What are you doing – Best ways to answer this question

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  1. Introduction
  2. Different interpretations of What are you doing?
  3. Different versions of this question
  4. Some right answers to the question: What are you doing?



In our day to day routine, we come across several questions asked by our loved ones, such as did you eat? When will you arrive? How are you? And the most used question is, What are you doing? Today in this article, we will talk about the ways to answer this vague, still relevant question.


What are you doing?

what are you doing

What are you doing? It is a general question asked by a lot of people. There are several ways to interpret this question. Below we have listed some of the interpretations:

1. What are you doing? (Right Now): What are you doing sometimes means at the very present in which activity are you involved in? What you are currently doing.

Example: What are you doing? I am eating.

2. The second interpretation of this question is, what are you doing in life? This makes you think back on your decisions and the reasons behind every step that you take.

Example: What are you doing? I am pursuing B.Tech.

3. This sentence is also used when someone is doing something weird or hard to understand. This question is used as an expression of surprise.

Example: (Someone spills water on you) What are you doing?!


Different versions of this question

Not only our vernaculars, but our text language goes through an evolution as time is passing. What are you doing is a question that can be asked in various ways. We have listed some versions of this question.

  1. What are you doing? The original and grammatically correct.
  2. Wayd? (What Are You Doing?) This is the abbreviated form used in texts. 
  3. Wyd? (What you doing?) This is also an abbreviated form of this question.
  4. Whachya doin? This is a playful and funny way of asking what are you doing? Whach means what, Ya means you and doin means doing.


Some right answers to the question: What are you doing?

Whenever encountered with this question, the first thing you need to do is decide what the other person is trying to ask? After confirming the context of the question, you can answer it.

When asked about what you are doing currently, you should answer that in the following manner. Focus on what you are doing at that time. When you get a clear idea, try to frame it excitingly. Add some minute details to the answer to give the perception of telling the truth. For example, when asked, what are you doing? You can answer I am eating, but the better answer will be I am eating this delicious lasagna. This sounds better than anything else.

When asked about your career and life. First, start from the base of what you stand for, what you are planning to achieve. Chronologically explain your goals and how you plan to make them. The person asking you should get a clear idea about your life. For example, you can start with your degree, your future goals, and how all this will be beneficial for you. This chronology of answer gives clarity to the person who has asked the question as well as you. 

When somebody asks you playfully, Whach ya doin? This may be a sign of flirting or ice breaker for a friendly conversation. You can flirt back by using corny answers such as thinking about you. This playful conversation is the best way to pass your time.

When used as an expression of surprise, then if the fault was yours, you can apologize to the person affected. You can also politely explain what happened and that it was an accident. For example, if you spill your water on someone, then you need to say sorry and explain that it was an accident. 

Sometimes it might happen that you do not want to tell the truth. In this condition always be prepared with some casual lies like I am driving, I am working, I am working out. These types of lies can help you avoid parties and gathering when asked what are you doing? To check your availability. 

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