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We are Hiring: How can you attract more candidates?

we are hiring
Read the article below to know how can you pass on the message: We are Hiring to a massive number of candidates and attract the best for your company.

Building a company with proper base and needs is the most crucial work which defines how capable a company will be. Since the beginning of a company, we all take different measures to ensure that things be as perfect as possible. But when things almost start to take shape, and one has to hire people to make the company grow, we often commit mistakes that result in disasters. Hence, one always has to be sure of the people and the candidates that one is hiring for their company.

One always has to take up proper measures while they are hiring candidates. Using a poor medium may only grab you with general candidates who might not come to your work. And so the question arises that “how to make people know that we are hiring?”, to this question, one can surely think of various things through which one can be hired. Here in this article, we are going to tell the best methods through which companies can employ some best and proficient workers through their “we are hiring” projects.


we are hiring is a portal through which people can look up for jobs in different companies and majorly through which we are hiring candidates for various works. Not only people, but different companies or startups can find candidates for their work through the option we are hiring. Companies can post job offerings on the portal of and get on the hiring process.

According to their need, companies can post about the jobs that they are hiring people for or have vacant positions. One can post for jobs as per their requirement, and eventually, many people apply for different companies through their portal. has some of the best candidates that apply for various companies and help your company to grow with achieving milestones.

We Are Hiring: How can you attract more candidates?

Under this, one can know the different methods through which companies can hire the best candidates for their positions under the company. One has to select the most effective means through which the hiring program reaches people and has several suitable candidates applying for your application for different positions.

1. Social Media

The most effective medium to let people know that we are hiring is the usage of social media. People all over the world are connected through different social media platforms, and the “we are hiring” campaigns get pretty successful as people effectively apply for companies.

2. Employee Referral Program

Every company has different employees that are very capable of every task and have some best skills to help the company throughout. And these people also may have friends whom they talk about their working. And hence, companies can conduct an Employee Referral Program and attract their employees with different bonuses and gifts to bring people for employment, which can eventually help your company get people for your hiring process.

3. Make a Website for Your Company & Post for Jobs

Every company should always make up a website, keep their portals active with different features of the company, and make the world know about various milestones your company is achieving. Through this process, people grow interested in your company and always look up for the company for their “we are hiring” programs. This will help companies to get the people who are genuinely interested in their work and can provide the best results.

4. Job Portals

Every company should be actively engaged with some of the other Job Portal like KillerLaunch, LinkedIn,, etc. to know what all is going around other companies who might be your competition. These portals have active people who are always interested in working with companies and actively lookup for vacant positions. Through this process, companies can hire people suiting best for jobs.

5. Keep an Active Mail

Whenever one promotes their company through social media or their website portals, one should always provide people with an e-mail through which interested candidates can send their resumes even if your company is not hiring. This can create an area in your mails such that whenever a position is vacant, one can look up for interested candidates through their resume and call them up for interviews.

6. Posting Jobs On Websites

Several websites ask companies to come up and post their vacant job options for people to know that the company is initiating a “we are hiring” program through which interested candidates can apply. These types of websites allow companies to post their vacancies for free and let companies find suitable candidates.

7. Past Applications

Going through the prior applications sent by different interested candidates can be a good option. Try contacting the previous workers who left the jobs days back and might be free to join the company again. Through this process, it might be easier for companies to reach their perfect candidates and meet the company’s needs.

These are the best options through which companies can let people know that we are hiring, and similarly, people can apply for the companies they are interested in working in.


Hiring people in companies is crucial work that companies have to go through. The methods stated above can help people know that we are hiring and help companies meet their needs. One can build their companies to a great extent with suitable candidates.