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Let us look at the ten prominent businesses in India which can get started at a moderate budget of 10,000.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. 10 Business to Start in India with 10,000 Rs

2.1 Opening a Tuition Centre

2.2 YouTube Business Idea

2.3 Opening a Mobile recharge shop

2.4 Fruit juice kiosk

2.5 Opening a Tailoring shop

2.6 Web Designing and Coding Store

2.7 eBook Writing and Podcasting

2.8 Photography

2.9 Opening a Tea stall

2.10 Online Home Business

3. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

Today, the era we live in is getting subjected to inflation now and then. This attribute is, in fact, rapidly outpacing the income characteristics of citizens in the country. The impact of inflation is so high that you can see its effect in every commodity essential for citizens such as healthcare, transportation, food, education, housing, and many others.

This impact has affected so much that many people who comprise of regular or fixed income are finding it hard to run their houses. This attribute is because even their income happens to insufficient because of repeated inflation on the economy. But what options do they have?

Can they sit at home and be unemployed? Because being unemployed is a luxury that only a few lucky people can afford. But there should be a solution to every problem. Yes. And the answer to this situation would be open to your business. And for this scenario, it would be best to open a home-based, small, micro, or medium level of activity which helps you to earn a decent living.

The facilities offered to budding entrepreneurs nowadays by both the Government and other platforms is worth praising. And because of these facilities provided, you can quickly start your business nowadays.

Starting a business requires a vital thing, which is an investment.

But given the fact that most of them will be going for a small or medium level of business, it can get assumed that the level of investment should also be moderate. There are many businesses in our country which can get started with a shoestring budget. Many small businesses will also have a significant positive impact on the economy of the country.

On this note, let us look at the ten prominent businesses which can get started at a moderate budget of 10,000. Before moving on to that, let us remember what Walt Disney once said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’

2. 10 Business to Start in India with 10,000 Rs:

2.1 Opening a Tuition Centre:

We can refer to this business as one of the firms which require nearly zero investment to start. Yes, it is true. If you are a teacher or tutor yourself, then you can start this in your home itself. If you are not a teacher, also, you can start this at your home if your household consists of extra space.

This feature will eliminate rent and other cost requirements. So is there no effort to be put in this business? No, it does require some effort. Like every other business, even this business involves marketing. You might be the best teacher, but also others should know this, right?

So you should invest some amount in marketing your business. Going as per the old school way (word of mouth, social media) may take more time than required; hence, it is better to spend some money on marketing.

2.2 YouTube Business Idea:

A business that gets considered a hot cake nowadays, most of the people are earning lakhs because of this business. Yes, people are making vast amounts by uploading interesting and attractive videos on YouTube.

One more additional advantage of venturing into this business is that not only you earn enough money, but additionally, you will become more famous.

Becoming a YouTube star requires a bit of investment earlier, as you may need a good camera, proper setup, and a brilliant audio technique. Not to forget a creative brain!

There are three simple steps if you want to start this business-

  • At first, you have to create engaging videos.
  • Secondly, you have to Signup on YouTube and Upload these videos.
  • The third and essential step is that you have to enroll in the YouTube partner program. Only if you join this program, you can start earning on YouTube.

2.3 Opening a Mobile recharge shop:

Most people will be wondering how opening a mobile recharge shop nowadays will help in earning a decent earning. Yes, it will help you to make a decent earning. How? Even with the advent of online recharges, most people in our country prefer visiting a mobile recharge shop and getting their recharge done.

So, you can rent a small space and practice this micro business. But one thing to note here is that it will be better if you add some accessories to your shop to guarantee your income.

Like adding a Xerox machine or keeping some stationery items like pen, pencil, books, and many more. It will keep you busy all the time, as people don’t throng every-time to get their mobile recharges done, right?

You should also partner with eminent mobile network providers such as Jio, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, and note down their commission rates. These commission rates will help you in predicting the amount of profit you may get depending upon the number of sales you conceive.

2.4 Fruit juice kiosk:

Opening a fruit juice kiosk is a profitable business, especially in the summer season. Every person would love to bottle down fruit juice on a tiresome sweaty day. But for opening this business, you first need to get permission from the local authorities present at the place, and then you can start.

After this step, you have to look into the other investments needed for starting this business. You may need some money in the form of paying rent to the space you need. Other than this, the rest of the investment will go into the raw materials required for running the shop.

Once you have started to enjoy profits through this business, you can refurbish the who thing in a new way. Like increasing your space and allowing customers to sit and sip their juice. You can also hire people as employees to get their juices served to the customers swiftly.

2.5 Opening a Tailoring shop:

Though this business is profitable, the extent of the profit gets determined to the cities in which you open this business. In metropolitan cities, which include Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, this business is in prime demand due to the increased usage of self-made designs by the people.

But in most rural areas, this business might take a toll cause it might take a lot of time to recover your investment and enjoy profits. The expenditures for this business include a small rented space and the other essential materials required, such as the sewing machine and the raw materials concerning it. Wait a minute; you should pay for the electricity too.

2.6 Web Designing and Coding Store:

Opening a web designing and coding store calls for a great business under the Information Technology (IT) field. But can it be done with a modest investment? Because IT is a field that requires substantial investment, right?

Yes, for sure, it can be done at a moderate level. This type of business requires a minimum investment of around 10,000 rupees. But you need to inherit a lot of knowledge on topics such as PHP, DBMS, Web Designing, WordPress, and many more to fabricate attractive websites for clients.

2.7 eBook Writing and Podcasting:

If you possess a great passion for writing and believe in yourself that you are a great writer, then this is the business you should go for. There are many reasons to choose this business.

You have written a book, but you aren’t getting any publishers to publish it to sell offline. What can you do in such situations? You can convert your text into an eBook and sell it online. You can post it online by setting your price, and you do not have to provide any publisher commission as you will be the publisher here.

2.8 Photography:

If you are already having the essential tools required for starting this business, then you can freely choose it. Why isn’t it a business which requires modest investment? No, it is not. Taking up photography as a business is not so easy as doing others, which have got mentioned above.

To take up this business, you need to be a professional photographer and must possess a high definition camera and other photography tools. So if you are already a professional photographer and already own these tools, then you would not need any extra investment to start this business other than the marketing, of course.

Marketing is necessarily required for this business as you need to create a profile of yourself to inherit many customers.

2.9 Opening a Tea stall:

Tea. Can you imagine a world without this beverage? No, right! They say in India; you can find a tea lover in 9 people out of 10. Everyone loves to savor tea with a handful of biscuits either in the morning or evening. The tea industry has witnessed massive growth over the years and is hoping to recreate the same in the future.

So a smaller or moderate tea stall would help you in reaping more benefits as it requires very little investment compared to all other businesses mentioned here. Yeah, the primary thing here is that you must know how to prepare a delicious tea to get your customers to come to you every-time. And also, do not forget to serve them with some biscuits.

2.10 Online Home Businesses:

One of the easiest businesses which you can start at any time of the day is the online home business. This business presents itself with a massive number of options you can begin to upon and requires less investment. The necessary thing which gets needed to start this business is efficient training in a particular field or category.

The categories in the Online Home Businesses include cooking, writing, teaching, art, stitching, and many more. You can also work with companies who are interested in work from home jobs and help them in doing their jobs efficiently.

3. Conclusion:

So, at last, the entire decision is left upon you. Just make sure what you love doing and what are your qualifications which suit any of these businesses. Once you have the proper information and correct guidance, shortlist the businesses which you want to start.

Get ready with the things needed for those businesses and gather the right amount of information required to start them. Once you are thorough with everything, you can begin your desired business within a matter of a few days.