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How UrbanPro connects 25 lakhs indian students to the best teachers?

UrbanPro Founder - Rakesh Kalra
UrbanPro Founder – Rakesh Kalra


  1. About UrbanPro
  2. UrbanPro Overview
  3. Vision and Idea behind UrbanPro
  4. How UrbanPro works?
  5. What makes UrbanPro unique?
  6. UrbanPro Team and Investors
  7. How can you join UrbanPro?
  8. Is UrbanPro a safe site?
  9. How to use UrbanPro?
  10. Create your UrbanPro accounts in a few simple steps
  11. Working at UrbanPro-Employee Reviews
  12. UrbanPro Careers
  13. Contact Details
  14. FAQs

About UrbanPro

UrbanPro Founders - Rakesh Kalra, Bhavana Kalra, Ramasamy B, and Vikram Gawande
UrbanPro Founders – Rakesh Kalra, Bhavana Kalra, Ramasamy B, and Vikram Gawande

UrbanPro is a Bengaluru based startup. Rakesh Kalra, Bhavana Kalra, Ramasamy B, and Vikram Gawande collectively started UrbanPro back in 2011.

It is one of the best online learning platforms in India. UrbanPro connects students and mentors/teachers all across the country for both academic and extracurricular work.

Thus, all the students & teachers in the country can meet their learning requirements within budget and even from home.

UrbanPro Overview

  • Startup Name: UrbanPro
  • Legal Name: ThinkVidya Learning Pvt Ltd
  • Industry Type: Consumer, E-Learning, Education
  • Founders: Rakesh Kalra, Bhavana Kalra, Ramasamy B, and Vikram Gawande
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Based in: Bengaluru
  • Startup Funding: $2 million
  • Operating Status: Active
  • The sector of the company: Edutech
  • Funding Status: Seed
  • IPO Status: Private
  • Type of Company: For Profit

Vision and Idea behind UrbanPro

Rakesh Kalra
Rakesh Kalra

Rakesh Kalra was the main man behind UrbanPro. When he returned to India back in 2011, he had a hard time finding good quality mentors/tutors for his children’s extra activities.

This was the point he got inspired to start an online platform that will easily connect the teachers and students all across the country. Thus, UrbanPro was born.

Rakesh’s only motive behind UrbanPro was to connect children with best-quality teachers who can fulfill are their learning requirements.

In simple words, UrbanPro’s vision is to become the ultimate stop and learning solution for all the Indians out there.

How UrbanPro works?

UrbanPro Website Screenshot
UrbanPro Website Screenshot

UrbanPro is a digital platform that enables students and teachers to create their profiles on the portal. Students will post their learning requirements & needs, and teachers will respond to them. Students can also set their preferred location and monetary budget.

To summarize the working process of UrbanPro, let’s look at it in this way:

  1. Any student who needs help regarding academic and extracurricular work will post his requirement on the UrbanPro site.
  2. While you enter your queries, you can apply filters like subjects, topics, location, budget, etc.
  3. Students will then get customized responses from several teachers and institutions.
  4. Once you get the responses, you can compare them to know what’s best for you.
  5. After comparing, students will be able to choose the best for themselves.

What makes UrbanPro unique?

UrbanPro has now become one of the largest and most trusted learning networks in India.

  • UrbanPro is the ultimate stop for learning for around 25 lakhs of students.
  • It has nearly 6.5 lakhs verified teachers, institutions, trainers and tutors.
  • Every month, parents and students switch to UrbanPro for their needs in around 1000 categories.
  • While choosing the tutor/teacher, students and parents can even compare them to know who is the best.
  • For teachers, it is an open chance to get work based on their skills.
  • Teachers can give both online and offline services. This further enhances their earning capabilities.
  • UrbanPro creates more than 3 million unique connections between students and teachers in a year.
  • They have their reach in about 20,000 localities of the country and have helped around 2.6 million students to find the right mentor for them.
  • They have unique solution arrays to ease out the work of teachers. These arrays help them in managing lessons, practice, courses, assessments, and reviews.
  • UrbanPro has its primary attention on the 12 main cities of India.
  • They offer services like:
  1. Tuition
  2. Exam Preparation
  3. IT courses
  4. Language courses
  5. Hobby classes
  • Once in an interview, Rakesh said that the users and revenue of UrbanPro are continuously growing. He also said that due to their 100% topline growth, they would be a $4 million topline by the end of 2018.

UrbanPro Team and Investors

Though a handful of people started UrbanPro, now they are a family of 51-100 people.

All of them are working together in a healthy environment to do the best of their abilities.

Founder & CEO: Rakesh Kalra

Co-Founders: Vikram A Gawande and Bhavana Kalra

Marketing: Praveen Singh

Sales: Kantaria A G

Operations: Madaiah S P

Finance: T Kishore Kumar

Technology: Yarlagadda Ramakrishna

HR: Anoj Kumar

The list is quite significant. Thus, to check the full list of all the experts and professionals working together at UrbanPro, visit

Meet the Investors of the UrbanPro:

1) Nirvana Ventures

Nirvana Ventures focus on becoming an early investor in the Mobile Network and Internet companies in India.

2) Raman Sud (Angel Investor)

Raman is a professional IT expert with over 25 years of experience in Software engineering & data center operations.

As of now, he is SVP Engineering at FirstFuel Software company in Boston.

How can you join UrbanPro?

You can join UrbanPro in two ways, either you can be a student or a tutor.

When you visit the site and click on ‘Register,’ you are given two options, one of a teacher and other of a student.

In case you are willing to join as a mentor, all you need to do is visit the official website of UrbanPro and fill the registration form for tutors. If you want to make quick progress, you can apply for upgraded membership plans.

Or, if you are a student and want to post your queries, visit the UrbanPro website and sign up as a student. Fill all your details and get access to the best quality teachers. Even students can upgrade their profiles with memberships plans.

Is UrbanPro a safe site?

The answer to this question s a big YES! One thing that UrbanPro is most famous for is its efficiency. If you have any doubts about the site being fake, you can read people’s reviews about it.

UrbanPro has a long list of happy and content students and teachers.

Create your UrbanPro accounts in a few simple steps

You can create your profile on UrbanPPro in just a few simple steps.

  1. Visit the official UrbanPro website,
  2. Click on ‘Sign Up.’
  3. Fill all the asked details correctly and carefully.
  4. You can even get a membership plan to enhance your interaction with the website.
  5. Now, you are ready to go. If you are a student, post your queries and wait for the tutors to resolve them. Or, if you are a tutor, wait for the student to post the questions.

Working at UrbanPro-Employee Reviews

UrbanPro is very famous among teachers and students. They have a huge list of reviews on google and other platforms.

Some of these reviews are:

  • Sanjiv Sadana from Pune

What has worked for me the most at UrbanPro is the efficiency of the platform. The questions are genuine, the exposure to prospective students is both national and international, plus the fact that tutor concerns are addressed and resolved quickly.

  • Ganesh Avhad from Mumbai

It is the best website for Home tutors. There is no third party involved you and only student that leads to more earning.

  • Foram

A beneficial site to reach the audience far away. Exciting features and Services, especially recommendations.

  • Prabhas

A perfect platform for the teacher/consultants and the students as well. In no time they can reach each other meeting their requirements.

  • Kala Vatika Dance Studio

It’s awesome. We get right, educated, decent customers through UrbanPro.


UrbanPro Careers

If you are interested, you can even join UrbanPro. UrbanPro is a team of highly skilled professionals working endlessly to provide the best services.

Why should you think about working with UrbanPro?

  • Healthy working environment
  • Skilled co-workers
  • Several learning opportunities
  • A well-settled company with a massive revenue generation

Connect with UrbanPro(Contact Details)


1) Is there any app for UrbanPro?

Yes, UrbanPro has its apps on Google Play store for trainers, learners, and tutors. There is no IoS app of UrbanPro, but having an IoS app is on their loss. Currently, they are focusing on android users and can make an IoS in coming future.

2) Is there any free trial memberships period?

Currently, there exists no such thing. Any member who has not upgraded himself/herself with any membership plan is considered a free member.

Free members receive limited queries. Also, these limited queries are a few hours after being sent to paid tutors. Thus, if you don’t have a membership, you can be at a loss.

3) Does UrbanPro charge any commission?

No, UrbanPro doesn’t charge any commission. The only cost you can have is while interacting with student queries using coins.