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Vinay Doggalli & Rajesh Tiwari’s startup provides an exclusive art platform for artists to share, network & collaborate

Vinay’s startup, Arttora, is an exclusive art and skill platform that aims at creating a social network for artists and an art-loving community globally.

Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings. With artists blending their emotions into their paints and passion into their art-form, co-founders Vinay Doggalli and Rajesh Tiwari are on a mission to provide an exclusive art platform, Arttora, for these artists to share, discuss, network, and collaborate upon.

Vinay Doggalli
Vinay Doggalli

Vinay is a master’s degree holder from OHSU USA & a determined entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in successfully establishing the International Education advising company. Rajesh holds over 20 years of experience in technical, consumer, channel sales & marketing. The entrepreneurial duo thought of unearthing the real hidden artistic talents who are not in the mainstream but highly talented indeed.

Vinay said,

“The idea was to make a commonplace for artists & art enthusiasts who want to teach & learn. Together they can build something huge for the art community. “

On creating an exclusive art platform

Team Arttora
Team Arttora

Arttora is an art and skill platform that aims at creating a unique social network for artists and an art-loving community globally. The Bengaluru-based startup visions at providing an exclusive platform for the artist community to share, discuss, network, and collaborate with like-minded people across the world. Arttora is committed to uncovering the hidden artistic gems by offering them robust platform-based marketing support to help realize their true potential.

Over 4,000 users within a month of app’s launch

The company has grown from being a dance class hosting company to a social platform for artists that launched its first version of the app for Android & iOS in October 2019. The founder at Arttora claims to already have 4,000+ users onboard over 20% active userbase in less than a month.

Arttora visions to be an exclusive art platform recognized globally with users across the world. The platform intends to assist users in finding & hiring the artists, verifying artists with their work, posts, followers & participation, build a community to meet & build art with like-minded individuals, and address issues & topics related to Global Art.