How to check URN Status of Aadhar Card Online

From its significance to their usage, everything about the URN status is mentioned below in the article.

As the making of new India is taking place, the government has made the Aadhar Card! It is now considered the most critical identity of an Indian Citizen, and most of the official works revolve around the Aadhar Card. All the details of a person are present in the Aadhar Card; it can be considered as the paper which contains even the information about the fingerprint of a person. And hence, this makes it the most essential and crucial document for Indian Citizens. After the process of online address update in the Aadhar card, you are provided with a 14 digit number called the URN. Before we understand about URN status, let’s understand a little about online Aadhar services.

People should always inform the Aadhar Card official documentation to make a check if you or the person in your family change their address or have wrong information in your Aadhar Cards. As it is an official document, people should always maintain it or else might face massive trouble in the future in significant official works. Aadhar Card is just like an identity card belonging to the Indian Citizen and mark that you’re an authentic citizen of India.

Significance of Aadhar Card, URN Number, and URN Status

As this Aadhar Card is a crucial document, we notice a slight mistake on our card and want to amend it to avoid any future problems or issues that may occur due to the wrong information. Hence, people should always keep their Aadhar Card up-to-date. For making any changes in their Aadhar Card, one has to request the official authority regarding updating information or rectifying the info on the Aadhar Card.

For this request, people have an Update Request Number known as the URN Number, which is generated by the system when you place a request for correction in the Aadhar Card. As the demand keeps making and people keep a track on it, this is known as Aadhar Update Status or the URN status. It is a crucial key for working authentically, and so, people should not misplace it ever!


Steps to Check URN Status Online

The introduction of e-Aadhar Card, updating information, and checking out the URN status has become more comfortable. People can go to the Self Service Portal or the SSUP portal to check out the URN status according to their convenience at any time of the day. If just in case you do not have a net connection or a laptop, one can always reach the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Centre to check out their URN status.

 By following the steps mentioned below, people can quickly know their URN status and rectify the mistakes on their Aadhar Card quickly.

  • The first step is to open the official website of UIDAI (1) and choose the option of ‘My Aadhar’ and select the ‘Get Aadhar’ option. After this, people can see the option of ‘Check Aadhar status or the URN status,’ click it and have further access to it.
  • Now, one has to enter the URN number and the Aadhar Card number to have additional access to it. Ensure to re-check the name before moving further to ensure that no problem is faced by you also.
  • On completing this process, one will receive a captcha code that people can enter and secure working with security.
  • Now, people will be able to access their URN status by clicking on to the ‘Check Status’ option. This will provide all the details of the work, and people can check their URN status quickly without any hassle.


Cancellation of URN Number or URN Status

At times a situation may occur that can lead up to the removal of your request through UIDAI due to some security reason or the wrong information that one may have entered by mistake. A few of the rights are mentioned below, and one can check the issues if their application got rejected.

Incorrect Details

Humans are, after all, humans! One can make mistakes while entering crucial details, which eventually gets rejected by the UIDAI.



When people click their pictures, either they are not transparent or are in black and white color, it gets rejected as the machine may not be able to recognize the face due to haziness or blurry pictures. Moreover, one should always upload their colored and properly scanned photos such that no issues might be faced further.


Missing Documents

This is a prevalent issue where people fail to present all the documents regarding the process, and thereby, the request for rectifying their Aadhar Card gets rejected.


Bio-Metric Information

Biometric information is highly essential for moving further in this process. If people fail to upload or provide their fingerprints, iris recognition, or face recognition, their application is ultimately rejected.


Already Enrolled

Already enrolled applications get rejected frequently due to security purposes. If you have already enrolled for the Aadhar Card, then this request of yours might face rejection.

These factors may be responsible for making your URN Number of URN status applications get rejected. But one should not worry, people can always re-apply for this process and get their problem solved at last!


Updating Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card is a crucial document, should always be appropriately updated, and any mistake present in their Aadhar Card should be rectified as soon as possible. There are two methods through which people can update their Aadhar Cards.

1. Offline Method

People can reach out to the nearest Aadhar Card center where people can request for the updation of information for their Aadhar Cards. All they have to do is reach out to them, fill out the form provided by them correctly, and ensure that no mistakes are written on to their way. After doing this, people have to send this to the authority through Post and attach photocopies of the necessary documents with it. The address of the administration can be provided by that office or through the official site of UIDAI.


2. Online Method

One has to visit the official page of UIDAI and enroll for the request through their registered phone number. If the registered phone number is not present, people have to inform this to the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment office through which people can switch to the offline method and thereby receive their URN number and then further check their URN status online.

Updating Aadhar Card is a crucial work which should be carried out vigilantly and carefully.


Some FAQs

Q1. What is the cost of Order Aadhar Reprint?

The cost for this is Rs. 50, and people can have access to them. GST is inclusive in this price, and people have to pay to reprint the Aadhar Card.


Q2. How much time may it Require to update the Aadhar Card?

It can take almost three months for Aadhar Card updation. As it is a crucial process, this much time needed is apparent.


Q3. How to Update the Mobile Number?

One has to reach the permanent enrollment center for the updation of the Phone number in Aadhar card.



Aadhar Card is a crucial document that has to be taken care of throughout persons living. It is a mark of Indian Citizens. And all of the processes for the updation of Aadhar Card is mentioned above, which can be rectified through this process, and people will be recognized as authentic Indians.

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Ananya Dubey
Ananya Dubey
I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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