It was a penalty for Google by CNIL, France’s watchdog.

Progress in the number of pending cases

The Irish authority also confirmed that there is progress in the number of pending cases. These cases also include the investigation of Facebook’s local unit. The local unit was accused of trying to establish an unlawful basis for data processing of personal data—the inquiry of this case is now in the decision phase.

As of now, Twitter and Whatsapp officials have decided not to make ant comments on the Irish probes.

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