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WhatsCut Pro: The Indian short video app for the Millenials & why you must have it

Team WhatsCut Pro
Team WhatsCut Pro

Social media has become an essential part of our lives now.  We all look forward to creating high-quality content for our social media handles but often face difficulties in finding the right application that fulfils the status needs of a user.

Meet WhatsCut Pro, the most advanced tool to create and share heartwarming videos/audios on multiple social media platforms and chat messengers including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and IMO.

What’s WhatsCut Pro?

WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot - Home
WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot – Home

WhatsCut Pro has been exclusively curated to cater to all the social media video/audio-related needs of its users. Co-founded by Vikas Shrivastava, Sushin PV, Rizwan Sadath, & Ramees P, and backed by Axilor Ventures (1) (one of the best accelerator Program) and the United States based Venture Capital firm – SOSV (2), the WhatsCut Pro application helps users create influencer-like professional and likeable content that turns any video into share-worthy posts.

WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot - Challenges
WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot – Challenges

The unique application holds a strong player that supports almost every video and audio format, serving as the one-stop-platform for all the social media enthusiasts. A user can split long videos and audios into multiple short videos using WhatsCut Pro, which can then be uploaded directly on their social media via the application.

Some unique features that make WhatsCut Pro stand out include:

WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot - Tools Page
WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot – Tools Page
  • Accessible video making features: Pick music while recording video and trim and share directly on social media.
  • Create unique audio stories: Audio stories are shared comparatively lesser by the audience usually due to the several implications associated with creating a high-quality audio story that’s even visually appealing for the audience. Use frames, effects, music and a background image to create stunning audio stories using WhatsCut Pro.
  • Interact on WCP Wall: WhatsCut Pro has its own WhatsCut Pro Wall where a user can share the content they create on the platform with other users to increase their reach and following. WCP Wall also serves as a great source of inspiration for creating awesome content.

The Minds Behind WhatsCut Pro

Team WhatsCut Pro
Team WhatsCut Pro

WhatsCut Pro is the perfect editing platform for content creators to generate quality and appealing content for their social media, thereby, garnering the right attention from their followers. The Banglore-based video/audio editing platform has been co-founded by Vikas Shrivastava, Sushin PV, Rizwan Sadath, and Ramees P in 2017 and has come a long way since its launch.

Here’s all you need to know about the minds behind the ultimate video/audio editing platform:

Vikas Shrivastava: Co-founder & CEO

Vikas Shrivastava, a SPJIMR MBA graduate, holds over 18 years of experience in Strategy & Consulting. Prior to founding WhatsCut Pro, Vikas led multiple ventures and delivered innovative products in education, NGO and corporate projects. Being the CEO of WhatsCut Pro, Vikas leads the overall Product Development, Finance and Operations at the company. Vikas’ rare experience hailing from different walks of life as a marine engineer, poet and entrepreneur has played a great role in making WCP resonate with millions of users.

Vijith: Vice President- Media & Partnerships

Vijith, an MBA graduate from Great Lakes Chennai, brings over 13 years of experience in business planning and relationship management to WhatsCut Pro as the Vice President- Media & Partnerships. Before becoming a part of the mobile-based video/audio creation platform, Vijith played a pivotal role in setting up KEF INFRA ONE, world’s largest fully – integrated tech-driven Offsite Construction Park, and also founded a global manufacturing and supply chain business.

Other equally vital members of the WhatsCut Pro team include:

  • Sushin PV, Co-founder & Director: Leading the technical development architecture and scalability at WhatsCut Pro, Sushin has won several awards in the past, including the first prize at Techprints 5.0. He’s a staunch believer of the power of free & open-source software.
  • Rizwan Sadath, Co-founder & Director: Rizwan holds expertise in UI/UX, 2D, 3D, graphic design and animation and is responsible for WhatsCut Pro’s application design and development, with a strong focus on techs like React Native and Flutter. Outside of work, Rizwan is an avid traveller and has a keen interest in photography and automobiles.
  • Ramees P, Co-founder & Director: Ramees hold the responsibility for Android development, R&D, and UI/UX for WhatsCut Pro. He is very passionate about sketching & photography and tends to use his creative side to create human-centric features for the company.

On Empowering Social Media Influencers

WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot - Search Page
WhatsCut Pro App Screenshot – Search Page

WhatsCut Pro currently has over 1.5 million+ downloads and more than 9 million stories shared on its platform. The platform helps content creators generate quality content that allows them to connect with their followers who consume their content, and in-turn helps in growing their brand value.

“We are the short video app for the Millenials,”

WCP team told TimesNext.

Overall, WhatsCut Pro is a platform that has been designed to empower social media influencers by offering Content Editing Tools, Integrated Sharing option to multiple social media platforms and a WCP Wall to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Whatscut also assists Influencers in connecting with the brands to monetize their social media channels.

“We believe that empowered influencers will drive the next wave of engagement and social commerce,”

they added.

Download WhatsCut Pro on Google Play Store here.