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91Springboard Coworking: The Growth Story [2020 Updated]

91Springboard has grown to become one of the leading coworking space providers for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs i
91Springboard has grown to become one of the leading coworking space providers for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in over 28 areas across India.

91Springboard is one of the leading coworking space firms in India that has been fulfilling our coworking requirements since its launch in 2013.

The vibrant coworking spaces, initiated by its cofounders Anand Vemuri (1), Deepak Sharma (2), Pranay Gupta (3), and Varun Chawla (4), is aimed at creating a dedicated work environment to make your work-life easy.

91Springboard’s community is made for startups, freelancers, and business owners with a passion for igniting their entrepreneurial spirits. In this article, we’ll discuss how an idea became the reality of thousands of freelancers and startups.

91spring board

Fact: The 91 in 91Springboard denotes India’s international calling code.

The Growth Story of 91Springboard

Varun Chawla, after his startup MyGuestHouse was acquired, started working towards his next dream project of 91Springboard. He met Apurv, the first employee at 91 Springboard, for the first time at Hauz Khas for a couple of drinks. There was an instant connection of trust and confidence between both.

Later, he was joined by Pranay Gupta and Anand Vemuri as cofounders at 91 Springboard (5). Interestingly enough, the desired domain name was not available for sale, which is how the 91 got added to the predecided name Springboard.

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91Springboard’s Beginnings

91Springboard’s first incubator space started in Mohan Estate in Delhi, NCR, in the January of 2013. It was the first step towards building the empire of 91 Springboard that would take over the country to become the country’s largest coworking space.

The team began building their customer base through the most trusted source of marketing, i.e., word of mouth and email marketing. The idea of creating a ‘support system’ for startups in the form of service providers, legal, mentors, etc. caught the eye of many freelancers and startup founders that started occupying 91Springboard’s coworking spaces.

Pan India Presence: 91Springboard Noida, Bangalore & more

Slowly, the founders figured out that the things that would make their coworking spaces shine are the basic amenities provided by them along with the playful interiors.

In October 2013, another 91 Springboard coworking space was opened up in Gurugram, which was the initiation of opening up of over 28 areas across India, including 91Springboard Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, and 91Springboard Bangalore.

The team at 91 Springboard realized that each of their startup spaces had different requirements and gathered different type of experience and opportunities involved, like,

91 Springboard Delhi:

A buzzing and bustling workspace environment that cultivates productivity and innovativeness in the fast-paced world.

91Springboard Mumbai:

An outstanding 91Springboard space created for RISE (6), a fintech accelerator run by Barclays (7), that focusses on fintech startups and overlooks the entire city.

91 Springboard Hyderabad:

The team at Hyderabad came up with the idea of having a ‘physical’ board instead of a digital platform that allows them to share news & ads, thereby creating opportunities for everyone in the space.

91Springboard Bangalore:

Bangalore, being the startup hub and Silicon Valley of India, needed expansions to provide more space for multiple startups to join up.

91 Springboard Goa is the most recent addition to the coworking space company in the last few years with an aim to become the ‘Startup Mafia‘ that will serve as the ultimate workspaces for the digital nomads of today where they can make use of networking opportunities to foray into the startup reality.