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The best way to make decent money is to visit PTC sites. Now if you are confused about what PTC sites are, then we have all t
The best way to make decent money is to visit PTC sites. Now if you are confused about what PTC sites are, then we have all the answers for you.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites are those sites that pay you for clicking and reading the ads. If you google about PTC sites, then you would know that thousands of PTC websites pay you $1 to $10 for clicking and reading ads.

Most of the time, 90% of the available PTC sites are not legitimate. Thus before you start working on any PTC site, make sure that it is a legit one.

10 best paying PTC sites for easy money-making:

It is not an easy task to find legit sites. That is why we are here to help you through this:

1) Neobux

Neoobux (1) is one of the most trusted and reliable PTC sites. There are tons of ways to earn from this popular PTC site. Anyone can earn around $50-200 every month from Neobux.

Moreover, you can also make a decent amount of money by clicking on ads on a regular basis, engaging in surveys and competing in games.

You can make up to $0.02 per advertisement that you view and up to $0.01 for every referral click.

Neobux rewards you with over 100K$ daily, to their community members who visit their sites.  Payments can be made via Skrill, NETELLER, Payza, or Trustwave.


  • Entirely Managed
  • Immediate payments
  • Free Worldwide Services
  • Broad Range of Gaining Features
  • Affiliate System or Increasing DR limits


  • Complaints regarding the Rented Referral System
  • Stringent Forum Rules

2) ClixSense

ClixSense (2) is a global online fellowship that offers many earning opportunities.

Join instantly and start making with paid online polls, cash awards, performing simple duties from home and the referrals you earn.

You can make additional income for engaging in free paid surveys that exert influence on the next generation of products and services.

Get huge pay for venturing new products, downloading appropriate apps, signing up their sites, following related videos and much more.

Additionally, you can make cash by completing easy tasks from the ease of your home. Earn rewards and engage in their weekly contest through this popular PTC site.


  • Free to register
  • Friendly site
  • Various Methods To Get Money
  • Makeup to $26 in a day


  • No flash payments.
  • High Pay Threshold

3) Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars (3) is one of the most accurate PTC sites for global members. If you are from the US and the UK, then you will get an opportunity to engage in more Polls and offers. There are pretty various ways to earn more income from InboxDollars.

There are thousands of people who make around than $100+ every month from this only site by just viewing ads 5-10 times a day.


  • Earn cash and not points
  • Trusted site
  • Many Methods To Make Money
  • Super large Community
  • Simple Navigation


  • $3 Fee to $30
  • No PayPal Assistance

4) Inboxpounds

InboxPounds (4) is presently a popular platform in the UK and Europe. It is a highly rated PTC website approved by millions of users globally.

You can start by signing up on Inboxpounds and complete multiple tasks offered by it. The jobs are mostly conducting surveys, watching videos, and contesting games which are ordinarily exciting things to do. It is more wholesome than just clicking ads.


  • Earn cash and not points
  • Trusted site
  • Many Methods To Make Money
  • Super large Community
  • Simple Navigation


  • $3 Fee to $30
  • No PayPal Assistance

5) Prizerebel

Prizerebel (5) is undoubtedly the best PTC site to make money. In this website, you accept in, and you attain a chance to make $1 for every 100 coins.

You can also gain via Paid Surveys, Offerwalls, and other simple tasks. Also, you get paid for accomplishing Raffles, Contests and Lucky Numbers.


  • Least $2 Payout
  • Quality Studies
  • Versatile Ways To Make Money
  • Large Community
  • Smooth Navigation


  • Hiding out Surveys
  • No Regular Offers

6) Offer Nation

Offer Nation (6) is a funded survey site that grants varied streams to earn bucks for clicks. Just like other sites, Offer Nation provides a payout of $0.001 – $0.01 for every click. The referral payment options are also ready to raise your revenue. The least payout is $1 on Offer Nation, and you can get it via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Skrill.

Nevertheless, it would help if you kept in mind that like other popular PTC sites, Offer Nation also supports only one user by IP address policy.

7) Scarlet-Clicks

You can earn plenty of money by surveying ads, satisfying offers and referring extra members to this site. Scarlet-Clicks (7) permits you to click on ads and rewards you $0.01 per ad.

Amazing, isn’t it?

They also confirm you around 100% referral earnings.

8) Heedyou

Heedyou (8) works in a way that their constituents go through the advertised websites to earn extra money in their free time.

You can earn around $0.10 for every click of the ad with the smallest payout of $1. You can get prompt payments through PayPal, Payza. Some of these sites give out high pays during BlackFriday & Thanksgiving.

9) Ojoo

Ojoo (9) is one of the excellent PTC sites, and it is running from the past three years. Anyone can earn up to $0.04 for every ad that they click.

Also, you can earn up to $0.015 for referral click and get up to the 9.2$ reward. You can make the payment via PayPal, Payza, and many more.

10) Buxinside

As a member, you can effortlessly earn by merely viewing the ads that you notice on the website. The best part about Buxinside (10) is you can pay out instantly at only $2.

The edge of this site over other PTC sites is that anyone can make money effortlessly and you get immediate payments through PayPal, Payza, plus Bitcoin.


1) Does PTC pay in reality?

Yes, PTC does make payments as per your work.

2) Are PTC sites safe?

Yes, it is safe to make money via PTC sites like Neobux and others.

Yes PTC sites are legal. You can make a small amount of money via these PTC sites.