Amazon starts online screening of sellers


The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has prompted a nationwide concern for everyone. Everyone, including the Government, is trying the best of their abilities to stay disinfected. With the same intention, the famous E-commerce brand, Amazon has begun the screening process of its sellers and merchants via video conferencing. This initiative eases the process for the merchants who want to put up sales of essential items on Amazon. Also, this process eradicates the need for in-person meetings.

A Pilot Project for smooth functioning!

This initiative is originally a pilot project for thousands of merchants in China, the UK, the USA, and Japan, which started back in January. The initial procedure included in-person meetings, but the company made the project entirely digital in February, keeping in mind the rising risk of COVID-19

The program aims to screen out the sellers and spot the allegedly unsafe ones. 

Amazon also launched a Project Zero (1) in February 2019 to handle the increased sales of counterfeit products on its site. This project claimed to make the use of three powerful tools,

  • Automated protections- To continuously scan stores and eliminate the suspected counterfeit goods.
  • Self-Service Counterfeit removal tool- This features provides brands with the ability to remove the Counterfeit listings on their own.
  • Product serialization


Efforts to bring more sellers on board!

A few days back, Amazon announced the initiative ‘Local Shops on Amazon,’ and now they have started the online screening of the sellers. All these efforts intend to bring more sellers on board. 

These sellers will have the leverage of Amazon’s technology to expand their businesses digitally. They can also enlist themselves in programs such as ‘I have Space’ and ‘Amazon Easy.’ 

The ‘I Have Space’ Programme enables the small neighborhood shops to operate as delivery and pickup points. Whereas, ‘Amazon Easy’ allows the shops to provide a wide range of products for their regular walk-in customers. 

The Indian Government has stressed on eliminating the sales of counterfeit products. Hence, Amazon has to find a way to conduct the screening of new sellers too. Such steps are essential because, according to the policies, E-commerce companies will be held responsible if any product of ‘assured’ authenticity turns out fake.

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