WhiteHat Jr codes Censorship more than Learning?

Whitehat Jr has been the trending education platform for kids to take their tech ingenuity and interests to the next level. The company has been taking the cake over its deal with BYJU. The company got its claim to fame in India through the sporting event, the Indian Premier League, and has caught many investors' and candidates' eyes. But most recently, WhitehatJr has been receiving flak for unethical practices and is now under the scanner against its competitors.

Is Coding tough? How has Coding changed the world, and why? Kids at the mere age of eight are exposed to the harsh world of stress and complex growth? Do parents understand the changing competition that the world poses to children? Will WhiteHatJr make sure your kid grows up to be the Jack of the trade? The coding platform has been the epicenter of interest for many parents with the ambition to forward their child to the IT world. Parents are ambitious today, but not the children. WhiteHatJr might be an attractive package to admire but, at what cost?

They say a child’s mind is soft. It is the most fruitful time to educate a child about various topics like language or some art issues and more. That is why WhiteHatJr commenced its operation with children from the age of 8. But many ponder why they never started at the age of 4; at least they could come out as Sheldon in school and petty the other kids who knew nothing but grow to be a normal human being with a standard learning curve. Our world demands many complex minds rather than those who want to learn how they intend to.

WhiteHatJr has been in the news lately for promoting Coding for children that many praises to be a revolution for the way one can learn the computing language. Now, Imagine starting your whole career to understand the symbols and complicated text more than the mere English alphabet that a kid would fumble at the age of 6. Compare the bubbly child holding a balloon to a child glancing at the screen for hours learning Coding. Does WhiteHatHr cancels your child’s growing dreams of playing, drawing, and pulls him/her to the market of negotiators and competitors? (Don’t worry, even you’ll find kids as competitors.). Forget making friends; you’d enjoy talking to a computer. Can Parents get any more excited with WhiteHatJr?

Ethics? What is that?

WhiteHatJr has been in the news, no doubt. The company, recently acquired by BYJU’s, has been accused of using unethical practices to assess its competitors’ strategies and teaching patterns. Here are some of the backlashes faced-

Tekie is an online class application that teaches kids coding. WhiteHatJR promises to introduce its students to a new technology set that can overthrow Tekie at the market. Tekie’s founders had stated how a WhiteHatJR employee had been impersonating as a kid and taking classes without switching on the Video Cam. The Employee had been replying in a kid’s voice, but they promptly recognized the unusual changes as the voice changed to a bold voice and responded as a child’s voice. The company expressed how BYJU’s WhiteHatJR was teaching kids the wrong way by trying to copy them. 

Censorship has been WhiteHatJr’s Achilles Foot. The company has been criticized for deleting and copyrighting many articles and videos that could bring the company into a bad light. They had recently blocked a YouTube Video that expressed how they target kids because many parents want to engage children in early learning. The Reviewer, who is a 12-year-old YouTube, had uploaded the video. He gained positive reviews and millions of views. Later that day, the video was taken down by BYJU’s on account of copyright. The copyright takedown spread like wildfire, with many personalities coming out against the censorship. The company’s CEO stated practice against these reforms but with no formal statement.

Their advertisement poses even more trouble for WhiteHatJr. Many have claimed that their advert lead, a Wolf Gupta, whose credential has been inconsistent through their adverts—from age changing from nine to 14, getting a job at Google for 20 crores to a 150 crore package, they have been appealing to the masses over their game-changing packages and ideologies.

Some people have also been criticizing the fee packages of Whitehat Jr, which according to them, take it to the next level by charging 1.5 Lakhs for a complete tech-ed package. Poonia’s father had been fighting with a dispute against his son’s video takedown had issued a considerable statement indicating how WhiteHatJr is robbing content out of Open-source code education sites like, Scratch, and many more. YouTube had then sent an email to WhiteHatJr to provide a legal explanation for the takedown. To date, no response has been delivered.

The game is undoubtedly changing. Many are bringing new ways to market their products, and the way WhiteHatJr had advertised has indeed attracted many parents. Their adverts showed the battle of investors coming to buy a kid’s app, and it meant the better training that WhiteHatJr provides. Later on, they brought in many celebrities and personalities to promote their product. 

It is of absolute certainty that the Education system is changing. The call of adapting the foreign learning system is overpowering into the minds of those who are calling in for drastic steps that could make or break a growing child’s mind. Teaching a child to learn a language so intricate and detailed at a young age is very uncalled for and thus the criticism. Every parent’s responsibility is to understand that every child’s learning curve is unique and shouldn’t be tampered with always.

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Abraham George
Abraham George
My passion is Reading and writing. Basically, an optimistic introvert. Always striving to be better. Writing as a passion leads me to become stronger and focused.

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