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Best Fun Drinking Games for your next house party [2020 Updated]

Here are some of the best fun drinking games that you can play with your friends at your next house party. Get ready to chug
Here are some of the best fun drinking games that you can play with your friends at your next house party. Get ready to chug your drinks.

Are you missing hanging out with your friends during this quarantine? We all are! House parties are the best way to chill and relax from our Monday to Friday hectic lives while networking and meeting new friends. Music, conversation, funky lights, and booze are what hypes up a house party, but fun drinking games are the one that makes a party memorable (only if you don’t blackout).

Here are the best fun drinking games that you can play at your next house party, or even with your roommates if you have enough alcohol in the house. Not only do these drinking games help ease out and bring more comfort to individuals at a party, but they are the one element that makes the party lit.

Best Fun Drinking Games You Can Play at Your Next House Party

1. Flip Cup

Best Fun Drinking Games Flip Cup

Players: 4+

What you’ll need: Cups, Alcohol

Flip cup, also known as tip cup, canoe, taps, flippy cup & tippy cup, is a great house party drinking game that is usually played between 4 or more players and requires a setup time of hardly 2 to 3 minutes.

There must be two teams standing on the opposite sides of the table who need to drink their entire cup of drink and then flip the cup in a way that it lands face-down on the table. If the cup falls off the table, then any player can return the said cup to the playing field.

Note: Flip cup was started as a drinking game in the pink house of Purdue University.

2. Buzz

buzz drinking game

Players: 4+

What you’ll need: Alcohol

Buzz is one of the most straightforward fun drinking game that you can play with your friends the next time you party. In the drinking game, each player counts a number & says it out aloud, except 7 and its multiples, in which case you would say buzz. If you miss saying buzz, you drink.

For example, you start playing Buzz, one of the best fun drinking games, and you speak the numbers aloud when your chance comes. So it goes like one, two, three, four, five, six, buzz, eight, and so on. While the game is easier in the beginning, it is when the higher numbers start coming in that makes the drinking game even more fun.

3. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever drinking game

Players: Any

What you’ll need: Alcohol

Never Have I Ever is one of the famous and most played fun drinking games, especially amongst freshers at college or university, in which players take turns about things they have not done. Other players who have done the thing must take a sip from their glasses.

For example, if one player says ‘Never have I ever bunked school,’ then every player that has bunked school must take a sip from their drink. The fun drinking games help bring in a conversation between the players, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

4. Most Likely

Most Likely fun drinking game

Players: 4+

What you’ll need: Alcohol

Most likely is amongst the fun drinking games tribe if it’s played with friends. This is one of the fun drinking games in which the group sits in a circle and starts asking the ‘most likely question.’ Once the player asks his/her most likely question, all the other players are must point their fingers at the person they feel is most likely to do that specific thing, after which the person who has the maximum number of fingers aimed at the must drink as many drinks. The game becomes even better when played with close friends, as that makes the game even more intimate.

Playing drinking games is fun, but one must also keep in mind that he/she plays and has fun while being in a safe environment. Try playing drinking games with your friends or acquaintances and ensure that having fun must not come in the way of being safe. But no matter what, do not hesitate to have a little fun while drinking responsibly.