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UdChalo Flight Booking Defense Quota – How to search and book?

This article covers a brief list of topics on UdChalo Flight Booking for Defense Quota such as how to book, benefits, check t
This article covers a brief list of topics on UdChalo Flight Booking for Defense Quota such as how to book, benefits, check tickets and documents required.


  1. How to book on UdChalo?
  2. What is UdChalo Flights Defence Quota?
  3. UdChalo Flights – How was it introduced?
  4. Who can benefit from UdChalo flight booking?
  5. How to check for tickets using the UdChalo flight search?
  6. Documents accepted for the Proof of Identity for UdChalo flights


Searching for the flights can be stressful, especially when one considers checking on many different websites as well as with the dynamic pricing strategy which the airlines use. Flight search becomes a big task when one must travel at a moments’ notice like much-armed force personnel does. The prices soar for the last-minute flights, which makes finding the cheap flights almost impossible. Most personnel in the armed forces look for defense quota flight booking on several flight search websites such as UdChalo to find the cheap deals.

Airlines such as Air India (1), SpiceJet (2), and many others offer the defense quota flight tickets, but they are not easy to find. To get the discounted flight ticket, any armed forces’ personnel must contact the concerned airline directly. Discounts can be availed for the next of kin and dependents, but they may not be the best every time. To make sure that the armed forces are able to find cheaper flight deals, Udchalo flights – All Defence Airfares upon a single platform was introduced in the year 2012.

How to book on UdChalo?


If the user is someone in the armed forces, paramilitary, veterans, or the dependents of the armed force personnel, then here is a ready guide for the UdChalo flight defense quota in India. To get an idea of how to make the most of it, one can check the UdChalo website and proceed with the flight bookings.

What is UdChalo Flights Defence Quota?

UdChalo flight has been introduced for the defense category and offers air ticket-discount service for armed forces and their families. This online travel website helps the user buy unsold flight tickets that offer close to a 40 percent discount on the total range. Recognized as a travel partner for the army, navy, air force personnel, this website offers fantastic deals on the flights.

UdChalo FlightsHow was it introduced?

It was an initiative of the UpCurve Business Services Private Limited and was registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in September 2012. The Army Institute of Technology graduates’ partnered with many airlines to offer the concessional air tickets to soldiers exclusively; in a way to honor them for the devotion, determination, sacrifice offered by them. These discounted air tickets are thus, available on the UdChalo flight booking’s website and the offline ticket counters across the country.

Who can benefit from UdChalo flight booking?

Any personnel from the armed forces, veterans, paramilitary forces, veer naris, and dependents of the Armed forces can take care of all their travel needs from this website. If anyone is not too comfortable using the online service offered by the site, then he or she can book UdChalo flight tickets at the booking counters across the country.

a )Similar to any other flight search, one can select a single trip or a round trip feature by entering the city of origin and the destination, dates of the travel, and the number of travelers from the UdChalo website. There is only one small detail that the user needs to confirm: whether he or she is from the Armed forces or its background.

b) Once the user has clicked submit on the first page, he or she will find a small form that asks to enter the personal credentials. The user then needs to select the appropriate arm of the armed forces from the drop-down box.

c) Once the user has selected the section, he or she needs to add the employee number or the Army number. If the user is from the Navy, then a navy number and so on. This number acts as seven digits or eight digits unique identifiers.

d) Once the user has confirmed the credentials, click continue. The user will be able to see a list of flights for the Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Go Airlines, Indigo, with the discounted prices. The last step is to choose the one that the user feel suits his or her budget.

Documents accepted for the Proof of Identity for UdChalo flights

As the deals are good, many people not in the armed forces have tried to misuse this service. There have been several cases where people have tried to use their family member’s service number to book the flights. Those who really deserve to get benefits ended up buying the expensive flight tickets. To avoid such incidents of misuse, proof of identity is now compulsory for the UdChalo flight booking. But visiting the website for checking fares online does not require one’s identity card.

Documents considered for identity proof on UdChalo include:

  1. ECHS Health Card
  2. DOI or RSI Club Card
  3. Canteen Smart Card
  4. Dependent Card
  5. An ID issued the ZSB or District Soldier Board issues