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Startup Story: UnclePi – A startup that provides tech savvy car repair service

UnclePi is a startup that provides automobile servicing via the web or their mobile app in Hyderabad. Let's uncover the story
UnclePi is a startup that provides automobile servicing via the web or their mobile app in Hyderabad. Let’s uncover the story behind UnclePi.

The Founders

Team UnclePi
Team UnclePi

Two founders, Vamshi Krishna M. & Rakesh Varma, started UnclePi in the year 2018. Vamshi Krishna is an IIT Kanpur graduate (Graduation year: 2007). He has experience in IT for over ten years. Rakesh Varma is an Aeronautical Engineering (Graduation year: 2015). He is COO of UnclePi and handles the entire operations of the company.

UnclePi – In Detail

UnclePi is an aggregator of automobile after-sales services. Customers can book below-mentioned services for their car:

  • Periodic maintenance service
  • Car wash
  • Car care service
  • Wheel care service
  • Road-side assistance
  • Claim Vehicle Insurance
  • Emergency Repair Service
  • Denting Painting
  • Battery Replacement
  • AC Servicing
  • Tire replacement
  • More

Users can easily book for various requirements using the UnclePi mobile app. You can quickly log-in through your phone number in this user-friendly app. Then, you will have to choose the services for your vehicle, and their customer care will contact you immediately. Their executives will assist you with available nearby workshops along with free pick-up and drop facilities.

Check out the UnclePi platform here.

Inspiration Behind UnclePi


The founders of the UnclePi believe that there is a massive gap in an automobile after-sales industry. They noticed that there is no proper channel for maintaining consistent prices among various workshops. Further, these workshops don’t have the efficiency in providing quality work, transparency, genuine spares, and TAT. Hence, it is difficult for a vehicle owner to find an excellent workshop that resolves all his issues. It is where UnclePi took a stand to take care of all the vehicle-related problems of their customers. UnclePi is determined to provide services to its customers, and resolving their issues by maintaining transparency, work quality, a supply of genuine spare parts while following TAT.

Challenges Faced By the UnclePi

Due to various disorganization in the Automobile after-sale industry, UnclePi faced many challenges in its initial days. It was a challenge for the company to look for better workshops in Hyderabad city. They faced various hurdles with bringing all partnered workshops on one platform with consistent pricing, quality, and TAT. Further, the users are not yet well adapted to use the digital platform to book vehicle services, unlike the food and entertainment industries.

However, UnclePi is actively working on resolving all the challenges that are coming in their way. In their journey, they have made various contributions with a considerable portion in the market, leading to a shift in this industry to partially organized.

Partnership and Collaborations

UnclePi has worked with Uber, Xchange Leasing of India, Ola, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Shell Oils, and Bosch.

The company also works with Uber– Xchange Leasing of India and Ola to provide repair services for their own vehicles. Through this collaboration, the company has repaired/serviced over 5000 automobiles. The company made a partnership with Bosch and Shell to supply automobile spare parts and Engine oils and lubricants to their partnered workshops.

There is a corporate tie-up between Kotak Mahindra Bank and UnclePi. The company provides various services for the bank’s employees and customers using multiple exclusive offers.

The First Milestone

The company had its first customer after 33 days from the start of the company. Getting a first customer was an initial milestone for the UnclePi. In these two years of journey, they have served over 10,000 happy customers.

UnclePi – Current Growth Status and Future Goals

The founders started this company to fill the gaps in this industry by expanding to different Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities across the country. The company is following a QPART principle; Quality, Pricing, Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency. The found that this principle is missing in this industry collectively by other providers.

They initiated the business in Hydrabad to focus primarily on collaborating with taxi giants. Later, the company made expansions to operate private vehicles as well.

Currently, the UnclePi has a tie-up with over 30 well-equipped workshops which are sufficient to provide various services to a vehicle. The company is also working with general insurance providers to ease the process of an insurance claim for private and taxi cars. They are also acting as a nodal point between insurance companies, workshops, and end-customers to make the insurance claim process smooth.

UnclePi is observing a positive growth rate of 20-25%. By the end of the year 2020, the company is planning to expand its operations in 5 more cities along with starting operations for two-wheelers.

UnclePi – The Vision


The founders of UnclePi have done noteworthy research to understand the contemplated issues and challenges in the automobile after-sales industry. Their vision is to keep coming up with various solutions to maintain a balance between the service provider and the service taker. The company has stabilized its operations in Hyderabad and is currently working on to make expansion across various cities of India.