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BuyHatke: How a Bangalore Bases Startup helps you Compare Best Prices Online

Team BuyHatke
Team BuyHatke

In the present day and age, we have all fallen in love with the satisfaction and amenity of online shopping. There are hundreds of websites and mobile apps in the country where you can find almost anything under the sun. You can search, order, and get them delivered straight to your doorstep from the comfort of your home. Another reason why online shopping has become so popular is the exciting offers they provide. You can find the best commodities at the lowest prices on most e-commerce platforms. But have you found yourself struggling to choose between the offers of many shopping sites? BuyHatke has the perfect solution for you!

BuyHatke (1) is a shopping research portal where you can compare the prices and offers from a number of e-commerce sites to decide which suits you the best. You can find out which is the best time to order a particular item, upcoming price drops, etc. BuyHatke also provides some limited coupons for their customers at checkout. BuyHatke was founded in 2012 by Gaurav Dahake, Prashant Singh, and Srikanth Sethumadhavan who are all graduates from IIT Kharagpur. Within a year of business, they had covered more than 50 websites, which increased to 300 in 2015.

With the help of BuyHatke, you can find exciting offers, thus saving you a lot of money while shopping. As of now, BuyHatke has reached more than 10 million user sessions every month. You can make use of their services using the BuyHatke extension, website or the mobile app available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. They hope to cover all aspects of shopping, thus assisting the users along the way. Shopping research is now easier than ever, thanks to BuyHatke.

The story behind BuyHatke

BuyHatke Founders
BuyHatke Founders

The co-founder of BuyHatke, Gaurav Dahake, had been searching for an iPod when he came up with the idea. He wanted to buy it as a gift for his friend’s birthday. Gaurav spent hours looking for the best deal only to get the product delivered after the big day. He was largely disappointed by the service of that online website and constantly felt that he should have made a more detailed comparison. When he discussed this issue with his friend Prashant Singh, they started brainstorming for a solution. Hence, the popular BuyHatke was formed.

Prashant Singh was an intelligent developer, and Srikanth Sethumadhavan stepped in as the UI UX expert. BuyHatke was initiated during a time when online shopping was gaining immense popularity. Along with this large number of e-commerce platforms, customers needed a source to choose between them. Therefore, BuyHatke quickly became well-known among a large number of users. Soon, BuyHatke had inspected many top online shopping websites in India such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. According to its business plan, the basic income for BuyHatke comes from affiliations, promotions, and exclusive listing for retailers.

Striving through the obstacles

Team BuyHatke
Team BuyHatke

Though BuyHatke was an innovative endeavor, there were plenty of other price comparison platforms in the market. These competitors posed a primary threat to the growth of BuyHatke. The most prominent shopping research platforms during the time were PriceBaba, FindYogi, PriceCheckIndia, etc. Some of them even conducted comparisons between shopping sites according to the categories. A large number of competitors also challenged the ways of funding for BuyHatke. In the initial stages, the founders struggled to find suitable investors. During these times of setbacks, the team stuck together and thrived on keeping the company on the right path.

BuyHatke was different from the rest as it covered a large number of categories for online shopping. From electronics to fashion, any prominent website you can find was available for comparison on BuyHatke too. In addition to price and offer comparisons, the customer could also find appropriate products through BuyHatke. Within a few years, they began a separate portal for mobile comparison and commenced the BuyHatke extension. In the year 2015, the BuyKatke extension and website accounted for approximately 60 percent of the activity while the mobile app had 40 percent of the total traffic. Soon, BuyHatke became one of the fastest-growing platforms in India for price comparison.

The vision behind BuyHatke

The word ‘Hatke’ means different. As the name suggests, BuyHatke strives to be unique in every venture they take. It is the same goal that makes them stand apart from other competitors in the field. Every undertaking of BuyHatke is carried out with an incredible style that is exclusive to them. The organization hopes to make shopping an enjoyable experience for all. BuyHatke has come to be an essential assistance for users who struggle to make decisions while shopping online. Their vision is to bring more convenience to the lives of at least a million customers every day. Even when their mobile app gained huge recognition, they did not close down the website as that meant restricting the user’s choices.

The team at BuyHatke is made of young people who strive every day to enhance the platform and its services. The innovative minds and the brilliant technological group is what make BuyHatke move closer to their vision each day. Around 40 percent of the total workforce at BuyHatke is women. Some are graduates from IIT, while others are dropouts. What unites them is the enthusiasm to bring ‘Hatke’ ways of shopping to the people of India. They also believe that the country as a whole can kick start many new trends in the world. In an era, when all talented young people from India migrate to western countries, BuyHatke hopes to make contributions to our nation by choosing the roots.

Fundings and investments

BuyHatke had struggled to find investors in their early stages. A seed round of funding was finally conducted in May 2015, which raised one million dollars. The two prominent investors who participated in it were Kris Gopalakrishnan and Beenos Partners, a famous Japanese online shopping company.

BuyHatke intends to enhance its mobile app further to improve the convenience for users. They also hope to add more skillful members to the team and formulate a new product. The founders also believe that the vast information which BuyHatke has acquired over these years can also be utilized for a better purpose. Partnerships and collaboration are also present on their agenda for the coming years.