WeWork’s recent deal result: The Wing to lose its worth to about $165 million

The Wing's worth reduced to $200 million when WeWork dumped its 23% stake in women's co-working firm. WeWork made a loss of $17 million on the deal.

In the early days of women-focused, The Wing, known for the co-working spaces with offices, was valued approximately $365 million, just faced a drop-down in value, which is considerably less – about $200 million – as per reports.

January 2020, the parent company WeWork stakes in “The Wing.” were bought by investors (1) that involve American Sports and talent agency, “CAA.”¬†


WeWork’s Real Deal

The deal suggested a value of approximately $200 million for the Wing (2), a substantial discount on its previous value. According to some of the sources familiar with the contract, who all demanded that private information not be released.


The Wing Value

  • Investors had supplied $15 million of extra funding in the form of a convertible bond, which was said to have a value of about $265 million when the company’s future capital was being raised.
  • The estimated value of the Wing from the secondary deal, including the WeWork stake sale, was around $200 million, some of the people said.


WeWork reported a loss of nearly $17 million (3) from its Wing bet. The spokesperson of WeWork and the Wing refused to make any remarks on details of the deal.


Opportunities and benefits for “The Wing.”

Senior Director and Strategic Communications at The Wing Company, Zara Rahim, said, ” With WeWork, our founders were able to seize a rare and unforeseen potential. Increased contribution to the company by raising their ownership as injecting $15 million in extra funds, which will support us in expanding and scaling.”


Aside from CAA, investors that purchased WeWork’s stake involves:

  • Addie Lerner – Avid Ventures
  • DAG Ventures plus real estate finance firm DivcoWest
  • ¬†Crankstart Foundation, the foundation driven by billionaire Michael Moritz and his wife, Harriet Heyman


As Rahim, herself authenticated identities of these investors.

CAA clients, including Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, guested for the Wing representatives at gatherings.


Wing flight

Since 2016, The Wing has centered its services and offerings only on women and steering to be unique from other firms that provide the same services of co-working areas but with men favorable conditions. As per its website, The Wing runs 12 locations all over the US and London and is expected to open additional workspaces in Toronto, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Moreover, conventional workspaces and conference rooms, in addition to this, the Wing also offers rooms planned for pumping breast milk and women-focused library and talks.


WeWork + The Wing

Jen Berrent, Chief Legal Officer at WeWork, first wrote that companies would “create magic mutually” when it initially invested in the Wing in 2017.

However, the IPO of WeWork got collapsed the previous year (4). Trapped in debt, company WeWork started auctioning off assets that were not associated with its core market.

Apart from trading its stake in the Wing, WeWork has also suffered losses from the sale of other businesses, including Managed by Q, which it sold earlier this week.

The Wing currently has 12,000 active members and has expanded rapidly, reporting annual triple-digit revenue increase in each of the past three years, Rahim said.


The appointment of an experienced real estate executive is a clear sign that WeWork is moving forward from the approach of Adam Neumann, co-founder of WeWork. The Wall Street Journal first reported the appointment.

The company is anticipated to declare the appointment this Saturday officially.

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Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu is a solemn soul of open mind and intangible thought with some skills in writing and calisthenics.

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