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Vishesh Bajaj’s startup – Knot9 provides royalty-free stock videos and images

Vishesh Bajaj's startup - Knot9 provides royalty-free stock video and photos for people to buy and use in their products. Let
Vishesh Bajaj’s startup – Knot9 provides royalty-free stock video and photos for people to buy and use in their products. Let’s uncover his startup journey.

Every time you watch a video on YouTube or television, let it be an advertisement, a comedy skit, or a series, its fun to watch, but the efforts that go into creating that content are hard to imagine. Creating content and making it available for people to use is a tough task, and especially when your whole focus is to promote your country and make it familiar for the people as well.

With the knack for entrepreneurship and interest in making the country reach higher places, Vishesh Bajaj founded two startups – SoulCurry Media and Knot9, his latest startup. Both the startups go hand-to-hand as SoulCurry offers the ease of video management and production, whereas Knot9 provides royalty-free stock video and photos for people to buy and use in their products.

The beginning of the startup journey

Vishesh Bajaj
Vishesh Bajaj

Vishesh belongs to a small town called Gohana, where he spent most of his childhood. However, he had to move out of his hometown to get a better education and job opportunities, and he did his B.Tech in Computer Science from Maharshi Dayanand University. After this, Vishesh pursued an MBA in Marketing and Finance from LBSIM (Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management).

In 2006, Vishesh started working on SoulCurry Media, which specialized in large scale content creation and provided video production and management services. While he was working on SoulCurry Media, he decided to launch another app-based market research platform called PIPIT, which gained attention from people but could not address real user problems, and it had to shut down.

With over 15 years of experience in different fields of work like technology, large-scale content creation, consulting, and media production, Vishesh is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with varying startups like SoulCurry Technology, an online media production company, PIPIT, and now Knot9.

The idea behind Knot9

Knot9 website screenshot
Knot9 website screenshot

While working in the video production field, Vishesh realized that finding Indian stock videos was hard, or they were very costly, and his experience with production and technical background pushed him to bridge the gap.

To produce original Indian stock videos with Indian faces that everybody can afford, they started producing high-quality videos and released them at a reasonable price. Any Indian and international content creator can use these for whatever project they are working on. The reason to make these videos is to provide quality footage that would help a company to keep its audience engaged most effectively and efficiently.

The founders of the website have a strong background in large-scale content creation, and the team consists of best in class people that would help in creating a self-sustaining environment for stock footage production.

Some of the team members of Knot9 include

1. Lalit Shandilya, CTO – 20 years in the technology domain

Lalit Shandilya
Lalit Shandilya

2. Mihir Kumar, Sr. Developer – 5 years in the technology domain

Mihir Shandilya
Mihir Kumar

3. Lily Saini, Production Head – 6 years with diverse experience with NGOs

Lily Singh
Lily Saini

4. Gurnain Singh, Post Production Head – 10 years of video editing and post-production experience

Gurnain Singh
Gurnain Singh

Initial challenges, first milestone, and the company’s vision

In conversation with TimesNext, Vishesh talks about the complexity of the legal structure in India and how they decided to produce the content inhouse to maintain the legal ownership and copyrights of the videos. This is why they took some time to produce the first set of 5000 videos.

The first milestone for the company was when they produced the first set of 5000 videos, followed by registering more than 250 business users on its website. The company aims at creating 60,000 videos in the coming few years and become the best source of Indian stock videos and photos with content depth in diverse categories.