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Bank Bazaar Founders - Adhil Shetty, Arjun Shetty, and Rati Shetty
Bank Bazaar Founders – Adhil Shetty, Arjun Shetty, and Rati Shetty


  1. About BankBazaar
  2. BankBazaar at a Glance
  3. The Founders
  4. How BankBazaar works?
  5. What led to its popularity?
  6. Leaders at BankBazaar
  7. Other Experts
  8. Careers/Jobs at Bankbazaar
  9. Is it safe and Genuine?
  10. Is BankBazaar credit score correct?
  11. 10 Lesser-Known Facts about BankBazaar
  12. Latest News
  13. Contact Details

About BankBazaar

BankBazaar is one of India’s leading online marketplace for financial products like loans and credit cards. It is an Insurance company founded in 2008.

BankBazaar is an online portal that allows customers to access customized rates/quotes on loans, credit cards, and other financial products. These financial products include insurance policies, deals, and offers on loans and credit cards.

Also, they offer assistance, tips, and insights on personal finance.

  • BankBazaar is a Chennai based startup.
  • It was founded by Adhil Shetty, Rati Shetty, and Arjun Shetty back in 2008.
  • As of 2017, the total investment of the company is $110 Million.
  • According to the reports, it receives 10% revenue from Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Former RBI Deputy Governor, S S Mundra, is an advisor in BankBazaar.
  • BankBazaar allows you to compare several investment options available in the market and choose the best one for you.

BankBazaar at a Glance

  • Startup Company: BankBazaar
  • Founded In: 2008
  • Founders: Adhil Shetty, Arjun Shetty, and Rati Shetty
  • Headquarters: Chennai
  • Company Sector: Fintech
  • Parent company: A&A Dukaan Financial Services
  • Subsidiaries: Bank-Bazaar International, A & A Dukaan Financial Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The Founders

Team Bank Bazaar
Team Bank Bazaar

BankBazaar was the brainchild of Adhil Shetty, Arjun Shetty, and Rati Shetty. Currently, Adhil Shetty is the CEO of BankBazaar, Arjun Shetty is the COO, and Rati Shetty is the CPO.

Back in 2007, the husband-wife duo, Rati and Arjun were having a tough time finding suitable home loans. Subsequently, they realized that in India, it is not easy for customers to get home loans effortlessly.

They went to many banks but all in vain. Consequently, Rati decided to find a solution to this problem. She chose to be an entrepreneur and make it easy for people to get loans.

Thus, BankBazaar was born.

How BankBazaar works?

BankBazaar helps its customers with better deals and offers in loans and credit cards. They want to improve their customers know what goes into the financial marketplace and what doesn’t work.

The company makes its revenue from the applications-based commissions from the banks. Customers are not charged as they are end-to-end financial providers based on applications.

What led to its popularity?

BankBazaar is very popular among the customers because of the following reasons,

  • Their tools are easy and convenient. You can anytime search, compare, and apply.
  • BankBazaar allows you to scan thousands of offers from multiple banks and choose the best one.
  • At BankBazaar, you get the best discounts, offers, and handpicked deals.
  • BankBazaar provides you online research tools and articles to make your decision.
  • You have access to unfiltered customer reviews and ratings.
  • All the services of BankBazaar are free of cost.
  • BankBazaar offers you full-time customer support.
  • It even offers you assistance and guidance for paperwork.

Leaders at BankBazaar

1) Adhil Shetty

Adhil Shetty - Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
Adhil Shetty – Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
  • He is the CEO of BankBazaar.
  • He completed his graduation from Columbia University of New York.
  • He did his graduation in International finance and business and completed his engineering from the College of Engineering in Guindy.
  • Before BankBazaar, he was a senior consultant in the reputed company, Deloitte.

2) Arjun Shetty

Arjun Shetty - Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
Arjun Shetty – Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
  • He is the COO of BankBazaar.
  • He studied engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy.
  • He holds a master’s degree in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Before BankBazaar, Arjun was a Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

3)Rati Shetty

Rati Shetty - Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
Rati Shetty – Bank Bazaar Co-Founder
  • She is the CPO of BankBazaar.
  • Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Rati always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in Business administration.
  • She did her bachelor’s from MOP Vaishnav College in Chennai.
  • Before BankBazaar, she worked in Taipei and Miami.

Other Experts

Here is the management team of BankBazaar.

  • Chief Delivery Officer- IYPE ISAC
  • Head of Process Excellence- SENTHIL ARUMUGAM
  • Chief Human Resource Officer- SRIRAM V
  • Chief Technology Officer- MURARI SRIDHARAN
  • Chief Financial Officer- RAMESH SRINIVASAN
  • Chief Marketing Officer- APARNA MAHESH

Is it safe and Genuine?

The answer to this question is a big YES!

BankBazaar is safe and genuine. They do not disclose any of your details or personal information.

All you need to take care of is all the services of BankBazaar are free of cost. So be careful with the spam and fraud calls. Anyone asking for any kind of fee is a fraud.

Is BankBazaar credit score correct?

In today’s time, keeping a close track of your credit score is very important. The credit score is essential to get a line of credit. BankBazaar credit score is highly accurate.

Importance of good credit score:

  1. You can get the best credit card.
  2. You will get quick loan approval.
  3. You will get a better interest rate.
  4. You will get more affordable loans.

10 Lesser-Known Facts about BankBazaar

  1. BankBazaar’s very first investor was a Tea company, Chennai based AVT Infotech.
  2. Kotak Mahindra was the first bank on the board with BankBazaar.
  3. BankBazaar started its journey during the 2008 financial crisis.
  4. They make memes on each other. It helps in maintaining a light atmosphere.
  5. They follow a customer-centric approach. They never create those services that do not benefit their customers.
  6. Employees get to take ‘BB Leave’ for volunteer activities and community services.
  7. Their team of experts/workers includes famous rock stars, artists, cartoonists, and many more.
  8. BankBazaar has gone paperless in their premises.
  9. Their legal name is not BankBazaar. It is A&A Dukan Financial Services Limited.
  10. BankBazaar workers are allowed to maintain their originality.

Latest News

  • BankBazaar appointed former RBI DG Mundra as the advisor of the company.
  • BankBazaar’s co-founder Adhil Shetty decides on paperless future.
  • BankBazaar witnesses 400 million visits in the Financial year 2019.
  • Ramesh Srinivasan of Hitachi Company joins BankBazaar for the post of CFO.
  • BankBazaar designates Visa’s Vipin Kalra to spearhead international business.
  • BankBazaar makes INR 10 crore investment in its Singapore branch.
  • BankBazaar appoints Navin Chandani as Chief Business Development Officer.

Contact Details

  • Address:

Module No:601-604, 6th Floor,

Ticel Bio Park Phase-2,

No:5, CSIR Road, Taramani,

Chennai – 600113, India